JTX Sprint-3 Electric Treadmill Review

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First impressions of the JTX Sprint-3: Electric Treadmill

The JTX Sprint-3 Electric Treadmill is a user-friendly and versatile home treadmill. With good running speeds, power incline, and an impressive 40 workout programmes, this treadmill provides a varied exercise experience that’s as challenging as you want it to be.

The JTX Sprint-3 has an integrated control console, on which you can view various data about your workout, adjust different settings, or choose from one of the treadmill’s many programmes.

The trademarked CushionStep deck ensures an ergonomic workout that’s gentle on the joints.

With a sturdy, folding frame, this treadmill is a sound addition to any home gym. From physical therapy, through getting into shape, or just adding to an existing workout routine, the JTX Sprint-3 Treadmill will get the job done.

JTX Sprint-3: Electric Treadmill Review

Set Up:

Compact and relatively lightweight, this treadmill is quite easy to set up. It is recommended to have two people assemble it, but thanks to the included instructions and the simple assembly, this shouldn’t take more than an hour at most.

And if there are any problems, then there are lots of ways to contact the UK based JTX Fitness head office, which should also give you peace of mind should you have any issues.


This electric treadmill performs well and provides an effective and enjoyable home workout.

With a decently sized 2 horsepower motor, the JTX Sprint-3 goes up to a speed of 16 kph – above the average jogging speed.

The performance and results obtainable from this treadmill are improved thanks to the power incline.

At the press of a button the running deck will rise to up to a 12% incline (over 12 levels), providing an added level of challenge to your exercise. This feature is not often found in a treadmill in this price bracket, so definitely a welcome addition!

Build Quality:

The JTX Sprint-3 Electric Treadmill isn’t a bulky treadmill, measuring just L160 x W72 x H149cm.

That said, thanks to its reinforced steel frame it’s made deceptively sturdy. As such, it feels very stable and balanced to run on, and it can support users weighing up to 120 kgs- which could be heavier, but nevertheless should still cater for a variety of people.

The running deck on this treadmill is quite wide (129 x 46cm) and can be easily folded up to an upright position when not in use.

In this position, the treadmill measures just L105 x W74 x H150cm, making it easy to fit into most spaces and forget about!

With built in carry wheels, the Sprint-3 (which weighs 62.7 kg) can be conveniently wheeled across short distances too if need be.


Unlike many other home treadmills, the JTX Fitness Sprint-3 includes an integrated control console.

This convenient and intuitive console displays in one place all the workout information you might need, including run time, distance, speed, incline level, and calories burned. There is a pulse sensor on the side bars, but if you want an accurate reading, then it would be better relying on your SMART watch for that.

The same console also enables you to control the treadmill’s various settings. This includes the power incline, which goes from 0-12%, and the speed.

Through the console you can also pick from one of the 40 pre-set exercise programmes.

One of the nicest features of this treadmill is the CushionStep deck.

With an eight-point suspension system, this deck provides a smooth jogging experience that is gentler on the knees and joints than many other home treadmills.

Looking after your joints is very important, especially if you’re planning on using this regularly- so this technology is excellent for the relatively low treadmill cost (compared to similar ones in the category).

A small yet important feature of the JTX Sprint-3 is the safety key, which can be clipped on to your clothes, and will shut off the treadmill immediately in an emergency.

There is also a tablet holder that needs screwing in to the treadmill, but is a neat way to keep entertained and motivated whilst also keeping track of your workout.

Again, having this feature is another welcomed feature that you wouldn’t normally find in this price range.


  • 40 pre-set workout programmes.
  • 0-12% power incline (12 levels).
  • Wide running deck with CushionStep technology for minimised impact on knees and joints.
  • Running deck folds up when not in use, can be lowered back down with the push of a button.
  • Free tablet holder included.
  • Powerful 2 horsepower motor.
  • UK Head Office.
  • 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


  • Does not go up to sprinting speeds.
  • Incline offered not as steep as some treadmills.
  • Pulse sensor not always accurate.
  • Max user weight 120kgs (18.9 stone), which is lighter than other treadmills.

JTX Sprint-3: Electric Vs the Pro Fitness T2000 Treadmill

First of all, the JTX Sprint-3 is £20 more expensive than the Pro Fitness Folding Treadmill but is it worth the extra money?

The Pro Fitness T2000 goes up to a slightly higher max speed of 18 kph, compared to the JTX Sprint-3’s 16 kph. Additionally, the T2000 inclines up to 15% elevation, compared to the Sprint-3’s 10%. On the other hand, the Sprint-3 has two noteworthy advantages over the T2000.

First, the Sprint-3 has 40 pre-set programmes, compared to the T2000’s 30. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the Sprint-3’s deck is built with the CushionStep technology, which ensures a low impact on your joints. There is also no tablet holder on the Pro Fitness T2000.

As such, the Sprint-3 might be best suited for older users or for those doing physical therapy.

That said, it’s a versatile treadmill, and while it won’t provide an intense exercise for a professional athlete, it is otherwise very suitable for a variety of purposes.

If you’d like to read more about what the Pro Fitness T2000 Folding Treadmill has to offer, you can see the full review here!

Final thoughts on the JTX Sprint-3: Electric Treadmill

Well-designed and well-built, user friendly, and versatile, the JTX Fitness Sprint-3 Electric Treadmill is an excellent piece of home workout equipment.

With an impressive variety of pre-set programmes and other adjustable controls, this treadmill can provide a diverse, interesting, and fun workout experience.

Designed with convenience in mind, all the necessary information can be accessed through the integrated console, which also enables control over the treadmill’s various settings and programmes. Also, for super flexibility, the JTX Sprint-3 is easy to fold up and wheel around as necessary.

While it might not be as fast as other treadmills out there, it makes up for this by providing a much more ergonomic and gentle exercise than many home treadmills.

This would make the Sprint-3 a wonderful treadmill for older users, those doing physical therapy, or simply those who are more conscious about looking after their joints!

However, the treadmill’s versatility, performance, and reasonable price point make the JTX Sprint-3 an excellent addition to any home gym.

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ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
JTX Sprint-3GTR price checkingWAS £649CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (468)


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