Pro Fitness Manual Treadmill Review

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Pro Fitness Manual Treadmill Review


It’s small, cheap and light weight when compared to the majority of other treadmills on the market, but how does it compare? Can is really be used as part of your daily fitness routine?

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Initial cost

This treadmill at the time of writing was full price from my local retailer. They have been known to go on special offer on occasions, but this is rare when compared to how often sales occur on other brands such as Reebok or NordicTrack.

Delivery and setup

I had the Pro fitness treadmill delivered to my house only out of convenience more than anything else.

Some people may decide to collect this treadmill and load it into their vehicle, this can be done quite easily. This treadmill is just over 120cm in length and weighs just under 25kg’s you should easily be able to load this on your own or with help from a friend.

To put the treadmill together took around an hour, instructions were easy to follow and being basic in nature it didn’t require any fiddly electronic parts to be put together.


My initial thoughts while using the Pro Fitness treadmill at a walking pace was that the belt was a little slack causing it to move to one side after a short period of time. I quickly found others who have had the same problem and this was easily adjusted by using an Allen key and turning it clockwise on the base unit.

Getting back on the treadmill and it was a much better feeling second time around as I started to build up speed. I did notice however, and but maybe because I am more used to larger fixed position treadmills, there was very limited shock absorption.

Unlike a Reebok or NordicTrack treadmill (as to be expected) this does not cushion your joints as you run and I would not recommend this machine for long distance running.

Aesthetically the Pro Fitness Non-motorised treadmill is very limited in its design, as you would expect with its minimal price tag, the manufacturers have tried to squeeze as much performance for your money as possible. This does however mean that the design is simply grey fixed bars, minimal padded handles and a simple running track. No awards for its beauty.

This running machine does come with a fixed incline of 6% that does give a constant uphill running motion during your workout. I did look to see if this was in any way adjustable, but due to the manufacturing process I can confirm this is fixed.

Noise level while the machine is in use is quite high. Not at an uncomfortable level, but your neighbours are only one room away they are going to know when it’s in use. The only way I can describe the noise difference between an electric and manual treadmill is that an electric treadmill tends to have a constant low humming noise.

A manual treadmill has more of a high pitch mechanical sound.

One of the positive notes I can confirm about the Pro Fitness mechanical treadmill is that I do like the natural feeling while in use.

It does give a different feel compared to an electric treadmill as you have to provide the power through your entire stride length. An electric treadmill will carry your foot through with each step.

The Pro Fitness treadmill is also ideal for those with limited space as this can easily be folded into an almost vertical stance for easy storage.

Why is this treadmill so popular?

I am going to openly admit that I am biased when reviewing this treadmill.

I have had the privilege of testing some of the best treadmills on the market and the Pro Fitness treadmill isn’t a machine that I would ever consider buying. I am lucky that I have enough room for a fixed treadmill and the money and interest to buy a more expensive machine.

After reading some feedback it seems that this treadmill is ideal for a huge target audience that simply has a different set of requirements to my own.

There are hundreds of 5 star reviews from those who require a simple, cheap and reliable way to keep fit. When I look at it from their point of view I totally understand why they have come to this conclusion.

The ‘No manual test’

Much like its brother the pro fitness exercise bike the feedback unit is a limited LCD screen that gives basic information such as time, speed, distance and calories burnt while in use. We can’t say how accurate readings such as calories are due to it being so basic in nature but I can’t imagine the typical user isn’t looking for this level of granular detail.

Overall it has to be one of the easiest treadmills to use as it only features two buttons to rotate through the options.


  • No mains power needed
  • Good natural feeling while in use
  • Folds almost vertical for easy storage
  • Very easy to use feedback LCD unit
  • Speed is directly the result of the user
  • Low purchase cost


  • Limited aesthetic design
  • Fixed incline set at 6%
  • Basic LCD feedback unit (no programmes)
  • No heart rate monitor

Final word

For the running enthusiast or those looking for a cheap gym treadmill substitute I can’t recommend that you use this treadmill as part of your regular routine.

On the other hand, as noted above, if you are looking for a cheap, simple and easy to use treadmill that can be easily folded away then I can see why this may be the perfect option for you.

Many users, particularly the elderly who want a way to keep fit at their own pace maybe while watching the TV before simply sliding the treadmill out of sight may find the Pro Fitness non-motorised treadmill exactly the right fit for their needs.

Pro Fitness Manual Treadmill Price Comparison
Product Price Check Original Price Discounted Price
Pro Fitness Treadmill WAS £99 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(82)


Model number – JX-301
Console feedback including: speed, calories, distance and time
Maximum weight 100kgs
Folds away almost vertical
Self powered
Running surface L100cm, W32cm
Batteries required 1 x AA (Not supplied)

Product details

Size complete – H133cm, W85cm, D168cm
Size folded – H145cm, W85cm, D105cm
Mounted on wheels
Manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee

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Can the ultra cheap Pro Fitness Manual treadmill match up to the rest of the field when it comes to home treadmills?

It does have many pros and cons and our full review can be found below.

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