Reebok GT40s Touch Screen Treadmill Review

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Reebok GT40s Touch Screen Treadmill Review

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The Reebok GT40s Touch Screen Treadmill is a state-of-the-art, sturdy and very smart exercise machine.

Reasonably priced, this treadmill provides all the essentials of a home treadmill, as well as some very handy (and rather fancy) extras.

The most notable of these is the 10.1 inch touch screen.

On this highly useful and informative Wi-Fi-enabled console, you can set up personalised training programmes, view live feedback data, enjoy the latest films or your favourite tunes, and even simulate a real-life jogging path (very cool!).

As for the essentials, this treadmill won’t disappoint.

Going up to a brisk 16kph, with a variable incline, as well as a host of other adjustable controls, and even a high-tech shock absorption system – few other home treadmills in this price bracket can beat this Reebok GT40s Touch Screen Treadmill.

Key Features of the Reebok GT40s Touch Screen Treadmill

Touch Screen

Probably the most notable feature of this treadmill is the touch screen, hence the product’s name.

However, this screen is no mere marketing gimmick, but a useful tool that can make your workout more effective, more informed, and simply more enjoyable.

When first using this treadmill, you can set up your own personalised workout profile (your age, gender, weight, etc). Subsequently, you can choose exercise programmes that are best-fitting to your profile, or to your personal fitness goals – almost like having your own fitness coach at home!

These programmes are all accessible through the touch screen, as are all the treadmill’s adjustable controls, including speed and incline.

Besides these, the console also allows you to view a range of live workout data, covering distance travelled, run time, calories burned, speed, and programme selected.

Another great feature accessible through the touch screen is the real-world jogging path simulation.

Simply choose one of a several real-life tracks, and the treadmill will match its speed and incline to the footage shown on screen. Combined with the built-in speakers and cooling fan, this treadmill provides an unbeatably life-like running experience, all from the comfort of your home.

Finally, the console has 7 entertainment and social media apps installed, including Spotify, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Chrome.

This not only allows you to access your favourite workout entertainment, it also makes this treadmill excellent for the whole family, especially younger people and teenagers.


Rest assured; the touch screen doesn’t come at the expense of this treadmill’s performance. Going up to 16 kph, and with a variable incline, this treadmill can certainly give competing home treadmills a run for their money.

In terms of performance, one of the Reebok GT40s Touch Screen Treadmill’s best-selling points is its excellent shock absorption.

The signature ONE Series Cushioning system provides a three-step solution, offering absorption, cushioning, and propulsion. Thanks to this, you can use this treadmill for extended periods without it taking a toll on your back or knees.

Additional Settings

This treadmill is no slouch when it comes to programmes and adjustable settings, either. In addition to 4 manual and 3 user-defined programmes, the GT40s Touch Screen Treadmill has a very generous 36 pre-fixed programmes, each with its own speed, incline, and distance settings.

These, of course, can all also be adjusted manually, for a fully personalised workout experience.

Build Quality

Weighing 75kg, this treadmill is sturdy and robust, without being overly bulky. It can handle up to 110kg, and even users on the tall and big side have commented favourably on its sturdiness and stability.

Initial setup is relatively easy, but is best done by two people, considering the machine’s weight and size (H132 x W44 x D168cm when set up). Conveniently, this is a folding treadmill, saving you space when not in use. Folded, it measures H136.5 x W77 x D115cm. The running surface is a comfortable 132 x 44cm.

You can see the Reebok GT40s User Manual and more details here.


  • Smart 10.1” Wi-Fi-enabled touch screen console with various capabilities.
  • Live information including run time, speed, distance travelled, calories burned, and           programme.
  • Personalised training profiles, various entertainment apps, and a real-world path simulation.
  • 2hp motor enabling speeds up to 16 kph (a brisk jog).
  • Variable incline, up to 12%.
  • 36 pre-fixed, 4 manual, and 3 user-defined programmes.
  • Hand-grips pulse sensors and a body fat analysis programme.
  • Built-in speakers and cooling fan.
  • Folds for easy storage.
  • Manufacturers 2 year guarantee.


  • Doesn’t go up to sprinting speeds.
  • No headphone connectivity.
  • Limited space to rest tablets and other devices when running.

Final word

Advanced, high-performing, versatile, and super smart, the Reebok GT40s Touch Screen Treadmill is an excellent – and reasonably priced – home exercise machine.

With its high performance and various options, this treadmill will prove suitable for users of all levels and workout abilities.

With its high-tech touch screen display and many features, it’s an excellent treadmill for the whole family, from youngsters to the elders.

For a fully modern, convenient, and simply fun treadmill, we love the Reebok GT40s Touch Screen Treadmill and it’s customers do too!

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Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 5 out of 5(37)
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Advanced, high-performing, versatile, and super smart, the Reebok GT40s Touch Screen Treadmill is an excellent – and reasonably priced – home exercise machine.

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