Reebok ZJET 400 Treadmill Review

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Reebok ZJET 400 Treadmill Review

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Delivery and Setup of the ZJET 400

This Reebok Treadmill is relatively new to the market and has all the top notch features you’d expect from the well-known brand.

Whether it’s HIIT training you’re after or a slower pace, this treadmill has 24 pre-set workouts to suit all abilities and definitely worth a thought if you’re looking to broaden your home fitness routine.



  • Various levels of incline
  • Up to 31 user programs so can find a running exercise to suit your needs
  • Easy to use display
  • Built in speakers with MP3 connectivity
  • Hand grip pulse sensor
  • Strong and stable
  • Good running surface


  • Weight 65kg so not ideal for regular movement, we recommend a fixed placement
  • Lacks a complex user interface, however this could be ideal for those not looking for complex workout routines

Delivery and Setup

Weighing in at around 65kgs it’s not the lightest treadmill, but this does make it more stable, which I found gave me more peace of mind when using it and gave me more of that gym quality feel.

It isn’t pre-assembled, so you do have to set it up yourself, but it didn’t take me more than about half an hour, so it’s fairly quick and easy.

Once you’ve built it, it can be folded up meaning storage is easy and it won’t take up loads of space in your home, something I have found particularly useful as storage space is at a premium in my house.

Initial cost

While not the cheapest treadmill on the market, with a typical price of just shy of £600, this is a treadmill for the more serious and experienced runner. It is definitely strong and sturdy meaning you know you’re getting a treadmill that will last.

It is high quality, well made and easy to use, so if you are looking for a high-quality treadmill for a higher budget, the Reebok ZJET 400 might be the one for you.

Display: Simple and easy to use, with buttons for incline and speed readily accessible, as well as volume, or the built-in programmes. It gives feedback on various aspects such as calories burnt or distance covered, and the pulse grips allows for a pulse monitor to also be displayed.

It can also be converted from mph to kph which can be useful if multiple users prefer different settings. One thing that could be improved for display is maybe a feature that allows for previous workout data to be stored so it can be reviewed by the user at a later date.

Personally, I like to keep a record of my workouts, where I can try and improve on the times I run, so a built-in feature like this would have been useful.


A feature that the Jet400 like other good treadmills have, is that it comes with built in speakers and has both MP3 and USB connectivity, although not Bluetooth which might affect some people but for me that’s a minor note on this feature. I love to listen to music while I run as it helps me to keep focused and motivated.

The speakers being built in means I don’t have to worry about setting any external speakers up or using headphones whether that’s with a wire which can easily get tangled or wireless which can run out of battery.

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The treadmill comes with 12 levels of incline, which is fairly standard for a treadmill of this calibre. However, the inclines are really useful if you want to improve your glutes or calves, or to add a little extra to your regular cardio and push yourself just that little bit more.

Also, it’s a good idea to run on a small incline anyway, so you can simulate the conditions of running outside, which is never a flat surface. The various options of incline allow you to choose what’s best for your workout.

31 Programs:

There are 31 different programmes (31!) that can all be easily found on the console. This is a huge range of programmes from target time to incline interval to body fat and so much more!

It’s easy to find an exercise program to suit your needs for your workout or just to shake things up a bit and try something new. I tried out a few and enjoyed them and it was nice to play around with it instead of just doing a simple run which I can find a little boring at times.

These programmes are perfect for beginners who may not find running enjoyable at first as it offers some simple yet fun running exercises. They’re also great for seasoned runners who want to change up their work-out and try something a little different. And with so many on offer covering various targets, it shouldn’t be too long before you find one you enjoy.

Points to consider

There are of course a few downsides, as no machine is without its faults, but I must say this Reebok treadmill has very little in my opinion.

The motor is a little on the small side, although definitely not the smallest that some treadmills on the market have. The motor is between 1.25-2 hp, depending if its continuous or peak. This lower output might be a slight annoyance for seasoned runners who may want a little bit more, but it still gets up to a max speed of 16km, which is pretty high.

It is self-assembly which some might not like. But I didn’t think that was much of an issue, and I had it up and running in 30 mins. But I do understand that there are a few models out there that come pre-assembled which might appeal to some.

Final thoughts on the Reebok Zjet 400

While it is a bit more expensive compared to some others on the market, you get so much included that it’s well worth the price, and spending a little extra to ensure you’re going to get a long lasting treadmill makes it all the more worthwhile.

It does take a little bit of time to set up but the instructions are easy to follow and it can be folded for storage too, which is a real benefit. The large number of programs means you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs whether you’re a beginner trying to get into running or a running enthusiast who wants to shake up their usual routine.

For the price and many useful features which are beneficial for both beginners and experienced runners, this is definitely a top of the range treadmill that can aid in your home workout routine.

Reebok ZJet 400 Price Checker
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Reebok ZJet 400 WAS ÂŁ649 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 5 out of 5(7)
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The Reebok Jet 400 is a new treadmill in the Reebok range, we put it through its paces.

It does have many pros and cons and our full review can be found below.

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