Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Cardio Pro’ Touchscreen Console Treadmill Review: A great cardio workout, but worth the price tag?

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Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.6 out of 5 (460)

The Lowdown

If you are looking for a treadmill that can help to give you a good cardio workout, you should consider the Branx Fitness Foldable Cardio Pro Touchscreen Console Treadmill. The console gives you plenty of opportunities to monitor your cardio function and workout progress. The powerful motor helps you to sustain your cardio workout, too.

First Impressions

This black and grey alloy steel treadmill is probably as close as you are going to come to having a professional style treadmill in your home without paying a hefty price. It offers a 6HP motor which means you can smoothly run and walk on this treadmill.

 Although it does not fold flat to fit underneath a bed, it does collapse sufficiently to store it away. The console is located in a good position between the two sturdy looking handrails, and it’s big and clear.

Somewhat surprisingly, it offers 20 levels of incline which is pretty enviable for any treadmill for home use. The running area has plenty of room for you to move and swing your arms when walking or running.

The overall first impression is that this is a treadmill that can help you to support your cardio workout whether you are walking or running, but we see if it has enough features to justify the RRP of nearly £1k.


  • 17.5km/hour max workout speed
  • Motor 3.5 CHP Peak 6HP
  • Easy to read console
  • Maximum user weight 130kg


  • Does not fold flat
  • 76kg weight heavy to move

Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Cardio Pro’ Touchscreen Console Treadmill Review


The treadmill is delivered directly to your home. Once you have unpacked the machine, there is a small amount of setup work to be done. As the machine weighs 76kg (nearly 12 stone), it is best to have someone assist you.

Also, adding the 10 screws you need to assemble the treadmill is slightly fiddly. It is good to have someone to hold parts as you use a Philips screwdriver to complete the set-up. The entire setup process only takes about 15-20 minutes. It has to be said the user manual needs some work.

The design of the Branx Fitness Foldable Cardio Pro Touchscreen Console Treadmill is sturdy. When you are looking for a treadmill that is going to last, the Branx treadmill is a good choice. It has to be said that there is more to this well-made treadmill than meets the eye. 

The console is perfectly positioned for when you would like to check on your progress. The handlebars do not dominate the front of the treadmill which is important when you want to move your arms. Although large, you can say that it takes over an average-sized room. Fully assembled it measures 165cm in length and 73cm in height. Heightwise, it comes in at 133cm.


Overall the quality of the Branx Fitness Foldable Cardio Pro Touchscreen Console Treadmill is good. As mentioned, the manufacturer offers 2-year parts and labour warranty. The company must have a lot of confidence in its product as it also extends a 5-year warranty on the frame and motor. 

The swift drop system is an added benefit after the treadmill has been folded. Does it fold completely flat? No, it doesn’t but it still folds away for storage.


The 6HP motor delivers a smooth workout experience. It is rather powerful which means you don’t experience any “jerkiness.” The Smart Shock belt deck area copes well with absorbing the impact of running and walking. A good shock absorption rate helps to protect your joints and tendons. 

The handheld pulse sensor helps you to keep an eye on your heart rate. On the console, you can also monitor other essential stats including distance, time, incline and calories burned. 

The running area measures 125cm in length and 45cm in width.
You can take advantage of one of the 12 programs. The incline function is automatic during all programs which is an added bonus.  What is missing is an app for more workouts. The lap added lap feature is a good idea for experienced runners.

There is also an impressive 20 levels of incline which can be changed mid-workout at the touch of a button, which will challenge different muscles, adding variety and intensity to your workout.

Things we really liked:

The treadmill completes with speakers and a Bluetooth wireless system. You can listen to your favourite music whilst working out.

We really liked the sturdy feel of the treadmill. It has an excellent motor which makes running or walking smooth.

The cushioned deck makes exercising easy on your joints. Stats are easy to follow on the console.

Final thoughts on the Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Cardio Pro’ Treadmill

The Branx Fitness Foldable Cardio Pro Touchscreen Console Treadmill is a well-built treadmill which offers an excellent cardio workout. It has a powerful motor and excellent (perhaps market leading) incline options. This means the treadmill can grow with you as your fitness improves. The addition of a lap feature is also a nice touch for many runners.

A couple of things to mention is that with the integrated features like workout programmes etc, this Branx treadmill isn’t designed for tablet use in mind. It does not have a shelf or offers any other way of hooking up your tablet so doens’t link up to apps like others available. Also, the manual could be a little more user friendly.

All in all, this is an excellent at-home treadmill option for many whether you are new to fitness or looking to improve your running. Look after it and it will last a long time. 

Branx ‘Cardio Pro’ Treadmill Voucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Branx FitnessGTR price checkingWAS £699CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.6 out of 5 (460)
ColourSilver and Black
Motor Size3.5HP
Weight76kg (c12 stone)
DimensionsL125 x W45cm

Looking for more detail on the NordicTrack T6.5S Treadmill? The manual can be found here >Download NordicTrack T6.5S Treadmill here<


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