Reebok ZR10 Treadmill Review

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Reebok ZR10 Treadmill Review


This is a very well made, solid and sturdy treadmill worthy of gym status, smooth to operate and a quiet, comfortable running machine.

I found it very easy to build with clear instructions and has the ZigTech cushioned running deck to help alleviate the aches, pains and strains of a workout.

Whether you choose the programmes set out for you or you choose to programme your own the choice is up to you.

The variations in speed and incline will certainly keep you on your toes and together with a cooling fan and your iPod or MP3 player to keep you company your workout should be a doddle!

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Delivery and setup

The ZR10 arrived as specified, was well packed and took around 20 mins to setup. The machine was very heavy – around 85kgs and took two of us to manoeuvre it into place and onto the treadmill matt. The instructions were easy to follow as most of the treadmill was already pre-assembled which was a bonus.

Built in features of the ZR10 and LCD display


The Reebok ZR10 really does pack a punch in the features department, putting it in the same category in my opinion as the high end Jet300.

We start by looking at the MP3 input which uses a traditional aux cable allowing you plug it straight into most phones and MP3 players. It’s a nice addition and the speaker quality is more than ample enough for the majority of users. The cable needed is supplied as part of the package.

Next is the programmes and LCD display itself, I am glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed with the setup.

As seen on other Reebok treadmills, all possible programmes are listed for easy viewing as a small image around the outside of the LCD display.

This makes selecting your ideal target run that much easier.

Specifically looking at the LCD display, program details are supplied on a nice large section of the feedback unit with all secondary information such as speed, distance and incline positions towards the outer edge lit up in a nice looking blue with white text.

I have to say that Reebok have done a great job on getting this just right.

Lastly is the addition of the cooling fan, this feature is typically not included on the other ZR models.

Although I really see this feature as a bonus rather than essential I was pleasantly surprised with how quiet it was when in operation. The airflow can be a little on the low side but there is only so much room left after including the LCD, speakers and main display.


More features of the Reebok ZR10

A greatly improved looking console, sleeker frame and runway and a new handle bar design made this model stand out from the previous models.

I was impressed with the ZigTech cushioned running deck on the previous ZR models and was glad that this was again included into this model.

ZigTech cushioning means that when your foot hits the deck the force of energy was transmitted back up to your lower body and therefore helped reduce the stress in the legs by holding the shockwaves whilst running.

The zig-zagged shape cushioning on the running deck absorbed the impact of the heel hitting the runway and sends a shockwave along the running track to disperse the energy that has built up which eases the strain on muscles and joints.

This certainly helped as even after using the ZR10 for long distance running it didn’t cause any feelings of stress in my joints.  I’s hard to put feelings into words but it felt like I was ‘gliding’ rather than ‘stomping’ along the ample sized (135x45cm) running deck as is the case with many of the budget treadmills I have tested.

The machine boasts up to 18mph on a 15% incline but as I probably would not reach that level the 15 levels of incline pushed my stamina far enough and with 32 pre- set programmes and 3 target programmes I still have far to go.

The feel and the size of the running deck made this machine stand out from other cheaper and less able treadmills. I find that if the running track is too narrow and is of poor quality then it can feel a little cramped as you run, this is certainly not the case with the ZR10.

I would always invest in the most advanced treadmill that your pocket allows and in turn it will look after your body and you will be more likely to use it on a more regular basis rather than a cheaper less robust machine.

The more programmes and ‘push’ angles the machine has the harder your body will work and possibly in less time compared to a treadmill without an array of programmes, speeds and inclines. These types of treadmills are made for the home market and are never going to be as big as the gymnasium commercial machines as you would need a very large area to be able to use it.

This machine was fairly quiet to use and folds up for easier storage and carries a max user weight of 120kgs or 265lbs. and has the auto stop safety system.

Easy drop folding mechanism

One of the main features marketed with the ZR10 is the soft drop feature. This means that if the treadmill is stored upright a simple button press causes the running track to slowly descend to its natural position.

Honestly I see this as a bit of a gimmick, I don’t know how much use this will get for the average user as the treadmill is so heavy I wouldn’t recommend moving it from its main location.


  • Very well made and easy to setup (95% pre-assembled)
  • 3 user programmes which can be tailormade
  • Good for running or a more leisurely ‘walkout’
  • ZigTech cushioned runway
  • Cooling fan
  • Built in receiver for a Polar chest strap to monitor heart rate
  • Ipod/MP3 player connectivity


  • Very heavy
  • Fan can sometimes feel under powered
  • No pause button

Final word

A robust, sturdy, able treadmill ideal for home use with a lot of gym like qualities. Tailored towards the higher end of the market for those who require the full range of gadgets and extras.

The ZR10 is the big brother of the ZR range and rightly so weighing in at a massive 85 kg’s and giving back everything you could possibly want from a treadmill. A serious bit of a kit for all serious runners out there.

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Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(80)


Model number: REBOK-12020BK
Top speed 18kph
15 incline levels
32 different levels of user programmes
Fold up storage
Soft drop release mechanism
Mains powered
Maximum user weight 120kg (18 stone 13 pounds)
2hp continuous motor
MP3 connectivity

Product details

Size complete – H145cm, W85cm, D175cm
Weight 85kg’s
Manufacturers 2 year warranty

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The Reebok ZR10 is one of the biggest in line of the Reebok ZR rage. Fully equipped with all the bells and whistles, so how does it match up against the ZR8 and ZR9? Lets find out.


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