Reebok GT30 Treadmill Review

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Reebok GT30 Treadmill Review


If you are looking for a compact, budget yet stylish treadmill, the Reebok GT30 could be the perfect choice for you. With solid build quality and stylish looks it’s really hard to find any faults with this entry level running machine.

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Delivery and setup

Delivery was prompt and two people kindly carried the package through to my utility room. As you would expect the box was large (width 77cm, length 184cm, height 33cm). I would not recommend collecting this from a department store unless there are two people and you and have a large van. It certainly always feels like value for money with the weight alone being almost 70kg.

Setup was simple, there is always that moment where you look at your nice new treadmill in its box and think ‘please no fiddly parts’. Gladly the process is as simple as lifting the already attached arms and securing 4 bolts to the frame. I did however have to shift the frame slightly to get the last bolt to secure into place. Finally unscrew the red safety pin and you are ready to go.


Once you plug the power lead into the socket and flip the switch a lovely looking blue and white LED screen flashes into view. Smaller than screens we have seen on other models but doesn’t look too cluttered and looked simple to operate from the offset.

Apart from the LED screen there are a variety of buttons nicely laid out and clearly marked with a focus on speed and incline. It’s a pleasant surprise to see that real thought has gone into putting the user interface together. They have managed to remove any clutter for the average user but still offer detailed user options. (16 programs available).

The noise that is produced by the GT30 is very low, it ranks as one of the best in terms of noise output in its category. The trade-off is that your maximum speed is a little lower than other treadmills but Reebok have really done an amazing job here.

The no manual test – How easy is it to operate without instructions?

In a few minutes of starting the machine I was able to perform basic functions, including select a pre-set speed, manually increase and decrease speed and incline. I did have to look at the manual to check for pre-set programs. If this is your first treadmill or don’t require anything overly complicated then we would highly recommend this model.

The Reebok GT30 is also equipped with a number of nice features such as an auto stop safety function. Like many high end gym treadmills, a red cord is attached to the front of the unit magnetically. This can be clipped onto your clothing and should the cord be pulled and magnet come away from the treadmill it will perform an emergency stop.

Another function that is becoming more common on new model treadmills is a built in heart rate monitor. Simply grip the handles and the Reebok GT30 will register contact and show your live pulse on the LED screen.

According to the presentation booklet Reebok have their own specific cushioning system to aid with impact of when the foot hits the treadmill. It’s also listed on multiple points of the frame with some fancy rubber embossed badge. I have to agree that it does have a nice feeling as you run but all treadmills have a slight difference.

A nice addition to the GT30 is that is comes with built in speakers via a male to male audio cable. This allows you to plug any MP3 player with a regular headphone jack into the treadmill audio port. This is linked to internal speakers that will play aloud your favourite workout music. I have to admit I really like this addition, it allows me to easily listen to my music without having to use headphones.

Like many compact treadmills this version does fold into an upright position for storage in the corner of the room or under your stairs.


  • Wheels on the base allow easy movement
  • Good guarantees (Lifetime warranty on the frame + 2 Years warranty on parts and labour + 10 year motor warranty)
  • Inbuilt MP3 amplifier
  • Easy setup
  • Very quiet when in operation


  • No dedicated bottle holder
  • Arm grips are slightly long, you can occasionally clip them with your hands
  • Does have an overbearing colour (bright yellow) may not suit everybody’s taste
  • Top speed is a little less than other treadmills

Final word

As an entry level treadmill this has to be one of the best running machines on the market. It is really hard to find any faults with what Reebok have produced. From setup to operation they really have tried to squeeze out quality in all areas. To top this off they offered total reassurance with long warranties on both the motor and frame.

Reebok GT30 Price Comparison
Product Price Check Original Price Discounted Price
Reebok gt 30 WAS £499 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(106)


Model number – RVON-10021BK
Top speed 16kph
12 Different levels of incline
16 various user programs (12 pre-set, HRC and 3 targets)
LED display showing: time, speed, distance, calories burnt
1.5hp motor output
Maximum weight 110kg
Folds away for storage
Hand grip heart rate monitor
Mains powered
Running surface L130cm W42cm
Auto stop safety feature

Product details

Size complete – H118cm, W70.5cm, D100cm
Size folded – H140cm, W17cm, D100cm
Mounted on wheels
Manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee

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Reebok GT30 Review - As an entry level treadmill this has to be one of the best running machines on the market.

Reebok have done a great job with this treadmill to squeeze out every drop of quality for the amount of money that is being paid for this machine.


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