Adidas X-21 Self-Generating Cross Trainer Review and Best Price

Cheapest Adidas X-21 Cross Trainer Price
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AdidasGTR price checkingWAS £799CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.2 out of 5 (8)

The Lowdown

The Adidas X-21 Self-Generating Cross Trainer looks like it means business. As you would expect when it comes to Adidas fitness equipment, the trainer is well made and geared towards what you may call the ‘’serious” at-home exercise market. The Adidas X-21 can easily belong in a gym, but that also explains the higher price tag.

First Impressions

Once you have the Adidas X-21 set up, you will notice how solid it feels. This is a trainer that offers many options geared towards doing serious exercise at home. 

The footplates are solid and firm, adding to the confidence you immediately get from the trainer. 

The handlebars are well positioned and the console is easy to read once standing on the footplates. Although the trainer appears rock solid, it is not too large. The overall dimensions of L163 x W63.5 x H160.5cm are perfect for a home gym. 

Although It looks smart and modern at 63kg (nearly 10 stone), you can’t say the cross trainer is lightweight. 

Looking at the trainer from the side, you may even want to say it is a bit on the “chunky” side. Although, this is not a negative as it adds to the overall build quality of the Adidas X-21.


  • Self-generating power system
  • 150kg weight limit
  • 4 user profiles
  • 20 programmes
  • 24 tension levels
  • 2-year warranty


  • Limited stride length
  • Heavy to move around

Adidas X-21 Self-Generating Cross Trainer Review


With two of us setting up the cross trainer, it wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be. It is delivered with clear instructions on how to set it up. 

The assembly guide is picture only. But as the images are very clear, this is not a problem. As with most cross trainers, the main base is already assembled, so it’s mainly just fitting together the bars and pedals.
As the 10kg flywheel and other parts need to be lifted into place, there need to be two of you to complete the set-up. Otherwise it was get quite heavy.

The X-21 does have transportation wheels, but it still heavy to move around, so if possible, assemble in the room you’ll be using it in.


There is no doubt that this is a very well-designed cross-trainer. You can’t really say the design is streamlined. But, with a self-generating motor, you may not necessarily expect that. 

The handles are long and solid and the pedals are well-made. The addition of a holder for a phone or other mobile device is a nice touch. 

The cross trainer has a rear-mounted handle for moving it around. However, as it weighs in at 63kg, you may find this challenging to do.  The water bottle holder is a bonus. 

There is no doubt the build quality of the Adidas X-21 Self-Generating Cross Trainer is excellent. 

Both the fixed and non-fixed handles add to the confidence you get with this cross trainer. The pedals are wide and look like they offer excellent grip. 
The console screen is well-thought-out and easy to understand with the clear LCD screen. The buttons and layout is intuitive so seleting a programme or changing resistance is easy at the touch of a button.

The speakers and BlueTooth connectivity is another reason the design of this Adidas cross trainer is pretty special.

The Workout Experience

Thanks to the 10kg (22lbs) flywheel you get a smooth experience which does not feel jerky in any way. Once you are up and running, it feels like you can keep on going for a very long time on this cross trainer. 

The addition of a heart rate the Bluetooth Smart wireless receiver and a chest belt means you can easily monitor your progress.

The handlebars follow your stride smoothly and without jerkiness. The stationary handlebars are easy to reach if you would like to use those instead. On many trainers, stationary bars often feel hard to reach but that is not a problem you get with the Adidas X-21. 

As an added perk, the X-21 lets you control the 24 levels of resistance from the stationery handles as well as from the console itself. 

Time, speed, distance and calories burned are easy to monitor using the LCD console screen. You can also keep your eye on pulse, watts, RPM and resistance level. 

Overall, the X-21 performs very well. One thing you may notice if you are tall, is the stride length. Surprisingly for the size of the trainer, the stride length is limited to 38 inches. If you are of average height, this is not a problem. Although, taller individuals may find that the stride length does not offer enough scope for movement. 

The consistency of the workout is very good. It is smooth and generates a continuous power source unless you take a break in the middle of your workout. There is no feedback and you don’t experience any noticeable vibrations through the pedals. 

During your workout, you can utilise 20 different programmes out of which 12 are preset. The trainer tackles all of the programmes without a hitch and the going is smooth throughout. 

We were impressed with the performance of this self-generating cross trainer.

What We Really Liked

  • The smoothness of this trainer is the number one thing we liked. It lets you complete and enjoy your workout without any jerkiness at all.
  • The self-generating motor means there is no need for a power adapter. For most home users, the 20 programmes offer plenty of choices as far as the workout experience goes.
  • Thanks to the in-built speakers and BlueTooth, you can enjoy listening ot your favourite tunes. 

Final thoughts on the Adidas X-21 Self-Generating Cross Trainer

This is a very well-made and thought-out elliptical trainer which offers a good workout.

Remember that if you are on the tall side, you may find the stride length slightly limiting, and although the trainer comes with front transport wheels, you may find that at 63kg, the unit is not so easy to move around. 

It has many features that you will find in professional trainers. The self-generating motor means you can place it anywhere in the home. 

Thanks to the 4 different user profiles, the entire family can enjoy working out on the Adidas X-21. It feels solid but still flows nicely and smoothly. 

The 2-year warranty means the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in this product and gives you peace of mind when spending maybe more than you’d like to. 

We loved this Adidas cross trainer and think you will too!

Adidas X-21 Cross Trainer Voucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
AdidasGTR price checkingWAS £799CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.2 out of 5 (8)
Resistance TypeElectronic
Resistance Levels24
Stride length38 inch
Product Weight63.4kg
User Programmes21
DimensionsH160.5 x W63.5 x D163cm
Max user weight150kg


Build Quality
Value for Money
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