NordicTrack C 5.5 Elliptical Machine Review

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First impressions of the NordicTrack C 5.5

The NordicTrack C5.5 is a high-quality, front-drive commercial-grade elliptical machine that’s designed to be used at home. It can be compared to similar types of cross trainers that are on the market.

One of the main benefits of the C 5.5, is the integration with the iFit service (1-year free membership included). Joining iFit means you will get access to world-class trainers and fitness classes.

Simply link your device to your cross trainer with a Bluetooth smart connection and your iFit Trainers will automatically adjust your speed and resistance for you, where all you need to do is keep exercising.

This gym class style of workout is a great motivation and really aids the C 5.5’s versatility, when it comes to providing different options of workout. If friends of yours also have iFit, you can create or compete in challenges, all designed to give you that morale boost you need to keep up your routine.

In terms of the build and use-quality, the NordicTrack C5.5 scores highly across all areas. You get a high contrast 5-inch display and an integrated tablet holder, water bottle holder, and wheels to let you move your elliptical easily around your home. (You’ll need to supply your own tablet if you want to use iFit).

The C5.5 is also quiet when in-use and provides an 18″ adjustable stride with a 7kg inertia-enhanced flywheel capable of delivering resistance as well as user comfort.

NordicTrack C 5.5 Elliptical Machine Review

Set Up

One thing to note is that the NordicTrack C5.5 can be quite time consuming and more complex than other ellipticals on the market, so I would recommend definitely having a second pair of hands when constructing this piece of equipment.

I would also recommend having a few packets of grease on hand, in order to lubricate the mechanics, in order to increase the shelf-life of the moving parts and prevent damage later down the line.

Once assembled, the C5.5 has a footprint of around L169cm x W63cm and H169cm. It also weighs in at a sizeable 79kg (over 12 stone), so bear this in mind when it comes to moving the equipment around. To help with this, it does come with transport wheels, although it still can be quite heavy to move.

On the plus side, there is a 5-year frame warranty and 2-year parts and labour warranty, to give you that peace of mind.


Like a lot of NordicTrack’s ellipticals, this one works with the iFit service (1-year free membership included) and provides users with access to daily workouts and various google map-based virtual trails.

This allows users to stream workouts right to their home, have access to live interactive training sessions, as well as providing a comprehensive and user-friendly progress-tracking tool.

For the more competitive of you out there, iFit also allows you to compete with friends and other iFit users in daily tasks, tables and challenges. Simply connect via Bluetooth and away you go.

If like me, you really enjoy the social element iFit offers and that gym-class style workout, then the C5.5 will really appeal to you.

The interactive sessions are really easy to use, where the trainers will adjust your speed and incline for you, which is ideal for when you’re trying to push yourself and make progress.

The C5.5 is also iPod compatible and provides two built-in speakers and also comes with a 5-inch easy to read backlit display, which provides feedback on your workout with the all the essential metrics, such as distance, speed and time, as well as a grip heart rate monitor.


The C5.5 comes with 20 levels of resistance, split into calorie and performance categories, with the maximum level offering a decent challenge even if you are of a decent level of fitness to begin with. There is also a manual mode if you just want to have a free-ride, where you decide on the settings that are right for you.

The C5.5 is made for user comfort with an 18″ adjustable stride with a 7kg inertia-enhanced flywheel capable of delivering a good range of resistance and you can also adjust your incline, in order to target different muscle groups or really get your blood really pumping.

The only downside with this feature is that you have to manually adjust this, instead of having this motorised for you, so if you did want to adjust your incline mid workout, you would have to stop the machine, get off and then adjust it, which isn’t the most practical solution.

If this was motorised, then you’re probably looking at something a bit more expensive, but even having the ability to adjust the incline is still a plus point over other competitors in this price range. Just make sure you set your desired incline level ideally before you start exercising!

The C5.5 is also quiet when in-use and the oversized, cushioned pedals are comfortable to use. In terms of practicality, the C5.5 comes with an integrated tablet holder, as well as a water bottle holder, which is great for when you need to change music or grab a quick drink when exercising.


  • 5-inch easy to read backlit display
  • iFit compatibility
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • 18 inch manually adjustable stride
  • Integrated tablet holder
  • 5 adjustable position ramp with manual controls
  • Built-in speakers
  • Great Price
  • Gym quality
  • 125kgs max user weight
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty


  • A little tricky to set up
  • Non-automated incline adjustment
  • Quite heavy and bulky if you’re tight on space

How does the NordicTrack C 5.5 compare to the Pro Fitness XT3000 Cross Trainer?

The first thing to note about these two machines is the weight difference. The C5.5 weighs in over 29kg heavier than XT3000 at 79kg compared to 49.5kg. This results in the C5.5 having a much stronger and sturdier feel when in use compared to the XT3000, where really, the C5.5 is more a commercial grade elliptical, designed for at-home use.

In terms of features, both score well in terms of providing variety. The XT3000 comes with a slightly heavier flywheel at 9kg compared to 7kg and this supports a very generous 24 level tension control.

Both offer a good range of in-built programmes, although the slightly longer 18-inch stride length of the C5.5, compared to the 15-inch stride length, felt a bit more comfortable to use.

The main difference is the technology, where the iFit experience is a real winner in my book, as I very much enjoy the interactive workout sessions and the ability to join exercise style classes.

Now having this available will cost you quite a bit more, where the C5.5 is just under double the price of the XT3000. I would therefore suggest that if you don’t think you would get much use out of the iFit integration, then I would recommend going for the cheaper alternative.

You can read more about what the Pro Fitness XT3000 Cross Trainer has to offer in our full review.

Final thoughts on the NordicTrack C 5.5

NordicTrack have a wealth of experience when it comes to designing and building high-quality at-home gym equipment and the C5.5 is no exception.

Built to offer that gym-quality feel in the comfort of your own home, the C5.5 provides a practical, easy-to-use and comfortable workout solution, whilst providing you with a wide range of workout features.

The iFit compatibility is the real stand out feature and one I really like, however keep in mind that you do pay a premium for this feature and you will have to pay an on-going membership fee after the first year. As far as at-home ellipticals go, you can’t go far wrong with the NordicTrack C5.5.

We Recommend You Check Out the JTX SALE!
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Check the JTX SALEGTR price checkingFROM £399CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (63)


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