THERUN Under Desk Treadmill Review

THERUN Under Desk Treadmill Cheapest Price
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The Lowdown

THERUN 2.5HP looks like a modern concept of a traditional fold-away treadmill. 

The upright frames fold down letting you place the treadmill underneath your desk to exercise when you work. Compared to other desk treadmills, the design concept is slightly different. So, if you want to run or walk, you have the option to do both with this treadmill design.

The treadmill is mains powered using a neat electric cord.

First Impressions

The concept of under-the-desk treadmills is not something new. In recent years, under-the-desk treadmills have come a long way, especially with more people working from home and wanting to combine work and exercise.

The treadmill gives you the impression it serves two purposes. Both as a regular treadmill with rail supports, and as an under-the-desk treadmill. 

However, once you get the pre-assembled treadmill out of the box, you probably wonder if at 67.5cm wide and at a length of 141.50cm, it is not a touch on the generous side.

Out of the box, this 2 in 1 treadmill appears to be a well-built and sturdy treadmill. It offers home users a chance to workout in the comfort of their own homes.

And at 67.5cm wide and at a length of 141.50cm, it offers a good space to workout on- although could be trickier to use for those with smaller desks.

Thanks to the flexible design concept, you can easily fold down the supports and store the treadmill underneath a bed or sofa.


  • No assembly
  • Supports 120kg
  • Wide running belt
  • Good speed range
  • Folds flat to only 4.72 inches
  • Quiet in use


  • Could be wide for underneath a desk
  • No programmes

THERUN Under Desk Treadmill Review


You don’t have to worry about assembly. The treadmill is delivered to you fully assembled and ready to go. 

All you have to do is to get it out of its box and start to exercise. If you do want to try to use it underneath your desk, make sure you don’t lose the accompanying remote control. You need it to control the treadmill if you place it underneath your desk. Batteries are needed for the remote control but they are not supplied as part of the assembly. 

Folding the treadmill away is easy and can be done in minutes.  

Once you have collapsed the supports, the treadmill fits conveniently under a bed. 
When fully assembled and bars upright, the dimensions of THERUN treadmill are H45.52 x W52.56 x D26.57 inches.

And when flat (as an under desk treadmill with rails down) the dimensions are W55.71 x D26.57 inches.

Build Quality:

The design concept of this treadmill is a great idea.

It does look very nice, and if you have a small space for home exercise gear, THERUN 2.5 is probably perfect. 

Heightwise it is great, and the fold-away concept is perfect. The treadmill is wide enough for both walking and light running. 

A safety key is provided just in case. 

Made from alloy steel, the treadmill is sturdy enough to support a user weight of up to 120kg (18.9 stone). This is a testament to the build quality of this treadmill. 

Many treadmills in the same category would simply not support this weight. 
The data display on the LCD screen is clear. The tablet holder is a welcome addition when you want to use the treadmill with the supports.

It also comes in a choice of colours too which are bright orange or green which is displayed in stripes alongside the running belt and on the main panel.

The Workout Experience:

Thanks to the 2.5HP motor, you can enjoy a smooth workout experience. Compared to many other motors, it is quiet although not silent running. 

Most importantly, providing you stick to its weight limit, the motor has enough power to operate smoothly offering a seamless workout. 

If you are using the treadmill for running at home, you may want to consider an underlay. This cuts down on any noise that you may experience as feedback during your running workouts. 

If you are only using the treadmill for walking workouts, an underlay is not such an issue. 

When you work out with the supports set up and the console in place, you find the treadmill performs well. Stats included as part of the easy-to-read lower LCD display include time, speed, distance and calories burned. All the feedback you need to challenge yourself and hit those workout goals.

The console is clear and easy to engage with. You also get a remote to use when the frame is not in place.


Let’s talk about performance- for a small treadmill at a very competitive price point, this is a good treadmill. You will not be disappointed by its performance. 

Thanks to the shock absorption system, both short and long workouts are easy to sustain. Many smaller foldable treadmills often feel “hard” and are uncompromising when it comes to shock absorption and joint production, but not so for the THERUN 2.5HP. The unique 8-shock system provides you with good if not great impact absorption. 

In running mode you can hit speeds up to 12km/h and in walking mode, with the rail bar down, you can move at 6km/h. A nice touch is when controlling with the remote, you cannot go higher that this speed, so you have peace of mind it’s going to stay at a wlking speed.

The treadmill does, however, offer enough width and length for fast-paced walking and jogging. 

Features we really liked:

Weighing in at 38 kg (5.9 stone), the treadmill is easy to move around.

This is a fold-away treadmill that still manages to feel generous inside. Thanks to its locking mechanism, you don’t have to worry about the supports collapsing.

The speed range. 1-12km/h, is also generous for a home workout foldable treadmill.

Final thoughts on the THERUN 2.5HP Under Desk Treadmill

This is a good 2 in 1 treadmill and as long as you check that the dimensions will safely fit under your desk, is an excellent choice.

The speed range is good, the 8-point shock absorption system does a good job of protecting joints. Depending on what kind of flooring you have in your home, the noise is minimal. But remember that an underlay helps with further noise reduction and impact from under-foot feedback. 

It looks stylish and does not give the impression of being “just” a foldable treadmill. As a matter of fact, it looks rather sturdy when compared to other foldable treadmills.

A great treadmill for a small home or an office space when you want to break up the day with a bit of exercise. And, as it is not intrusive, you can leave it set up or collapse quickly when you have completed the workout.

THERUN Under Desk Treadmill Voucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
THERUNGTR price checkingWAS £189CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.6 out of 5 (283)
ColourBlack & Green or Black & Orange
Walking speedsUp to 6km/h
Motor2.25 HP
DimensionsH45.52 x W52.56 x D26.57 inches
Running speedsUp to 16km/h
Max User Weight120kg


Build Quality
Value for Money


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