Opti Easy Fold Treadmill Review

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Opti Easy Fold Treadmill Review


This is a popular treadmill that has great feedback from customers. Easy to use, easy to store, great features- this ticks a lot of boxes for runners of all abilities. The hardest bit about this machine is getting it out the box, but then you’re good to go and use the multiple incline levels and programmes. And best of all, when you’ve had enough, you can fold it completely flat and put it out of sight!

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Order and delivery

The Opti Easy Fold Electronic Incline Treadmill is not the cheapest treadmill on the market; however cheaper models have a much simpler design and feel.

With the Opti treadmill, what you get is worth every penny. Compared to other competitors such as Reebok treadmills the price is very fair, especially if you can pick one up in sale or on discount.

Initial Setup

One of the things I liked most about this treadmill is that it arrives pre-assembled. This means you can get straight into your workout and avoid the hassle of having to set it up, which if you have assembled a treadmill before, can sometimes be quite tricky.

Weighing in at around 54kgs its perhaps not the easiest thing to move by your own, so it would be beneficial to maybe have a partner or someone else to help (although you could always count it as giving your arms a workout). However, it is lighter than some other models on the market, so this isn’t uncommon by far.

Plus, once you have it in your preferred space, it’s so easy to use, all you have to do is release the catch. This also makes it very easy to store as it folds up out of the way so even if you don’t have much space in your home it won’t take up the whole area.

It is mains powered so will require a power outlet to be close by.

Features of the Opti Easy Fold Treadmill


One of the best features is the display. With the console giving feedback on various aspects of your running such as time, speed, distance, and calories. The buttons also allow for quick change of speeds allowing for it to keep pace with you during your run. I found this especially useful for when I undertake my interval workouts, where I like to fluctuate my running speed.


It also comes with built in speakers and both MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity, which for me is really important as I love to listen to music while running to help keep me motivated and stay focused when I begin to feel fatigued. The speakers allow for the music to play without me having to worry about headphones or my phone, meaning I can concentrate on the running.


The wide levels of incline are also really useful, especially if you want to improve your glutes or calves, but also just to give you a bit more of a cardio workout.

Also, to simulate the conditions of running outside it is best to use a treadmill on a small incline anyway, so the different options in levels of inclines makes this very easy. The various levels of incline are the main difference from this treadmill and other models such as The Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill, which only comes with 2 levels of incline.

If you are a beginner, then you might consider investing in a cheaper model without the different levels of incline, however if you are a more experienced runner, who really wants to maximise the use of incline, then this is the treadmill for you.

16 User programmes

There are 16 different programmes that can all be easily found on the console.

This is quite a large range meaning its easy to find an exercise program to suit your needs. I tried out a few and they worked well and I was able to quickly find one that I enjoyed. Just test some (or all out) as its fun to play around with it and find what type of exercise you feel comfortable with.

One of the most important aspects of a treadmill is having this variety, as I am someone who finds the same workout routines boring and the Opti Easy Fold Electronic Incline treadmill does exactly that.

The Downsides:

There are a few downsides of course as nothing can be perfect and because it is a fold flat treadmill certain features are going to be different to the permanent stand up bigger models.

The motor is between 1-2 hp, depending if its continuous or peak. This might be an annoyance for seasoned runners who may want a bit more output, especially as the max speed is 13km, but for most people it shouldn’t be much of a problem. This max speed is fairly low compared to other treadmills, where it’s main selling point is the wide incline variation, With this in mind, if you aren’t looking to simulate uphill running, then this treadmill might not be for you.

Also, the running area is a little shorter than some other models so if your tall and have a longer stride it might just take some time to get used to.


  • Wide variety of incline
  • Up to 16 user programmes
  • Easy to use display which shows calories/time/speed/distance and has buttons to quickly select the desired speed
  • Built in speakers with both MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Already assembled and folds up for easy storage
  • Hand grip pulse sensor


  • Fairly heavy weight, which while less than others at 54kg, it can still be seen as a bit heavy and may require more than one person to move the treadmill
  • Lower max weight than competitors at only 110 kg
  • Slightly smaller running surface than others
  • Limited max speed compared to other treadmills
  • Only measures in KM not miles

Final word

For the price of £350 it’s a good treadmill with many useful features such as a body fat analysis program and auto stop safety system. Its easy to set up as it just has to be moved to where you want it and then lift the frame.

While some running enthusiasts may find the power of the motor a little lacking, for the majority of people it is beneficial, and the programmes make it easy for beginners to get into running or seasoned runners to try out something knew which I think is always a bonus.

It folds down easily so storing it is so simple, making it very good for those with limited space. And I loved the built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity which was easy to use allowing me to be able to focus on my running.

For the price and many useful features for both beginners and enthusiasts, this is definitely a really good treadmill to buy, however unless you are looking to fully make use of the wide incline levels, other treadmills with higher maximum speed, may be better suited.

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Product Price Check Original Price Discounted Price
Opti Easy Fold WAS £349 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(16)


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The Opti easy fold although similar to the Reebok i-Run are very much in their own niche, so how does it compare?

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