Adidas T-19i Folding Treadmill With Incline and Bluetooth Review

Adidas T-19i Folding Treadmill Cheapest Price
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Adidas T-19iGTR price checkingWAS £999CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (12)

The Lowdown

The Adidas T-19i Folding Treadmill is in the higher price bracket of at-home treadmills and with its powerful motor and workout options, is suitable for a wide range of users. The design is sleek and seems sturdy. Once assembled, the treadmill does not dominate a room like many other treadmills within the same price range.

With its large LED screen and connectivity to apps like Zwift and Kinomap, it will keep you motivated, whatever your workout goals are.

It has the slick and modern look that you’d expect from Adidas, but can the T-19i give you a good workout?

First Impressions

The deck size is the first thing that catches your attention once you have assembled the Adidas T-19i. Compared to other treadmills in the same price range, the width and length of the Adidas T-19i seems a lot bigger with a padded running surface.

The 6-inch LED screen is well-positioned when it comes to monitoring your workout. The display is clear and the functionality of the screen is no fuss. In other words, you don’t have to worry about finding a function when you are working out on the T-19i.

The LED display has a number of display icons. This makes it easy to find the programme function or the information you need to access to during your workout. And with 24 pre-set programmes, it’s easy to find something to challenge you. But if you wanted to run that extra mile, you can connect to apps like Zwift, but that will mean an added subscription.

The arm supports are not too long or too high. High arm supports often impede the running action. This is not something you have to worry about when running or walking on the T-19i.


  • Clear LED display function
  • Easy assembly
  • Wide & comfortable running deck
  • 32 user programmes


  • Subscription to apps not included

Adidas T-19i Folding Treadmill With Incline and Bluetooth Review:

Assembling Adidas T-19i:

The T19-i arrives partly assembled in the box. If you have assembled a treadmill before, it probably takes you about half an hour to assemble the treadmill and get running. It did take 2 of us to carry it though, as at 85kg (just over 13 stone) it’s not light!

This is a well-packaged product. In reviews, it is mentioned that it often takes you longer to remove the packaging than to assemble the treadmill, and we definitely agree with that!

As it is mains powered, the Adidas T19-i needs to be placed close to a power source. 

Does the T19-i fold-away flat? No, it does not. When folded, the treadmill measures 112cm in length and 81cm in width. It maintains its height of 157.6 cm. Although typical for a treadmill of this size.

The running deck features a soft drop hydraulic facility meaning you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping down the deck hard.

Build Quality:

Although the treadmill features a foldaway function, it is important to acknowledge that it does not dominate a room. The Adidas T-19i measures H147x W81x D179.5cm. This means unless you have a reason to, you may not want to fold it away. 

When folded, the treadmill measures H157.6 x W81 x D112cm. Thanks to transportation wheels, the T19-i is easy to move around. 

There is no doubt that the T19-i inspires confidence as far as your workout goes. It has a sturdy feel and a smooth flow. 

The arms are well-placed and do not get in your way when you run. The configuration and placement of the LCD screen are well thought out. 

The T19-i supports a maximum weight capacity of 120kg (18.8 stone) which is generous for this size of treadmill.


Thanks to eight incorporated NRG Tech cushion elastomers, shock absorption is not a problem on the T19-i. Your feet land comfortably giving you a workout experience which is neither too hard nor soft. The feel is comfortable and supportive without any bounce back. Which is also a lot kinder to your joints.

The initial launch is comfortable and it is easy to get traction when you start. 

The 1.8 HP continuous motor drives the belt smoothly helping you to reach a top speed of 18 kph. The motor works effortlessly and there is no jerky sensation when you increase speed. 

During your work, you have a choice of 15 incline levels. The maximum incline level of the treadmill is 15% which is sufficient for a home workout. The pre-programmed options mean you don’t have to monitor the incline when you use opt to use them. 

The operating system of the treadmill seamlessly adjusts the incline as you run or walk. 

You have a choice of 32 programmes along with Kinomap offering a range of challenges. When you want to take your running workout to the next level, you can challenge yourself against other runners thanks to the Swift experience function. 

Monitoring your workout is easy. The user-friendly LED screen lets you keep an eye on your time, speed, distance, calorie and incline. If you choose to use the hand grip pulse monitor, you can also monitor your pulse. 

Built-in MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity keep you entertained when running. There is no need to worry about earbuds as the T19-i features built-in speakers. 

The phone and tablet holder are located above the console should you want to access additional personal programmes or running videos. 

The built-in adjustable fan keeps you cool when you are working out. 

The performance of the T19-i is smooth and uncomfortable. The treadmill gives you a continuous running or walking experience which completely engages you. 

Having access to Swift means you can challenge yourself and create personalised workout experiences. 

The NRG cushioning technology boosts power and reduces the risk of injury to joints and tendons.

Features we really liked:

The T19-i really delivers as running comfort is concerned. You have plenty of space for movement. Above all, what makes the treadmill comfortable for longer workouts is the NRG cushioning technology.

32 user programmes, so if you’re new to running and don’t want to pay for a subscription to apps, you can still have a wide range of workouts to choose from.

Excellent Manufacturer’s warranty: 25 year frame, 10 year motor and 2 year computer, plastic & labour warranty

Final thoughts on the Adidas T-19i Folding Treadmill

The T19-i is a good-quality treadmill. It is comfortable for both short and longer workouts. The deck is perhaps slightly short if you are into sprinting workouts. However, it offers most runners a good choice of workouts and experiences.

The sound from the speakers is very clear- so that with BlueTooth and MP3 connectivity means you’ll stay motivated listening to your favourtie tunes!

It is worth mentioning the T19-i comes with a 25-year frame warranty. You also get a 10-year motor and a 2-year computer labour warranty, so you have peace of mind if something doesn’t go to plan.

Adidas T-19i Folding Treadmill Voucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Adidas T-19iGTR price checkingWAS £999CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (12)
Incline15 levels
Motor1.8hp continuous, 2.25hp peak
Display6 inch
Running speedsUp to 18kph


Build Quality
Value for Money


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Adidas T-19i Folding Treadmill Cheapest PriceProduct Price Check Original Price Discounted PriceAdidas T-19iWAS £999 CLICK HERERead more customer reviews here -  (12)The LowdownThe Adidas T-19i Folding Treadmill is in the higher price bracket of at-home treadmills and with its powerful motor and workout options, is suitable for a...Adidas T-19i Folding Treadmill With Incline and Bluetooth Review