Roger Black Platinum Treadmill Review

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Roger Black Platinum Treadmill Review


This is a high-quality treadmill, ideal for the avid at-home runner. It provides you with a comfortable running experience at an affordable price and feels and looks like a quality piece of equipment. I highly recommend this treadmill, as it’s one of the best value for money treadmills you can buy.

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Roger Black Platinum WAS £999 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 5 out of 5(37)

Order and delivery

The order went through fine and I received a 40% discount from the RRP of £999 which placed this just above the budget category of treadmill.

As you would expect the box was a lot smaller in comparison to your typical fixed treadmill that we have reviewed recently but it still came in at a hefty 55kg’s in its box. I still would not recommend picking this up, I paid £5 delivery that was worth every penny.

Initial Cost

The price of this treadmill can vary from £500-700, depending on the supplier and discounts available. In comparison to other treadmills, this price range puts the Roger Black Platinum Treadmill in the middle quartile of the “at-home treadmill” market, but I would say overall it is an excellent, high quality treadmill, and well worth the money.

It is mains powered so will require a power outlet to be close by.

Delivery and Setup of the Roger Black Platinum Treadmill

The Roger Black Platinum Treadmill weighs in at 74kg, so is certainly a sizable piece of equipment and would recommend two people to transport the machine on the transportation wheels, which are provided. It comes with self-assembly instructions and takes around 45-60 minutes to assemble and definitely requires two pairs of hands to carry out the task.


The treadmill looks fantastic, with a great sleek and stylish design and I’m a particular fan of the blue detailing on the side. The large centre console is easy to read and has 12 user programmes, allowing for a wide variety of workout routines and helping you to achieve your fitness goals. The console feedback includes all the essential data you need, such as time, speed, distance and calories, and it’s clear and simple to use- allowing you to make quick adjustments when you need to.

The treadmill also has a very generous max speed of 18kph, making it great for a variety of user levels, as well as containing a huge 18 levels of incline (18% variable elevation), allowing you to really work up a sweat and switch up your workouts. My personal favourite at the moment is interval training, so the max speed of 18kph is ideal for allowing me to do this.

The running surface itself measures a decent 135cm in length and 46.5cm in width, which is slightly smaller than the Adidas T-16 treadmill we have previously reviewed. Despite this slightly smaller running track, the treadmill still provides a comfortable and stable running surface. One of the main benefits I found, was how the surface has really good absorption and cushioning under foot, meaning I didn’t find my feet aching after a few miles- just the rest of my unfit body!!

In terms of other key treadmill features, it has a max user weight of 135kg, which is comparable to competitors, as well as MP3 connectivity and built in speakers. Just make sure your neighbour’s don’t mind you blasting out Abba when you’re breaking a sweat (my personal running playlist favourite). It also comes with hand grip pulse sensors and has an auto stop-safety system.

In terms of storage, the treadmill is foldable with dimensions of:, W79cm and D108.5cm- it might be an idea to plan your space so you know where you will store the treadmill when not in use.

From a technical point of view, it has a powerful 2.5hp peak motor size, which means it holds its own compared to other treadmills, but still remains relatively quiet whilst in use- especially useful if you live with other people.

How does the Roger Black Platinum Treadmill compare to the Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill?

The Roger Black Platinum Treadmill is slightly cheaper than the Reebok Jet 100 and, in my opinion, gives the user better value for money. The Roger Black model has a top speed of 18kph and 18 levels of incline, compared to the Reebok’s 16kph top speed and 12 levels of incline. The Reebok Jet 100 does have 24 various user programmes, which is double what the Roger Black treadmill offers, however I feel this is more of a luxury than an essential.

The Reebok Jet 100 is about 24kg lighter and slightly smaller running surface, so is great if your tight on space, however my personal preference is the larger Roger Black Platinum treadmill, which feels slightly sturdier. It’s very much a case of horses for courses in terms of treadmill buying, however you can’t go far wrong if you do purchase the Roger Black Platinum Treadmill.



  • 18 levels of incline
  • Max speed of 18kph
  • Hand grip sensor
  • Foldable
  • MP3 connectivity with built in speakers
  • Comfortable running surface


  • Takes 2 people to set up
  • Slightly less running programmes than competitors

Final word

The Roger Black Platinum treadmill is no doubt a great treadmill for all abilities. With an improved motor and large running deck you can be sure that it will accommodate all of your needs. A maximum user weight of over 21 stones is a clear sign of the build quality and assurance that you are getting good value for money. It’s a heavy beast that will require two people to comfortably put together and we advise you to measure the area that you intend to place your treadmill to ensure that you have enough space as this is a little larger than other models.

Roger Black Platinum Price Comparison
Product Price Check Original Price Discounted Price
Roger Black Platinum WAS £999 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 5 out of 5(37)


Code: JX-680SW
2.5 HP motor peak
1.75 hp motor continuous
12 user programmes
Mains powered
maximum user weight 135kg (21st 4lb)
hand grips with heart rate monitor
Manual incline
Folds flat for storage
Auto stop safety feature

Product details

Size open H137, W79, D171cm
Size folded H148, W80, D109cm
Moveable on wheels
Weight 75kg’s boxed
Some self assembly

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Can the Roger Black Platinum compete with other models in the rage such as Reebok? We put it through it's pace to find out.

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