Reebok I Run 4.0 Treadmill Review

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Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (41)

First Impressions

Lightweight yet sturdy, compact but high-performing, the Reebok I Run 4.0 Treadmill is a home treadmill with several cards up its’ sleeve. Coming from the household-name fitness company Reebok, you know this is a treadmill you can trust.

Despite its light and relatively slender frame, this treadmill can not only handle most user weights with surprising ease, it also goes up to higher speeds than most treadmills of a similar class.

Like other home treadmills, the Reebok I Run 4.0 is a folding treadmill. However, the ease with which it can be folded, put away, and unfolded, as well as the truly compact package it folds into, makes folding this treadmill actually useful (which isn’t always the case with other treadmills).

If you’re looking for a reliable, mid-range, space-saving treadmill then read on – this might be the one for you.

Programmes and Settings

The Reebok I Run 4.0 has all the essentials of a typical home treadmill, and perhaps a little more. It includes a total of 18 user programmes altogether – a very decent amount at this price range.

These programmes include 12 pre-fixed workouts, each with its own speed and distance settings.

This level of variety should be enough for most home users, but for more control you can use the quick start option. Then, simply adjust the speed and distance to your own workout goals through the display console.

Besides these programmes, this treadmill also has a bodyfat analysis option, to help you develop a personal fitness plan, as well as a step counter to help you keep track of your progress.

Unfortunately, one thing that isn’t adjustable on this treadmill is the incline.

The treadmill is designed with a built-in uphill gradient of about 4%, which may be a welcome challenge for some, but an inconvenience for others (one simple solution reported by users is placing wooden blocks underneath the back legs- although we recommend sticking to the manufacturers guidelines).

Build Quality and Assembly

Weighing just 56kg, the Reebok I Run 4.0 is lighter than most home (not to mention gym) treadmills.

That said, it’s surprisingly stable and robust, and can handle users weighing up to 120kg. This means that it’s actually sturdier than some of the heavier, bulkier treadmills out there.

The light and slender build was designed with compactness in mind, and that is certainly one of this treadmill’s best features. Fully set up, it measures H156 x W75 x D133cm, but folded up it only measures H31.5, W75, D133cm, meaning it could easily fit under many sofas or beds.

Additionally, it can also be folded into an upright position, for even more storage solutions.

Assembly is easy and straightforward, and can be completed by one person in under an hour.

Once assembled, folding and unfolding the treadmill couldn’t be easier, and can be done in seconds using the quick-release mechanism. For added transportation ease while folded up, there are wheels on the front end of this treadmill.

You can find out more about the I Run treadmill and assembly instructions here.


This treadmill can go head to head with most home treadmills out there, and even outclass more than a few.

Going up to speeds of 16kph, it can provide a more challenging workout than you’re likely to get from most other models. For perfect ergonomic comfort, the elastomer cushioning in the running deck helps absorb shocks and will help reduce joint strain.


  • Goes up to a brisk 16kph (surpassing many similar treadmills).
  • Includes 12 pre-set workout programmes, and 3 target workouts (with time, distance, and calorie goals).
  • Also includes a bodyfat analysis programme, a step counter, and a quick start option.
  • LED display console showing live feedback data, including run time, speed, distance covered, calories burned, steps taken, and pulse (measured via sensors in the handgrips).
  • Folds for easy storage (can be folded standing or flat).
  • Max user weight 120kgs (nearly 19 stone).
  • Fitted with wheels for easy transportation.
  • Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee.
  • Auto stop safety system.
  • Modern white design.


  • Has a pre-set, fixed incline of about 4%.
  • Heartrate monitor not always accurate.

Reebok I Run 4 vs Dynamax RunningPad

A similar home treadmill is the Dynamax RunningPad Folding Treadmill. Like the Reebok I Run 4.0, it’s a lightweight treadmill designed with compactness (and probably economy) in mind.

They’re similarly-priced, with only a £50 difference (at the time of writing). That said, the I Run 4.0 has a couple of notable advantages over the RunningPad.

First, the I Run goes much faster: 16kph compared to 9kph – almost twice as fast. Additionally, the RunningPad offers no pre-set programmes, while the I Run has 18. Finally, the I Run’s maximum user weight is 10kg higher, making it more suitable for heavier users.

The main advantage that the RunningPad has over the Reebok I Run is in the speed control.

While the latter has a more elaborate (and more conveniently located) display console, the RunningPad allows you to control your speed by simply changing your position on the running deck. Also, the RunningPad can be Bluetooth-paired with your phone via an app- but this feature may not be a bonus for everybody.

You can check out our full review on the Dynamax RunningPad here.

Final thoughts on the Reebok I Run 4.0 Treadmill

Lightweight and compact, but sturdy and easy to use, the Reebok I Run 4.0 Treadmill is a great exercise machine for your home workouts.

It folds more easily, and into a smaller package than many other home treadmills, making it excellent for anyone needing to use their space carefully.

Other benefits include higher speeds that will cover most running needs, a range of workout programmes, and an informative, easy-to-use display console. All this, and the reasonable price tag, make this an excellent beginner to mid-level treadmill to challenge your home fitness goals!

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ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Reebok iRun 4.0GTR price checkingWAS £699CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (41)


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