Pro Fitness Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

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Pro Fitness Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

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First impressions of the Pro Fitness Rowing Machine

If you’re looking for a magnetic rowing machine that offers eight levels of resistance to accommodate your different power needs, and an adjustable air outlet to cool you down, then this Pro Fitness rowing machine might just be for you.

It can target your arms, legs, abs, and back, all whilst remaining stable and smooth in its motion thanks to the magnetic resistance system that the machine uses (which makes it really quiet too).

You can fold the machine in several parts for storage and it has transportation wheels, so once you’ve exercised you can forget about workouts- which I really like!

But it should be noted that it only allows for a maximum weight of 100kg (15 stone 10), and those with an inside leg measurement up to 35 inches- so if you’re on the taller side of 6ft, it’s worth checking before you buy.


Assembly requires 2 people for best results, especially when building the smaller parts as it may be a little tricky to manoeuvre on your own.

The main frame is preassembled though, so really, it’s just about adding the parts to the main frame.

The rowing machine comes with a clear instruction manual that is simple and easy to follow; the diagrams are clear, and it should be easy for two people to work it out together. Really, it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two.

Review of the Pro Fitness Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine


The Pro Fitness air and magnetic rowing machine is a great option for people who are just beginning their fitness journey and are looking to tone up their muscles or lose some weight.

The eight resistance levels give you options and variety which can definitely help with motivation. And depending on what you want to achieve in your home workout goals, if you want more of a cardio workout, you can use the lower settings, or focusing on strength, you can ramp up the resistance.

All these levels can be easily changed with a twist of a knob at the front of the machine. The Pro Fitness rower, also gives you options, not only useful to hit your own home exercise plan, but also if you live with others who may also benefit from using this rowing equipment too to improve their performance.

A 2kg flywheel works as a counterbalance to keep the machine steady with every stroke of the rowing machine, meaning you don’t need to worry about the equipment becoming unsteady.

The digital console gives you lots of key feedback such as calories, distance, time, total rows etc, so you will be able to confidently monitor your performance and track your achievements.

There isn’t a pulse sensor on this, but most people nowadays will use their SMART watch to give this information, so not a big deal for us.


In terms of the cost of this product, you’re looking at around £280.

That’s certainly not cheap, so you really need to think about whether the machine is right for you and what you’re looking to get out of your workouts.

There are exercise bikes in the Pro Fitness range that are under £200 you may want to consider, but the Pro Fitness cross trainers are more expensive than the rowing machine. So maybe worth thinking about if it’s the full body workout you are after, or if cheaper machines will fit in with your exercise goals!

If a rowing machine is something you’re seriously considering, then for under £300 you are getting a high-quality piece of home gym equipment that will respond to changes in your fitness by being capable of offering more resistance when you row.

Essentially, it may be an investment piece, but it will pay off if you put the work in.


If comfort is a concern for you, then we’re happy to report that this rowing machine does not disappoint.

So many rowing machines on the market today have very thin seats that are uncomfortable to sit on, but not this one. Its oversized padded seat provides the right amount of support and comfort, without being so large as to get in the way of your strokes whilst rowing.

There’s also pivoting foot pedals for added comfort for your legs and even Velcro foot straps to help keep your feet in place as you row to avoid any slips.

This all just adds to the comfort of the experience and stops any inconveniences that might otherwise occur.

However, it is important to note that if you are a taller person, then this rowing machine may not be suitable for you.

The manufacturers explicitly state that it is unsuitable for anybody with an inside leg measurement of over 35 inches.


Perhaps the best part of the design is the ability to fold the rowing machine up for storage.

However, a closer inspection of the dimension differences when open and when folded reveals a slightly disappointing difference.

When fully extended and ready to use, the rowing machine is approximately 0.75m x 0.45m x 1.96m. When folded this is reduced, but only to 1.35m x 0.45m x 1m – so whilst it can be folded up and stood on end, you will still need a sizeable cupboard or spare corner of a room to store it in if you want it to be out of the way.

Still, the fold away feature is a pleasant touch to the design, and when you consider other design elements, it looks a lot better.

For example, the console is bright and easy to see, and provides you with feedback about your workout. Some of this information includes the total time you’ve been working out, the distance you have rowed, the calories you have burned, and the number of strokes you have achieved.

This is a really useful element to the design. Add in friction-free rowing, and a comfortable seat, and you have a rowing machine that has been designed incredibly well. And did we mention the air outlet to cool you down?


  • 8 resistance levels
  • Console feedback with 5 settings
  • 2kg flywheel
  • Foldable with transportation wheels
  • Uses air and magnetic resistance for more challenging workout
  • Steel rail and pivoting pedals to help with balance.
  • Velcro straps on pedals for stability
  • Relatively easy to put together
  • 1-year manufacturers guarantee


  • Needs 2xAAA batteries to work console (minor point)
  • Keep well lubricated to prevent noise
  • Maximum weight of 100kg and height restrictions too

Final thoughts on the Pro Fitness Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine

If a rowing machine is something you’ve been considering for a while, then you’ll struggle to find one that comes with as many features as this does for a similar price.

When you then consider how the manufacturers have thought about comfort with the oversized seat, usability with the Velcro straps and pivoting foot pedals, and a powerful performance with eight different tension levels, AND good console feedback- you will see that this is a rowing machine that performs really well!

But the niggles that we have pointed out are things that may very well be deal-breaking for you.

First, you need to make sure that you and everybody who plans to use the machine are under that maximum weight limit (15st 10lbs). Secondly, you need to make sure you have the space to store it, even when folded. And lastly, all users have to have an inside leg measurement of 35 inches or less.

This is a high quality rowing machine at a very competitive price, and we can see why this is a very popular piece of workout equipment with its’ customers!

Pro Fitness Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine
Product Price Check Original Price Discounted Price
Air rower WAS £279 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(66)
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This is a high quality rowing machine at a very competitive price, and we can see why this is a very popular piece of workout equipment with its’ customers!

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