New Image Slim Cycle Exercise Bike Review

New Image Slim Cycle Exercise Bike Best Price
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New Image Slim CycleGTR price checkingWAS £200CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4 out of 5 (2)

The Lowdown

The New Image Slim Cycle exercise bike makes extraordinary claims. It promises to help you to burn fat and sculpt your body at the same time.

Is the Slim Cycle the right exercise concept for you? Let’s find out more about this New Image exercise bike and see if it can give you the workout you want.

New Image Slim Cycle Exercise Bike Review

First Impressions:

Once assembled, the Slim Cycle looks sturdy enough. It has a seat with a backrest which supports your back.

Looking at the bike, it is easy to think it is the handlebars that will move and help you to sculpt your upper body muscles. This is not the case. Instead, you will find it has a built-in resistance band system for sculpting your upper body.

The appearance of the bike is modern. It comes in black which looks ok in almost any home environment. The Slim Cycle does not take up a lot of space.

The cycle is relatively easy to fold and store upright. If you have a small home or want to hide away the bike after your workout, the Slim Cycle could be the exercise bike for you!

The seat is comfortable for both shorter and longer exercise sessions.


The assembly and setup are easy. The bike comes with a manual that shows you how to set the Slim Exercise bike up at home. There are about 16 parts to fit and the spanners and allan keys all come with it. The manual is made up of pictures so you can easily see how to fit the different parts.When fully assembled, the bike measures H115.5 cm x W44.3cm x D21.2cm. And the box dimensions of the package was 116cm x 45cm x 23cm.

The bike’s weight comes in at 20.4 kg. The Slim Exercise bike does not rely on mains power, which is handy, it just takes 2 x AA batteries for the screen- included in the box.

The most fiiddly bit is attaching the cables to the display screen, but a little patience and you’ll be fine!

All in all, didn’t take long at all to set up.

Design and Build Quality:

The Slim Cycle is an innovative design. Although built out of lightweight material, it gives the appearance of being sturdy.

The built-in resistance band function is well-positioned making it easy for you to peddle and use the resistance band at the same time.

Handlebars have been added to the sides of the seat. This means you don’t have to lean forward to use the front handlebars for support.

Folding and collapsing the bike is easy. The best way to store this bike is upright.

In the box, you get a tablet stand which you fit on the front handlebars. One thing to mention, is the location of the stand- with a tablet in, it will cover the display screen, which isn’t ideal.

In general, the build quality of the Slim Bike is good. One of the main advantages is the ergonomic backrest.

It comes complete with everything you need to get going including a digital tracker and heart rate monitor.

A great deal is made out of the resistance band function. However, it has to be said that if you are above average fitness or exercise regularly, you may find the bands could do with upgrading.


  • Pre-installed resistance bands
  • Ergonomic backrest
  • Foldable
  • Accompanying workout app
  • 8 resistance levels


  • Front handlebar grips not padded
  • Tablet holder covers display screen if used.

Performance and Workout Experience

Unless you invest in additional padding for the seat, this is not an exercise bike you want to spend hours on. The part of the seat you sit on is rather hard and uncomfortable.

Is it easy to use the resistance band together while peddling? As resistance band training and peddling are two different workout disciplines, the concept takes some getting used to.

Also, as the resistance band function is not aimed at someone with a regular or better-than-average muscle capacity, you may find you don’t get that much out of the resistance band training process. Some users may find they need to do more repetitions than others to get the benefit the resistance bands offer. But, you can find the right balance to hit your workout goals.

The peddling action is smooth. You can adjust the tension to get more out of this part of the workout experience.

 The free workout app that comes with the bike is an added bonus as you get a chance to do a workout with personal trainer Steve Bannister. Using the app is a great way of learning how to maximise your workout. The workout also helps you to stick to a programme which should ensure you get more out of using the bike.

You can change position. Most exercise bikes do not allow you to do both a recumbent and upright workout. However, the New Image Slim Bike lets you do just that.

You have to get off the bike to change the riding position, but it is done in a matter of seconds once you get used to it.

If you are newbie to exercise,  you may not worry about the eight levels of resistance. But, once you have been using the bike for a while, you will be grateful you can increase the resistance level. You do this by changing a knob in the front of the bike- so might be good to get used to the different levels before starting your workout so you aren’t disrupted.

The 1.5kg magnetic flywheel is not clunky. Compared to many other similar concepts or exercise bikes in this price range, it feels free-moving.

When you just want to get the most out of exercising your legs, you can sit back and hold on to the seat safety bars. The pedal straps give you increased performance.

The bike has a generous 135kg (21 stone) weight limit making it suitable for a range of fitness levels. Which is rare for a foldable bike in this price range.

Things we really liked:

  • Training app with free workouts is a great incentive to get you started.
  • Having upright and recumbent position options is unusual in a folding bike like this.
  • Resistance bands are a nice way to add variety to the workout.

Final thoughts on the New Image Slim Cycle Exercise Bike

The Slim Exercise bike is a great concept. More advanced users may feel they get less out of the resistance band training function. Following the Steve Bannister workout in the app helps you to intensify your workout.For the price and what you get, this bike is perfect for those looking to start or keep up a regular fitness routine, but want to fold it away and forget about it when finished!

Another great option that we loved, was the Roger Black Folding Bike, definately worth having a look- you can read the full Roger Black review here!

New Image Slim Cycle Exercise Bike Voucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
New Image Slim CycleGTR price checkingWAS £200CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4 out of 5 (2)
Colour Black
Resistance8 Levels
Max User Weight135kg
DimensionsH115.5 x W44.3 x D21.2cm.


Build Quality
Value for Money


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New Image Slim Cycle Exercise Bike Best PriceProduct Price Check Original Price Discounted PriceNew Image Slim CycleWAS £200 CLICK HERERead more customer reviews here -  (2)The LowdownThe New Image Slim Cycle exercise bike makes extraordinary claims. It promises to help you to burn fat and sculpt your body...New Image Slim Cycle Exercise Bike Review