Reebok FR20z Floatride Treadmill Review

Reebok FR20z Floatride Treadmill Cheapest Price
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The Lowdown

The Reebook FR20Z Floatride Treadmill stands out in a crowded marketplace. The blue metallic uprights make this treadmill look fun and modern. 

Compared to other treadmills in the same price category, the design is compact without giving it a flimsy appearance. The console is well-positioned.

As with most treadmills that come with the Reebok logo, there are some things that make this special- with the quiet, but powerful eco-Kinetic motor, Floratride+ technology, and Zwift and Kinomap connectivity- just to name a few…

First Impressions

Once unpacked, you realise the Reebook FR20Z is a great treadmill for the modern home. When you like to exercise at home, this treadmill won’t look out of place in a living area or tucked away in a smaller room. 

In many ways, you can say it is the perfect treadmill for the modern home. It looks and feels well-made and sturdy. The console is perfectly positioned for viewing your walking or running stats quickly (as long as you aren’t really tall!).

The running board area initially appears slightly on the small side. But, once you get on the treadmill, you realise you have more than enough space for a home jogging or walking workout. 

Altogether, it gives the impression of being a good-quality treadmill for home workouts. But one thing to mention-although it seems like it might, this Reebok treadmill isn’t foldable.


  • 24 built-in workout options
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • 15 levels of incline
  • Comfortable running board
  • Good maximum speed (18kph)
  • Cheap for a Reebok treadmill of this quality.


  • Only available in one colour
  • Does not fold
  • Kinomap only free for 30 days.

Reebok FR20z Floatride Treadmill Review

Assembling the FR20z Floatride:

The FR20z is easy to set up and assemble. The user manual is packed with easy-to-follow diagrams. The components parts are fairly easy to manage even for one person. 

To assemble the treadmill faster, it is perhaps handy to have someone help with the mainframe and deck. Once assembled, all you have to do is to plug in the treadmill to enjoy your first workout.

Because it is compact, there isn’t lots to assemble which is a pleasant relief and even though it doesn’t fold, it has transportation wheels to move around- but just be mindful that you need to set it up close to a plug socket as it’s mains powered.
The console looks basic but does have lots of feature options to change your workout selections, so perhaps take some time getting used to the set-up and controls before attempting your first proper workout!

When fully assembled the dimensions of the Reebok Floatride is H115 x W69 x D177cm.

Build Quality:

Compared to many other compact treadmills, this treadmill manages to look both sleek and solid at the same time. The blue uprights add interest and make it look less “boring” than other treadmills. This is certainty a treadmill you can have on show. 

One slight downside is that it does not fold. But, an overall length of 177cm, you have to ask yourself if this is a dealbreaker. For most people, this isn’t a big deal. 

As with many things Reebok, the touch-sensitive console is easy to access when you are exercising and simple to read. 

The solid look of the treadmill indicates that this is a treadmill offering stability. Everything about it shouts excellent build quality. It is not only a first impression- and despite being compact, weighing over 11 stone shows how sturdy it really is. 

The running board looks well-made. Once you are on it, you immediately get a sense that exercising on the Reebook FR20Z is a pleasure. 

The 2.25 HP motor is a further welcome addition. It gives the treadmill plenty of scope to satisfy the needs of most home runners, joggers and walkers. Built-in speakers are another feature adding to the desirability of the treadmill. 
A tablet holder has been provided just in case you would like to use a mobile device, but just be aware that even though this treadmill is perfect for taller runners, you are quite far away from the console and tablet holder!

Also, at 72kg, the treadmill is perhaps slightly on the heavy side to move around. But, like we mentioned before, if you like a solid treadmill, you should not let the weight deter you.


What about the workout experience? The Reebok FR20z offers plenty of workout options including a manual mode.  The initial purchase price includes a 30-day free Kinomap membership. This gives you a chance to try what Kinomap has to offer you before you decide to subscribe, which is a nice touch

So, with the choice of 24 different workouts along with Bluetooth connectivity and the Kinomapp app, means you are not going to run out of workout options any time soon.

The running area of 46cm x 140cm offers plenty of space for a decent run. When you would like to step up the game, you have a choice of 15 levels of incline. Transitioning between the different inclines is done by a push of a button. 

Reebok’s unique Floatride system along with 8 well-positioned shock absorbers offers joints and tendons excellent protection from injury. Exercising on the treadmill is comfortable for short and longer periods.

When exercising, you benefit from real-time data giving you information on calories used, distance, time, spread, incline and heart rate. The LED display is separated into four different windows which makes the feedback easy to interpret and hand pulse sensors that are very accurate too, you can keep on top of your progress easily.

It is also worth pointing out that for a compact treadmill, the Reebook FR20Z accommodates a 120kg (nearly 19 stone) weight limit, which is heavier than other compact treadmills out there. 

The speed is easy to adjust, up to a maximum of 18kph (11mph.) This offers plenty of workout speed choices for domestic workouts. 
If you like a particular workout, you have an option to up the game by increasing the incline level, which allows a variable 15% elevation.

And if the integrated programmes and variable inclines weren’t challenging enough, you can connect to Kinomap and Zwift to up your running competition!

Features we really liked:

You get such a comfortable run on the Reebok FR20Z with the cushioned, Floatride+ technology running belt which is kinder to your joints.

The built in speakers are excellent quality.

As with all Reebok treadmills there is a reassuring 10 year motor and two-year parts & labour warranty.

Final thoughts on the Reebok FR20z Floatride Treadmill

This is a great treadmill that seems to encourage you to exercise whatever your level.
On one hand, if you are a newbie to treadmills, it is a fantastic entry-level product, with such a wide range of built-in workout options, you certainly get a choice of programmes. But on the other, with the added connected extras and high incline levels and 18kph speeds, it’s a smart choice for regular runners, too. 

No fold-away function, but you have to ask yourself if this is necessary with such a great-looking and sturdy treadmill.

You get the opportunity to take advantage of a comfortable workout experience while the Floatride running board helps to protect your joints.  
The built-in speakers are a bonus. No need to worry about wearing earbuds when you use this treadmill.

Solidly built and assembled in virtually no time at all, the Reebook FR20z is an excellent choice when it comes to buying a treadmill for domestic use. It is a modern treadmill with a great choice of features.

And for the price, along with the Reebok quality assurance, this might be our favourite treadmill on the market right now…

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ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
ReebokGTR price checkingWAS £749CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 5 out of 5 (1,251)
ColourBlack & Blue
Incline15 Levels
Motor2.25 HP
DimensionsH115 x W69 x D177cm
Running speedsUp to 18kph
Max User Weight120kg


Build Quality
Value for Money
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