JTX Sprint-5 Home Treadmill Review

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JTX Sprint-5 Home Treadmill Review

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First Impressions

The JTX Sprint-5 Home treadmill is a real eye catcher. The sleek and stylish design looks fantastic and really brings that gym quality feel to the comfort of your own home.

With a maximum user weight of 140kg (22 stone), the heavy gauge steel frame is built for stability and the powerful motor has been developed to stay cool throughout endurance workouts.

The SmoothDrive system offers a consistent and quiet running experience and the large running deck gives a strong sense of comfort when exercising.

The JTX also comes with 43 programmes, designed to give the user variety and this is complemented with the Kinomap interactive app connectivity.

Simply connect via Bluetooth to Kinomap, and the treadmill will automatically adjust your incline to match the terrain. You can also get detailed metrics on your performance, track your stats, compete with other users, and strive to beat your personal best.

All this does come at a considerable price, where you are looking at a near £900 piece of gym equipment, which places the JTX in the upper priced region of the at-home gym treadmill market.

This being said, you do get considerable return on your investment in terms of performance, however if you’re a beginner and looking for something a bit simpler at a lower price, then the Sprint-5 might not be for you. Something like the JTX Sprint 3 Electric Treadmill might fit your needs a bit better.

JTX Sprint-5 Home Treadmill Review:

Setup and Design

The JTX is built to provide stability, with a solid and durable design.

The heavy gauge steel frame really provides that robustness you’re used to seeing in more commercial treadmills and the max user weight of 140kg, means this treadmill should be suitable for the majority of users.

I also absolutely love the design, and for me it’s one of the best looking at-home treadmills you can buy.

The JTX not only looks great but also aims to provide comfort when exercising through the powerful motor being designed to stay cool throughout exercising and the SmoothDrive system offers a consistent and quiet workout experience- ideal if you’re in a multiple occupancy household.

The motor also comes with a 10-year warranty, so you have peace of mind that the motor should be able to last for a long time.

If you’re limited on storage space, the JTX is foldable, and locks safely in place, with foldable dimensions of W83cm x D114cm x H157cm.

The in-built wheels allow you to easily the treadmill, which are essential as the JTX is considerably heavy at 77kg. With this in mind, make sure you have a second pair of hands available when setting up and moving the treadmill.

When you’re ready to run, the hydraulic safety system lowers the running deck gently towards the ground, although this can be slightly temperamental at times.

Did I also mention that this comes with a free tablet holder?


If you do purchase the JTX, you can’t complain about the lack of workout options available.

With a whopping 43 in-built workout programmes, the variations in speed and incline will challenge you and keep your workouts diverse and motivational.

Where the JTX really comes into its own is the Bluetooth connectivity to the interactive Kinomap app, which allows you to run through stunning scenery from around the globe and the treadmill will automatically adjust your incline to match the terrain, making use of the 12 levels of incline available to you.

You can also get feedback on performance metrics through the easy-to-use display screen, as well as tracking your stats, competing with other users and overall allowing you to keep a tab on progress a lot easier.

The JTX is also compatible with the Bluetooth Polar chest strap, which you can connect to your smartphone or tablet to and track and save your workout data. Polar offers industry-leading heart rate tracking chest straps and the computer will monitor your heart rate, where it will adjust the resistant to keep you working in your ideal heart rate zone, proven to improve your cardio fitness.


The large Cushionstep running deck allows a smooth running experience through the 8-point suspension system, alleviating the pressure on your joints by up to 30%, allowing you to work out for longer and harder- as well as aiding recovery, something I guarantee you’ll be thankful for after a hard workout.

The running deck has dimensions of 140cm x 48cm, which is a decent size compared to other treadmills on the market and helps to provide that added security when you’re exercising.

The powerful motor allows maximum speeds of 18kph, which should make this treadmill suitable for even more seasoned users looking to really work up a sweat, and the adjustable incline provides a nice range of intensity and resistance.

Whilst being powerful, the in-built noise reduction technology means you are able to have a nice quiet workout, something the other occupants in the house will be thankful for!


  • Max speed of 18kph
  • 43 programmes
  • 12 levels of incline
  • Large running deck
  • 8-point Cushionstep Deck
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Kinomap app connectivity
  • Tablet holder and speakers
  • 2 year in home repair warranty
  • Tablet holder
  • Built in speakers


  • Quite expensive
  • Folding mechanism can be quite temperamental
  • Have to pay for the Kinomap app
  • Heavy at 77kg (nearly 13 stone)

 How does the JTX Sprint-5 compare to the Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill?

The JTX costs a bit more than the T3000 and both look great, however for me the slightly bulkier frame of the JTX wins it for me, as it provides that slightly more commercial grade feel and stability- although as mentioned, this extra comfort does cost more.

In terms of performance features, the Pro Fitness does provide a slightly higher top max speed at 20km/h, as well as offering more incline options at 18% compared to 12%, however the JTX has slightly more programmes available at 43 compared to 36, although both amounts should be more than enough.

The main difference is the connectivity to the Kinomap app that the JTX offers, where this feature really adds to the variety available.

I really like the easy tracking of progress and the ability to compete with others, which brings out my competitive nature and keeps me motivated.

The ability to run through stunning scenery whilst exercising is also a nice motivational touch, as it keeps each workout different and interesting.

Choosing which treadmill is for you will depend on if you think you will benefit from the Kinomap app.

If you don’t think it would provide much value to you, then I would recommend saving the money and going for the T3000, however if like me you need that extra motivation, then the JTX is a fantastic option.

Still thinking about it? You can read all about the features of the Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill in our full review.

Final thoughts on the JTX Fitness Sprint-5 Home Treadmill

A well-rounded, high performance treadmill, the JTX Sprint 5 really does provide a brilliant at-home treadmill option.

This movement towards interactive style workouts through apps is a feature I really enjoy and something a lot more companies are moving towards as they recognise at-home workouts can be quite tedious and repetitive.

The main drawback for me is the price tag, as it is certainly not the cheapest, however if you do decide to purchase the JTX, I think you will be happy with what you get in return for this considerable investment.

JTX Sprint-5 Treadmill Price Check
Product Price Check Original Price Discounted Price
Sprint-5 WAS £859 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 5 out of 5(98)
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A well-rounded, high performance treadmill, the JTX Sprint 5 really does provide a brilliant at-home treadmill option.

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