NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i Elliptical Review

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First impressions of the NordicTrack SE7i

At first glance this elliptical (or cross trainer as we call it!) makes a great first impression. It’s a stylish looking machine, and it made me want to set it up straight away and get training!

It had been a while since I’d done any sort of training due to covid and lockdowns, so I was pleased that just unboxing it gave me a bit of motivation!

The screen and computer controls seem a bit complex at first (although they aren’t) and the set-up is the standard set up you’ll see on most brands’ machine, with the two sets of handles, one in the middle and the larger ones slightly wider.

NordicTrack SE7i SpaceSaver Review:

Set Up

Assembling the product was easy, I followed a YouTube tutorial and it took about 20 minutes- my mate helped me, but that was more about moving the box upstairs into the room I wanted it in. The package that was delivered was L199 x W45 x H81cm.

It does come with transportation wheels, but I don’t think I’ll be moving it around much- unless I’m having an arm day!

The next bit was a bit annoying – the machine is locked until you sign up for an iFit account – even if you have no intention of using iFit for your training. This involves giving bank details and signing up for a 30-day trial then having to cancel it. But once you’ve done that you’re ready to go.

Some useful dimensions I wished I’d looked at before buying!
Dimensions when up – 203L x 81W x 180H cm, Dimensions when folded – 58L x 80W x 193H cm


To look at the machine is really nice, and I like how compact the central display area is. It has two sets of handles, which I like – I hold the middle ones if I just want to focus on my legs, or the moving ones to the side to give my arms a workout.

The foot pads are oversized and soft which reduces the impact on the joints, and I’ve even done a few low intensity workouts in my socks.

The pads are also adjustable, so you can a move them to find where they’re most comfortable for you.

The computer controls are easy to navigate, and I’m sure anyone who has used any cardio machines before will have no issues. The fan in the centre console is particularly useful if you haven’t got your own fan or air conditioning (which I don’t).


The computer features are as you’d expect, you can see real time updates of distance covered (in miles or kilometres), calories burned, and time you’ve been training. You can also get your heart rate by holding the centre handles.

There are 24 workouts built into the machine – 12 of them they call ‘calorie workouts’ and 12 they call ‘performance workouts’, so you can choose your workout according to your specific goals. You can also use it in manual mode and do your own thing.

The NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i has 22 digital resistance levels and also a max incline of 8 degrees that can all be changed at the touch of a button, so there are a lot of options to really add variety to your workouts.

Other Features We Liked

Although I haven’t signed up for it (my wife has), the iFit programme is amazing. You follow along with the trainers as they go through the workouts in places of natural beauty all over the world.

Apart from taking in the views during the workout, she says it motivates her to do her next workout and she genuinely looks forward to them.

For anyone who struggles with motivation to train this could be a game changer, it’s certainly helped my wife stick to a routine and work towards her goals (something, like all of us, has struggled with before).

There are also integrated speakers, a bottle and tablet holder and lots of other nice touches- all that make this seem more like a quality piece of gym equipment.

Build Quality

As you’d expect it’s a sturdy machine, and as previously mentioned it’s actually very big, and takes up most of the spare room. If you want to move it, you’ll probably need another person to help you.

It’s quite loud and sometimes there’s a clicking sound when the wheel rotates, but I can’t really see why, nor does it do it every time, so that’s a bit annoying.

The pedals are rubber, and they squeak when I’m wearing one of my pairs of trainers, but that’s not really an issue if you’re listening to or watching something. If you’re really going for it, it wobbles from side to side, again not a massive issue for me but for some people it might be.


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • 24 built in workouts
  • The iFit workouts use google maps, where the workouts take you all over the world (if you have the subscription)
  • Built in fan
  • Tablet holder (my favourite)
  • Adjustable foot pedals
  • 135kg (21 stone) max user weight


  • You have to set up an iFit account (for free) just to start using it, even if you don’t want to subscribe to iFit permanently.
  • Doesn’t pick up external heart rate monitors
  • Display screen is quite small at 5”
  • Even though you can fold it up, the machine itself is really big and heavy!
  • The stride is 18 inches, so it’s not ideal for taller people

How does the NordicTrack SE7i compare to the 12.9 Cross Trainer?

The first thing I noticed was the price difference, with the SE7i being £499 cheaper than the 12.9 model, which for me, and probably most people, is a substantial amount of money.

The second major difference is that the wheel is on the front of the 12.9 but at the rear of the SE7i model, for me and most users the difference here is negligible, however with the 12.9 version you can get an incline of 20 degrees but only 8 degrees on the SE7i.

So if you’re really looking to ramp up the intensity, the 12.9 would certainly help you get there.

The screen size is 2” bigger on the NordicTrack Commercial 12.9 – 7” compared to 5”, as well as being HD.

For me this isn’t a dealbreaker as I’m either listening to something or watching something on my iPad during my workout. I can’t see screen size being a big deal for many users.

With the 12.9 version you get a year’s family membership to iFit, but I guess you’re paying for that with the additional £499.

For me, the additional cost of £499 isn’t worth paying. With the SE7i version you still get the 24 built in workouts as well as being able to do your own workouts.

Add to that that you can’t disassemble or fold down the more expensive version, it made the decision to buy the SE7i easier for me.

Saying that, NordicTrack offer these as two different products, one a Commerical model you’d expect to see in the gym and the other a SpaceSaver- hence the latter having a lower price tag and perhaps more suitable for general home use.

Final thoughts on NordicTrack SE7i Elliptical

Overall, I think the NordicTrack SpaceSaverSE7i is a great product and the pros far outweigh the cons. While the price isn’t cheap at £999, I expect the product to last at least 5 years, with NordicTrack themselves offering a 5-year warranty.

While anybody can use the product, I think it is especially suited to people new to training, as once the machine is set up, there are 24 workouts waiting for you.

Once you get used to this you can then experiment with your own workouts and can play around with the resistance and gradient as you see fit.

Once you become fitter you even have the iFit option to sign up to, which has literally hundreds of challenging new workouts for you to try.

This machine is ideal for anyone who wants a low impact workout, given the soft cushioned foot pads, as well as those who want a full body workout, who can use the side handles to get their arms going.

The built-in workouts are fun and have helped me and my family to stick to our routine, so I would highly recommend it to anyone who struggles for motivation or is bored with the treadmill or other elliptical machines.

The SE7i might not be suited to anyone over 6ft/1.83m looking for an intense workout, as this model has a stride length of 18”, but for shorter people the machine is optimal.

Finally, anyone who has limited space would benefit from being able to fold it up and stand it against the wall or behind the sofa when it’s not in use.Overall, myself and my family all enjoy using the NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i, and it’s perfect for what we needed.

We Recommend You Check Out the JTX SALE!
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Check the JTX SALEGTR price checkingFROM £399CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (63)


Build Quality
Value for Money
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