Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill Review

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Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill Review


Competing in the same category as the Reebok i-Run is the Roger Black Easy Fold treadmill. Aimed at an audience that requires a treadmill at home but at the same may only have a limited amount of space. Alternatively, some don’t like a treadmill as a permanent fixture within their spare room.

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Roger Black Easy Fold WAS £349 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(127)

Order and delivery

The order went through fine and I received a 40% discount from the RRP of £999 which placed this just above the budget category of treadmill.

As you would expect the box was a lot smaller in comparison to your typical fixed treadmill that we have reviewed recently but it still came in at a hefty 55kg’s in its box. I still would not recommend picking this up, I paid £5 delivery that was worth every penny.

Initial Setup

The Roger Black easy fold took just over 15 minutes from delivery to being fully set up, a new record in our books. It comes fully assembled, simply remove a catch and a lifting bar is provided to raise the frame into place. If you are looking for a simple setup process, they don’t get much easier than this.

It is mains powered so will require a power outlet to be close by.

First thoughts and build quality

First impressions of the Roger Black easy fold are good, my partner and I are initially split over what fold flat treadmill we prefer aesthetically, I favour the Roger black and she prefers the Reebok i-Run. The frame and running track on my version are black with a nice bright blue trimming.

The frame has a much more solid feel than some of the budget treadmills that I have tested in the past, but I am paying nearly £200 more.

1.5 HP Motor

Like most things in life I am afraid you can’t have it all. With a completely fold flat design and portability being high up on the priority list I am afraid that other features have to take a hit. In this case the first is that this treadmill only has a 1.5hp motor (stated as peak 2hp with 1hp continuous) which may leave running enthusiasts wanting a little more. For the majority however this will be suitable for their needs.

During our tests I did put it up to the highest setting and ran for a period of time and didn’t notice that much of a reduction in output.

Manual incline

There is also no incline motor for the Roger Black easy fold instead they have opted for a manual system that requires you to drop the supports at the rear of the treadmill to generate the incline. Again most will find it suitable for their needs but it is lacking against its fuller sized treadmill brothers.

The good point about the manual incline system is that we tried both levels of incline and it was both quick and easy to adjust and did give a good degree of resistance.

10 User programmes

Once again not as many programmes as you would find on a full size treadmill but more than suitable for the majority of people who would like to use a workout programme as part of their fitness routine.

During our testing I tried both the P2 and P5 programmes, although for many this won’t mean a lot there is a handy image guide located next to the LCD panel that will help you to choose a programme that suits your needs.

LCD Display and more

The LCD display included is basic but is basic but does include all the necessaries. White numbers are clear on a white background and included with the main display is time, calories, speed, distance and laps.

The general setup is through a traditional simple button system that allows you to quickly set your desired program and speed. I do like this layout as after a short time you will quickly grow into a routine, quickly selecting speeds that match your fitness level.

MP3 playback

Trying to squeeze additional features into a fold flat treadmill isn’t easy as space is at a premium. I am pleasantly surprised at what has been achieved with this model as both a MP3 player and heart rate monitor have been included.

The MP3 player is good enough for the average home user and does a good job of drowning out the noise of the motor while in use. A male to male audio cable is supplied that will fit the majority of MP3 players or mobile phones.

What is slightly odd is that a small shelf is supplied on the feedback panel to rest your MP3 player, when you place anything on here it covers the LCD panel that shows all your workout data.

Heart rate monitor

A nice addition to this treadmill is a heart rate monitor located on the main frame of the treadmill. It would have been nice if they were located on the arms but may have been difficult to fit into the current design.

Having a heart rate monitor allows you to adjust your workout to a cardio, aerobic or fat burning intensity. A handy guide is also located in the booklet supplied to help you calculate your target levels.


  • Fold-flat design
  • 100% assembled
  • MP3 playback
  • Heart rate monitor


  • Basic LCD screen
  • Manual incline
  • No drinks holder

Final word

The fold flat treadmill category is a difficult one to mark as they lack some of the features of their bigger brothers but still offer a great all-round running experience.

If however you are cramped for room but have the space for a fold away treadmill under a bed for example, then this could be your ideal choice. There are no major drawbacks to the Roger Black easy fold and there is no reason why you can’t use this ever day as part of your regular workout routine.

With the current RRP being £999 I can’t give it a recommendation at that value but there have been times where this does drop by a good 30-40%. This then does put it into contention as one of the best pound to performance treadmills on the market.

Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill Price Comparison
Product Price Check Original Price Discounted Price
Roger Black Treadmill WAS £349 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(127)


Code: RGBLK-651W
2 HP motor peak
1hp motor continuous
10 user programmes
Mains powered
maximum user weight 115kg (17st 7lb)
hand grips with heart rate monitor
Manual incline
Folds flat for storage
Auto stop safety feature

Product details

Size open H135, W72, D163cm
Size folded H16, W36, D72cm
Moveable on wheels
Weight 55kg’s boxed
100% assembled

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Cost Vs Quality

The Roger Black easy fold although similar to the Reebok i-Run are very much in their own niche, so how does it compare?

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