JTX Sprint-9 Folding Gym Treadmill Review: Designed to impress, built to last

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JTX Sprint 9GTR price checkingWAS £1499CHECK PRICE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (72)

The Lowdown

Imagine a gym quality treadmill in the comfort of your own home. Imagine not having to share it with other sweaty people in the gym that you don’t know. Sounds good, right? Well, with this JTX Sprint 9 treadmill, you have exactly that.

OK, so you’d need a few more pounds out of your money box, but this commercial-quality treadmill really is something special.

First Impressions

So, we like this JTX treadmill, a lot. Yes, it is pricier than other at-home treadmills that we usually look at, and perhaps won’t be necessary for everyone to go up to this budget if you’re just beginning your fitness journey.

But why do we like it so much? Well, it is sturdy and has the build quality, performance and commercial features that you’d expect from a gym treadmill, but with its hydraulic folding design and 24 workout plans and programmes, it really has a home gym feel.

The JTX Sprint 9 has a gym size running belt (153x52cm), 12% incline, 20 kph speeds and over 20 workout and customisable programmes, so will definitely keep you on your toes and get you pumping!


  • Commerical standard treadmill
  • Wide running deck
  • Folding hydraulic safety system
  • Responsive heart rate training. (with chest strap)
  • 3 year home warranty


  • In the £1500+ price range
  • Boxed weight is a heavy 145kg (Nearly 23 stone).

JTX Sprint-9: Folding Gym Treadmill Review

Build Quality

We knew that with the commercial style quality of the treadmill, it would be big and heavy. And as other customers of the JTX Sprint-9 Folding treadmill have found, we were right! There were two boxes and they were quite big- W99 x L223 x H43.5cm, so had to manoeuvre them so they fit through the door! They were also heavy- nearly 23 stone (145kg), so make sure you have someone on hand to help.

Once it was in the house, two of us set it up using the clear instructions in under an hour. Always a good idea to assemble it in the room you’re planning to use it, as unboxed it’s still over 20 stone (131.6kg), although it does come with transport wheels too.

All setup, the dimensions of the JTX Sprint 9 Folding treadmill are W92 x L204 x H176cm.


So, how do you know you’re going to get the workout you want from this treadmill? Let’s talk about what the JTX Sprint 9 has to make you get a sweat on.

Let’s start with the motor and speeds- this JTX treadmill has a peak 3 horsepower motor that goes up to top speeds of 20kph, which will get the fittest of runners’ heavy breathing. That along with the 12% incline means you can really challenge yourself.

As we’ve already mentioned, the Sprint 9 has an extra-long running belt (153 x 52cm) with CushionStep technology and a flexible running deck which reduces impact by up to 30%- something to give you a more comfortable run that’s kinder to your joints, too.

A downside of most gym treadmills is that they don’t come with many programmes for you to follow, and this is where the JTX Sprint 9 comes into its’ own. From cardio, hill running and fat loss, this JTX treadmill comes packed with 24 programmes to choose from, and you can even create up to 3 that are bespoke to your training goals.

A nice touch is that you can also select your fitness level from beginner, to intermediate and expert to help you on your way.

If you’re another level fitness geek, then you can connect your Bluetooth heart rate chest strap to the Sprint 9 for some heart rate training which is great for cardio fitness.

Just select your target heart rate and the JTX will adjust your settings and inclines to help you hit it! Fancy! Just a quick one- at the time of writing this, you can get a Polar H10 strap free with the Sprint-9 treadmill, but it is a limited offer.


You’re looking to pay a bit more than you were planning to on a treadmill, so you’ll want to have some fancy features, and the JTX 9 doesn’t disappoint!

The display console is digital and large (10-inch screen) and tells you time, pulse, speed, include, distance and calories. Above it, there is a tablet/phone holder that is securely attached and at the perfect height for you to pass the time and keep you entertained during your workout.

To get up and running straight away, there are quick-start buttons, and for safety, there is a safety key for an emergency stop.

There are 2 water bottle holders on either side of the display, a cooling fan and if that wasn’t enough, you can connect your phone or tablet to the built-in speakers to keep motivated with your favourite tunes! Nice!

And when you’ve had enough working out, one of our favourite bits about the JTX Sprint 9 is the fact it folds away to W92 x L116 x H180cm and you can forget about it! This treadmill uses a dual-hydraulic folding and safety lock system which allows you to gently lower it to the ground when you need it, or fold it up and use the wheels to move it somewhere else when you don’t.

Things We Really Liked

The JTX Sprint 9 folding treadmill features a lifetime frame warranty, 10-year motor cover and 3-year in-home repairs including all parts and labour.

Wide selection of workout programmes and customisable ones.

Built in speakers to keep running to your favourite music!

Final thoughts on the JTX Sprint-9: Folding Gym Treadmill

JTX talk about this treadmill being built to last, designed to impress. And we get it.

A gym quality treadmill with lots of features that are perfect for at-home use (whatever your running ability), and one that folds away easily and safely, we can see why the JTX 9 is popular.

Yes, it is bulky and heavy, but that reinforces its commercial build quality. And if perhaps you are a beginner, maybe a cheaper model like the JTX Fitness Sprint-3 Treadmill might be a better choice for you.

But if you’re looking for a treadmill that will grow with you and your workout goals, then the JTX Sprint 9 folding treadmill could be the one!

JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill Voucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
JTX Sprint 9GTR price checkingWAS £1499CHECK PRICE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (72)
Motor Size3HP
Max Speed20KPH
Incline12% (Max)
Workout Programs24 + 3 custom
Max User Weight130kg (20.5 stone)
DimensionsW92 x L204 x H176cm


Build Quality
Value for Money


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