Nero Sports Foldable Electric Motorized Treadmill with Bluetooth Review

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Nero Sports Foldable Electric Motorized Treadmill with Bluetooth Review

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First Impressions

The Nero Sports Foldable Electric Motorized Treadmill with Bluetooth is a solid starter treadmill, aimed at someone looking to get into running, without breaking the bank.

Easy and quick to assemble, along with its compact dimensions, lightweight design and the ability to fold for storage, make this treadmill ideal for those who just want an easy-to-use running experience in their own home.

It comes with 12 programmes, allowing you to mix up your cardio, however the max 10km/h running speed would be a detractor for more experienced runners, who might want that extra speed capacity available to them.

It also comes with a LED display, showing the essential fitness metrics such as time, speed, distance and calories.

The running surface is slightly narrower than other machines at 120cm, however, the reasonable under £400 price tag reflects the more limited product dimensions but isn’t a bad price for what you are getting overall.

The Bluetooth feature is a nice added benefit, allowing you to connect your device and listen to music whilst you run, something I am very much an advocate of.

Where the Nero sports treadmill really comes into its own is the use of the app, where-by connecting your device, you can track your progress, make weekly plans and help set overall workout goals.

Detailed review of the Nero Sports Foldable Electric Motorized Treadmill

Set Up

First thing to note that while it does require assembly, it only took around 30 minutes for me to finish setting it up before I was able to start running.

This is a definite plus in my books as I hate having to spend ages building the equipment- and weighing in at only 24kg, even assembling the treadmill by myself was no bother.

The treadmill is also quite compact, with a length, width and height of 126cm x 120cm x 60cm respectively. This is great for someone who might have limited space in their home and it’s also able to fold for storage, another useful feature if you don’t want a permanent fixture in your living room!


The LED display console on this treadmill is among the largest and most detailed you can find in a home treadmill.

It shows very clearly and conveniently all the workout information you need to know (run time, distance, speed, calories burned, incline, and programme), providing an informed exercise experience.

Additionally, the console allows you full control over the treadmill’s range of adjustable settings, all conveniently modifiable right at your fingertips.


As mentioned above the machine comes with Bluetooth, unfortunately not with built-in speakers however, so if you like music you will need your own set.

What the Bluetooth is great for though is their own app, where you can track your progress; make weekly plans and overall goals.

As fitness apps gain more and more popularity, it’s really nice having an app and equipment that work together, making it easier for you to focus on the workout. The frame has a 2-year warranty meaning if the worst happens it can be easily fixed and you also get a free water bottle which is a nice little perk.


The motor is one of the more powerful on the market (600 watt) meaning you can run long distances with confidence.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which I really like, as it means I can use this machine for years, thus making it a better investment.

However, I did note that while I had no issues with the running surface, its length and width is a bit shorter than others, which might be a drawback for some.

However, this does also make it smaller when in storage, especially with the foldable aspect, so it might be preferable to those with less space.

The 10km/h max running speed might be a consideration too, depending on how experienced a runner you are. Personally, this wasn’t an issue, but think about whether you are looking for that extra speed. Keep in mind though, you’ll most likely have to dig a little deeper in your pockets to get a treadmill with more features!


  • Bluetooth which makes using fitness apps easier
  • The company has its own app that can help track your progress
  • Powerful motor
  • 12 programs
  • Easy to set up
  • Tablet/Phone holder
  • Foldable for storage
  • Competitive price tag
  • 3 different incline positions


  • Slightly thinner running belt vs competitors
  • 5 levels of speed with Max at 10 k/m
  • Max user weight 110kgs (just over 17 stone), which is a bit lower than some other models on the market

How does the Nero Sports compare to the Pro Fitness T2000 Folding Treadmill?

The Nero model is slightly cheaper than the Pro Fitness T2000 and a lot lighter at 24kgs compared to the Pro Fitness’ 64kgs.

The Pro Fitness does have more programs and higher speeds so I would say if you’re an experienced runner then maybe the Pro Fitness model might be better for you, as it will be able to cope with the higher demands of your workouts.

However, if you’re new or prefer slower but longer runs than I’d recommend the Nero one, especially as it’s easy to store because of its size and weight, so you wouldn’t have to deal with heavier equipment you might not be used to.

Both require assembly, and I did find the Nero one a little bit easier to put together but both shouldn’t take more than an hour. One thing I think the Nero has going for it, is the app that comes along with it, making it so easy to track your progress, which again is perfect for beginners.

Still not sure? You can read the full review on the Pro Fitness T2000 Folding Treadmill here!

Final thoughts on the Nero Sports Folding Treadmill

Overall, given the price of this machine I would say it’s the perfect at home treadmill for those looking to start their running journey.

The app makes it really easy to track progress, the programs offer nice change ups and provide goals to work towards without overwhelming you with choice, which again is great for novices.

My advice when looking at this treadmill is to think about your fitness goals, as well as how much you’re willing to spend on a treadmill before making any purchase decisions, however as far as starter machines go, the Nero Sports – Foldable Electric Motorized Treadmill is not a bad option at all!

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Nero Sports WAS £399 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4 out of 5(1218)
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Coming in at just under £400 it’s definitely not the cheapest exercise equipment you can buy, however, compared to other treadmills it’s about the average price for what’s on the market.

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