Echelon Stride Connect Review: A step-up in price, but is it worth it?

Echelon Stride Connect Treadmill Cheapest Price
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Echelon Stride ConnectGTR price checkingWAS £1699CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4 out of 5 (26)

The Lowdown

The Echelon Stride Connect is a high-quality folding treadmill, with everything you’d expect from a home treadmill. While it is pricy, this is justified by the various features and extras that are included with your purchase.

With access to a host of on-demand and live classes, this is the treadmill to challenge yourself and help you exceed all of your fitness goals.

First Impressions

The Echelon treadmill is a top-notch home treadmill, versatile enough to cater to a wide range of runners. With speeds going up to 12kmph, 8 user programmes, 12 levels of incline, and a manual incline, the Echelon Stride Connect is excellent for people of most fitness levels. However, it doesn’t go up to sprinting speeds (i.e. about 15kmph and up).

Although this treadmill is near the upper end of the price range for home treadmills, it does come with some nice extras. These include entertainment and design features, and most attractively, unlimited access to both pre-recorded and live classes.

With these, the Echelon Stride Connect is a powerhouse of an exercise machine, especially well-suited to those who enjoy being coached. It’s worth mentioning that you can get some features and classes through the app, but for full online classes you’ll need to pay an Echelon membership fee.


  • Connected app to view workouts and stats
  • Impact absorbing running deck
  • Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers
  • Folds very flat, saving space.


  • More expensive than most home treadmills
  • To unlock all online classes you need to pay membership

Echelon Stride Connect Folding Treadmill Review

Build Quality

This is a sturdy and well-built treadmill. Its running surface measures L139.7 x W50.8cm and has an impact absorbing running deck, so you can have a comfortable run that’s kinder to your joints than most other home treamills. The Echelon Stride can also handle user weights of up to 135kg (over 21 stone), so can be used by a range of fitness fanatics!

This Echelon folding treadmill is averagely sized for a home treadmill, weighing 70.8kg (about 11 stone), and measuring 125cm in height, 176cm in length, and 79cm in width (when unfolded). However, its unique, patented auto-fold technology enables it to be folded to a vertical position when not in use. When folded, it is 176cm tall, 78.7cm wide, and merely 26cm deep. At this size, it can be stood up against a wall without taking that much space at all.

To set up your Echelon Stride, manually lift up the handles to the top of the treadmill, then pull the handles down until you hear them lock into place. You call then pull up the tablet holder to the desired position. Once you’ve done that, make sure you’re plugged in, the switch at the back of the treadmill is on, and you’re ready to go!

It also comes fitted with transportation wheels for your convenience and as above, requires only minimal assembly upon arrival, but it is heavy, so make sure you get it delivered to the room you will be building it in.


The Echelon Stride Connect comes with a variety of adjustable settings, making it a rather versatile piece of home gym equipment. It includes 8 different preset user programmes, providing various combinations of speeds, incline levels, and distances. As such, it can provide a good range of workout routines, from a laid-back warm-up to a challenging cross-country run.

Alternatively, you may set your own speed and incline (with 12 different settings), for a more personalised exercise. All these settings and more are easily accessible on a touch-screen display console. For maximum convenience, speed and incline can also be adjusted using buttons located on the handgrips, literally at your fingertips.


This high-end home treadmill comes fitted with a number of feedback, safety, and entertainment accessories. These nifty additions make it a well-rounded, immersive, and interactive home exercise station in its own right.

To enable you to get the most out of your workout, this treadmill provides useful feedback data about your exercise and performance, which can be connected and stored to the app. This is gathered via pulse sensor, and is accessible on the large display console. Needless to say, this treadmill also includes an auto-stop safety system.

For your entertainment, the Echelon Stride Connect – as its name suggests – comes fitted with Bluetooth connectivity, as well as built-in speakers. This, together with a convenient docking station for a tablet, ensures that your workout will not only be good for you, but will also simply be fun. Just put on your favourite workout music or a distracting TV series, and let this treadmill do the rest.

Things We Really Liked

A host of pre-recorded, as well as live classes, are unlocked with this purchase, available on the Echelon app. Essentially a virtual gym membership! But, you will have to pay for the full online suite.

Uses patented technology to fold up very conveniently, measuring merely 26cm deep.

Good selection of settings and features for a well-rounded and entertaining workout experience.

Final Thoughts on the Echelon Stride Connect Folding Treadmill

The Echelon Stride Connect has got a lot to offer. It is sturdy and well-built and may be easily folded up for storage. It has a good array of preset user programmes and variable settings, providing a broad range of workout experiences. Finally, it comes fitted with entertainment features that make it more than just an exercise machine

Its biggest drawback is the steep price point, which surpasses most other similar products. However, this is at least partly justified by giving you access to the Echelon app, and if you’re willing to pay a bit extra, a host of live and on-demand classes.

Another justification for putting in some extra pounds for your budget is the patented auto-fold technology, so unlike other treadmills on the market that are foldable that can be flimsy, this is high quality, sturdy AND foldable- something that might be a big factor for you.

With this in mind, the Echelon Stride Connect may be seen as a treadmill that includes a virtual gym membership in its price. So if that’s important and perhaps space is a consideration for you too, then this could be the treadmill for you…

Echelon Stride Connect Treadmill Vpucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Echelon Stride ConnectGTR price checkingWAS £1699CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4 out of 5 (26)
DimensionsH125 x L176 x W79cm (unfolded)
Running deckL139.7 x W50.8cm
Treadmill weight70.8kg (11.2 stone)
Max user weight135kg (21.3 stone)
Max speed12kmph
Incline12 levels


Build Quality
Value for Money


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