XEO HOME Folding Treadmill Review

XEO HOME Folding Treadmill Best Price
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Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 3.9 out of 5 (305)

The Lowdown

The XEO Home Folding Treadmill is a solid-looking fitness platform. Weighing in at only 29kg, it is easy for most home users to fold up and move around the home. 

The treadmill offers many features that you would associate with more expensive treadmills, but if you’re looking to hit some faster running speeds then this only goes up to 10km/h.

XEO HOME Folding Treadmill Review

First Impressions:

Although a solid-looking treadmill, it does not appear bulky. Black in colour, the XEO Home Folding Treadmill looks modern and slightly understated.

It is made from easy-to-clean stainless steel with a well-proportioned, shock-absorbing running board. 

The XEO Home Treadmill measures L141.5cm xW62.5 cm x H123.5cm. That makes it generous in size, but not so large that it dominates a room. 

Once folded, the upright supports become handles which you can easily use to move the treadmill around a room or home. Both front and rear supports add to the stability of the treadmill.

The power cord is not over-generous which means you need to place the treadmill close to a socket or use an extension lead.

Set up:

An assembly service is not offered for the XEO Home treadmill. However, once delivered, it is fairly easy to set up. 

The most challenging part of the assembly is setting up the handles and front support. As always it is best to have someone help you to assemble the treadmill. 

The included assembly instructions are relatively easy to read and understand. 

All of the screws and bolts you need to complete the assembly are supplied within the box. 
All in all, it took me just under an hour to set up.

Design and build quality

This is a sturdy and solid treadmill without being bulky. When folded, the treadmill is relatively easy to move around thanks to the handle. 

A water bottle holder and a tablet holder are included in the package. The LCD screen is well-positioned so that you can easily view your stats when exercising. 

The build quality is good when compared to other foldable treadmills in the same price category. 

The XEO Home Treadmill does not look flimsy at all. Supported both at the front and rear, it provides you with a safe platform for walking and running.


  • 20kph fast max speed
  • Zwift and Kinomap app
  • 6 Point Cushion Deck
  • 36 programs


  • Heavy to move


The treadmill comes complete with 12 built-in programmes that you can set from the console. The display also lets you monitor heart rate, time, speed, distance and calories burned. 

Although the treadmill only offers a 1.5HP motor, you can enjoy a smooth running experience providing that you don’t exceed the 100kg weight limit. 

The shock-absorbing running belt is easy on your joints offering a care-free workout without having to worry about impact. 

The 10km/h maximum speed is fast and intense enough for most people who want to exercise at home, but others in this price bracket often go to 12km/h.

The motor is fairly quiet, but you may experience some noise at higher speeds. 

If you would like to keep an eye on distance, it is important to point out that the XEO Home treadmill only measures distance in kilometres not in metres. 

It has to be said the dangling emergency stop is slightly annoying when running, but necessary for safety.

You choose your workout by simply pressing the Mode indicated by the plus and minus signs.

Further details

If you are a more serious runner, the XEO treadmill may not be for you. 

The total length of the running board measures 141.5cm which is not very much if you want to stride out. At times, the width of the treadmill, 62.5cm, feels slightly small. But, as the supports are not long, you have plenty of room to move your arms. 

The pulse rate monitor is fitted to the handlebars. If you want to use it, you have to hold on to the bars which is challenging when running. 

The motor works well and is overall rather quiet and smooth. You may notice a slight squeaking noise from the back of the treadmill at higher speed. 

The 12 programmes offer you enough scope to find a workout that suits you.

Things we really liked:

  • he treadmill is not oversized and easily folds away for storage.
  • The running belt is textured which makes any workout on the treadmill feel more secure and safe.
  • The shock absorption helps to protect joints when running or walking.

Final thoughts on the XEO HOME Folding Treadmill

The XEO Home treadmill is a good buy when you don’t have enough space to leave your treadmill permanently in place. 

Perhaps more of a treadmill for fast walking and light jogging rather than running. The operation of the treadmill is smooth. The well-positioned LCD display helps you to monitor your stats as you work out. 

For a budget treadmill, the XEO offers you many benefits you may associate with more expensive treadmills. The anti-slip running board is great and you also have the benefit of a layer of shock absorption. 

The assembly and set-up instructions could perhaps be improved, but providing you have help, you should not find the treadmill too challenging to assemble. 

The foldaway function works well and the treadmill can be folded away in a matter of minutes. It does not fit under most beds, but the treadmill does not take up a lot of space when stored upright. 

Overall, a good budget treadmill for most individuals who like to exercise in the comfort of their homes or offices.

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ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
XEO HOMEGTR price checkingWAS £189CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 3.9 out of 5 (305)
Colour Black
Motor1.5 HP
Running speeds10kph
Console Programmes14+
Max User Weight100kg
DimensionsL141.5cm xW62.5 cm x H123.5cm


Build Quality
Value for Money
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