Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill Review

Best Pro Fitness T3000 Tradmill Price
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Pro Fitness T3000 TreadmillGTR price checkingWAS £899CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (22)

Update – Due to current high demand there is low stock on most fitness items. 
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First Impressions

The T3000 is the most elaborate and advanced of the Pro Fitness T series of folding treadmills. As such, it is somewhat closer to the upper end of the price range, but it also provides more value for your money.

It has all the fixed programmes and adjustable controls needed to create a personally tailored workout experience.

It also comes with a large LED display console where you can view live feedback data, as well as modify your run to your personal workout goals.

This treadmill also has some nifty features not usually found in cheaper alternatives, such as a built-in cooling fan and built-in Bluetooth speakers. One unique feature of this treadmill is the multi-angle gradient setting, simulating hills for a natural running experience.

All this (and more) makes the Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill one of the best home treadmills out there.

Detailed review of the Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill

Programmes and Features

The Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill has all the programmes and adjustable controls needed to cater to users of virtually all fitness levels.

With a very generous 36 pre-fixed programmes (surpassing most competitors), each with its own speed, time, and incline settings, you are sure to find the right programmes for your personal fitness goals.

Besides these fixed programmes, speed, distance, and incline are all fully adjustable through the LED display console, so you can hand-pick your own favourite settings.

Additionally, there are 3 countdown modes and 400m race laps, adding some challenge and excitement to your workout.


The LED display console on this treadmill is among the largest and most detailed you can find in a home treadmill.

It shows very clearly and conveniently all the workout information you need to know (run time, distance, speed, calories burned, incline, and programme), providing an informed exercise experience.

Additionally, the console allows you full control over the treadmill’s range of adjustable settings, all conveniently modifiable right at your fingertips.


The Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill is very impressive for the price tag.

With a continuous motor size of 2hp and a peak size of 4hp, this treadmill can out-perform most other models. Going up to speeds of 20kph, this treadmill is almost on par with professional gym treadmills.

One of this treadmill’s best-selling points is probably the multi-angle gradient setting.

At the touch of a button, the treadmill will simulate hills for your run, providing a natural running experience from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, the T3000 is built with high-end shock absorption technology, so it’ll be easy on your knees and back even during longer, more strenuous workouts.

Build Quality

This is a robust and well-built treadmill. It can handle up to 135kg – virtually unmatched among home treadmills. The running surface measures 145 x 51cm, which is also larger (broader) than your average home treadmill. When folded, it measures H155 x W88 x D119cm, compared to its unfolded size of H183 x W88 x D132.5cm.

Besides the essentials described above, the T3000 also comes fitted with a number of nifty add-on features. One of these is the built-in cooling fan, keeping you nice and cool while you exercise. Another nice addition are the built-in Bluetooth speakers, letting you listen to your favourite tunes during your jog.


  • Goes up to 20kph (sprinting speed for most people).
  • Includes a whopping 36 pre-fixed programmes, as well as 1 manual mode, 3 countdown modes, and 400m race laps.
  • Variable incline up to 18%, and multi-angle gradient setting simulating hills.
  • Large LED display console showing information including run time, distance travelled, speed, calories burned, incline angle, and programme.
  • Pulse sensors in the hand grips and a body fat analysis programme, for even more feedback data.
  • Large running surface L145xW51cm
  • Heavy maximum user weight of 135kgs (Over 21 stone)
  • Folds for easy storage & Transportation wheels.


  • Speakers could be louder, and the fan could be stronger.
  • Heavy and bulky – weighs 90kg (good build quality however).

How Does the Pro Fitness T3000 compare to the T2000 and T1000 Folding Treadmills?

As the most advanced and elaborate model in the Pro Fitness T series, the T3000 has a number of advantages compared to its more basic alternatives.

First, while the T1000 and T2000 offer 24 and 30 pre-set programmes (respectively), the T3000 offers a more generous 36, providing much more versatility.

Additionally, while all three models include the manual, countdown, and 400m race modes, only the T3000 has the multi-angle gradient setting.

With this option, the T3000 offers a more natural-feeling exercise experience than most home (and even many professional) treadmills can.

Also importantly, the T3000 simply goes faster (20 kph) than the more basic models (16 and 18 kph, respectively).

Furthermore, it inclines higher (up to 18%, compared to 15% for the other two). Considering all this, it’s easy to see that while somewhat pricier, the T3000 offers a more challenging and professional workout experience.

Still not sure?
You can read our reviews on the Pro Fitness T1000 Folding treadmill and the Pro Fitness T2000 on!

Final thoughts on the T3000

Going up to higher speeds, offering an incredible range of programmes and controls, and with a number of handy features, the Pro Fitness T3000 Folding Treadmill is the full package.

This exercise machine probably represents the closest you can get to a professional gym treadmill, while still being in the home treadmill price range.

And even when comparing to similar home treadmills in other brands (such as the Reebok Jet 300+), the price tags are usually hundreds of pounds more expensive than the T3000.

It is bulkier, heavier, and pricier than some of its more basic counterparts. That said, if you’re looking for a challenging exercise on an excellent machine and aren’t willing to compromise on either comfort or workout intensity, then this is the treadmill for you.

Best Pro Fitness T3000 Tradmill Price
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Pro Fitness T3000 TreadmillGTR price checkingWAS £899CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (22)

Update – Due to current high demand there is low stock on most fitness items. 
CLICK HERE for the latest treadmills in stock.


Build Quality
Value for Money


  1. Hi I just buyed this pro fitness treadmill T3000
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    Pro fitness T3000 I can not wait I’m excited
    I’m big on fitness dose this treadmill burn belly fat and Weight loss because
    I’m just wondering about it

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    The pro fitness T3000 fold away treadmill
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