The Reebok ZJET Rowing Machine Review: A budget machine with a Reebok price tag?

Reebok ZJET Rowing Machine Cheapest Price
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Reebok ZJETGTR price checkingWAS £280CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (27)

The Lowdown

The Reebok ZJET is an excellent entry-level rower for those who like to keep fit in the comfort of their own home.

The 19 pre-installed programs are a huge bonus, but the console could benefit from a re-think as it isn’t the most intuitive to use. Everything considered it is a good rower from a trusted brand, but is it a good value for money versus its competitors? Let’s take a look…

First Impressions

This Reebok rowing machine fluctuates in price, but its RRP is around the £400 mark. This is about mid-range, so not as fancy or expensive as your Concept2, but far superior to the likes of Opti and Pro Fitness. It has 19 programmes, and 16 levels of resistance with a pretty sturdy 6kg flywheel, so every fitness level will find this a challenge.

Once unpacked, you notice the rowing machine feels sturdy and substantial. Simple design with a uniform finish. The console is perhaps a little bit larger than your average console compared to the overall dimensions of the machine. But we liked that.

Unpacking and setting up the rower only takes a matter of minutes. Easy to handle and manoeuvre at 35kg (5.5 stone). The dimensions of the rower are a positive contributing factor to its overall appearance.


  • Foldable
  • 120kg maximum user weight
  • 19 Pre-installed Workout programs included
  • 16 level resistance
  • Console Feedback


  • Needs to be plugged in for console to work.
  • The seat could benefit from more padding

Reebok ZJET Rowing Machine Review


The set-up is relatively straightforward. Like lots of Reebok equipment, the manual mainly pictures, which wasn’t too bad as the Rower doesn’t have that many parts to put together. We did use our own spanner, but it took less than an hour.

For reference, the dimensions of the Reebok ZJET Rowing machine are: H69 x W54 x D181cm and when folded (upright) are: H146 x W54 x D90cm.

It also comes with a manufacturer’s 2 year parts and labour guarantee.


One of the best selling points of this rowing machine is the pre-installed programs. Most standard rowers within this price range come without programs. Unlike other rowing machines in the same category, the Reebok ZJET does not only rely on resistance. What makes the Reebok ZJET an excellent workout tool is the 19 installed user programs. For experienced users, there is also race and heart rate mode which is an added benefit.

The manual leaves a little bit to be desired when it comes to the explanation of the different programs. But you can see the type of workout it is, based on the resistance frequency applied. As always with pre-set programmes, it’s worth trying them out to see which one is most likely to help with your fitness goals.

The 115cm rail allows a smooth rowing experience without too much feedback and the 6kg flywheel supports this too. Completing a rowing workout using the Reebok ZJET rowing machine is an enjoyable experience.

The console has 6 buttons so you can navigate to the setting you want.

And compared to other rowing machines, there is a good amount of feedback too, as you can measure your strokes per minute (spm), time/500m, meters, distance (km or miles), calories, strokes and pulse.

We did find the console maybe slightly overcomplicated to use, and it took a little time to adjust the functions correctly. Also, to work, the console needs to be plugged into a plug socket, so bear that in mind when deciding where to work out!


The adjustable foot plates contribute to the overall positive user experience. When you row, the footplates hold your feet firmly – it does not feel like your feet will slip out with the adjustable foot straps. They hold your feet firmly in place making it easy to get stuck into your workout.

The seat could do with some more padding to improve the user experience. It is not the most comfortable seat, but nevertheless, for the price range, the seat is functional. A gel overlay can help with that.

The handles give you enough grip to pull on the 6kg flywheel in comfort. On many budget rowers, the operation of the flywheel is less smooth and lighter. But, this can’t be said for the Reebok ZJET rower. The operation and pull of the flywheel feel seamless and very smooth. There is no jerky motion or a sensation that you are flying too fast back towards the console. The grips are comfortable which adds to the good workout experience.

Things we really liked:

More than anything what we really liked about this rower, is the range of workout programs and the range of resistance levels. Suitable for all fitness fanatics!

The rower comes with a 2-year warranty which is fantastic value for money for a budget rowing machine.

When in use, the rowing machine is almost silent.

Final thoughts on the Reebok ZJET Rowing Machine

This rowing machine is perfect for all fitnell levels. If you have been using rowing machines for a while, and are ready to challenge yourself, you can do so thanks to one of the well-thought-out pre-installed programs and range of resistance levels.

As we’ve mentioned, there are some things that could be better, such as the console UX and the padded seating, but overall, for the price, this Reebok rower has a lot to offer! And when comparing to cheaper models available, it definitely is worth the extra money for the progrmmes and 2 year Reebok guarantee for peace of mind.

The overall impression of the Reebok ZJET is that it offers excellent value for money. It gives you an enjoyable workout that also allows you to challenge yourself.

Reebok ZJET Rowing Machine Voucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Reebok ZJETGTR price checkingWAS £280CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (27)
DimensionsH69 x W54 x D181cm
Item Weight35kg
Resistance Levels16
Max User Weight120kg
ColourBlack / Silver

Looking for more detail on the Reebok ZJET Rowing Machine? The manual can be found here >Download Reebok ZJET Rowing Machine Manual<


Build Quality
Value for Money


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