Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

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Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

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First impressions of the Dripex Rowing Machine

The Dripex rowing machine is a sturdy piece of equipment- with rear triangular support along with adjustable metal floor pads, it will sit comfortably on most surfaces for a smooth ride.

The double sliding rail with aluminium frame and shock absorber means that no matter how hard you’re working out, the machine will stay quiet- especially important if you’ve got neighbours to think about!

This rower has a 15-level magnetic resistance system which can be changed with a twist of the knob and will really allow you to intensify your workouts (if that’s what you’re after!).

The LCD screen gives you all the feedback you need to make sure you’re hitting those goals.

And the best bit, when you’ve had enough of working out, you can store the rower upright in a vertical position and fold away the LCD monitor, so you can put it away safely and not worry about having to stare at it in your living room 24/7!

Rowing technique

Despite some beliefs, rowing is a great way to build strong muscles and burn calories, or just simply get a bit of a sweat on.

The very technique required when rowing means you’re working on strength and balance, and unlike running on treadmills etc, this is a low impact form of exercise, so you don’t need to worry about pressure on your joints- which also means rowing is suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.

So, whether you’re looking to just get moving again, or fancy a full fat-blast cardio workout, then the Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine might just be what you’re looking for…

Review of the Dripex Rowing Machine


Overall the package and set up for this rowing machine is fairly straightforward.

The assembly should take no longer than an hour, but you may need an extra pair of hands, especially if you need to move the machine around- as its flywheel can be on the heavy side for one person to lift.

It comes in separate boxes with the manual and tools/bolts/spacers etc all included and attached to a card.

As there are quite a few bits to piece together, it might be worth unpackaging everything first and getting to grips with what needs to go where (and check you have everything you need!).

With clear instructions to follow and many customers praising the machine on how easy it is to set up, you’ll be rowing your heart out in no time!

And if you didn’t fancy the assembly part, or you aren’t able to do it yourself, for a small cost you can add on assembly when you order and your delivery driver will put it together for you!


Whatever ability you’re at, the Dripex rowing machine really gives you options to hit your goals.

The 15-level magnetic system means that at a twist of a button you can set yourself a new challenge. Setting it at 1-5 will allow you to exercise aerobically and get your body moving.

Level 6-10 is where you want to be in that fat burning zone to get your heart rate up and aid weight loss.

Then resistance 11-15 is the hardest and would be used if you were focussing on strength training. This makes it useful for all different home workout users, but also means that you can change and add variety to your exercises and make sure you stay motivated!

To check your performance, there is an intelligent LCD monitor that measures rowing count, time, calories, distance- everything you could need! And the 42-inch sliding rail means that you can really get the full stroke that you need- even if you’re that little bit taller.

On that note, the manufacturer recommends a max height of 6ft 2in and a max user weight of just under 19 stone- something to consider before making a decision!


No one wants a workout machine that isn’t comfortable to use, and the Dripex Rowing Machine has considered ways to give their customers the best experience possible.

First of all lets talk about noise. This machine is quiet. The aluminium frame and double sliding rail has a shock absorber underneath so as you row, there will be little noise, even on a higher resistance level.

You can also be sure of not just a quiet ride, but a smooth one too. There are built in wheels between the seat and the rail to ensure a smooth rotation, and the 3D seat is padded and comfortable, even if you’re rowing some distance!

And just to make sure the rower fits with what you need, it has some great additional features, such as the ergonomic hand grip, making sure your handlebars don’t slip, even when you’re really going for it!

There are adjustable straps on the footrest, and you can change the angle of the pedals too, so you can make sure everything fits correctly.

There is also an adaptable monitor holder which you can move to your sight level- so even if there was more than one person using this machine, you can easily change the set up to make sure they are getting the comfortable workout that suits them.

With all these extra features, you won’t want to stop rowing!


The product dimensions when built are: 70.47 x 20.87 x 30.04 inches. And as I’ve mentioned, you can store the rower upright, so it takes up less room. There are wheels to help with this.


  • 15 level Magnetic resistance system
  • Max user weight 265 Pounds (just under 19 stone)
  • 6lbs flywheel
  • Can be stored upright safely
  • Quiet system
  • 42-inch sliding rail (longer than most)
  • LCD monitor with all key metrics
  • Adaptable straps and pedals
  • Transport wheels


  • Metrics on LCD display only in KM’s (and can’t be changed to metres)
  • Doesn’t track current stroke rates but does measure total strokes.

Final thoughts on the Dripex Cross Trainer

Whether you’re looking to improve your strength, tone your muscles, get a full body workout, or simply want to stretch those legs, then the Dripex rowing machine could be a good choice.

It’s a sturdy and smooth piece of equipment, and the different resistance levels and console feedback means whatever your workout goals might be, you will be able to hit them at home with this Dripex machine.

The features that are adjustable are also a nice touch to allow the machine to fit to your needs rather than the other way around (like so many other machines on the market).

Think about the max user weight and height and that you have somewhere to put the machine first, but if you’re happy with that then this rowing machine should be a serious consideration- and we can see why lots of customers enjoy using the Dripex too!

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Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(112)
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Whether you’re looking to improve your strength, tone your muscles, get a full body workout, or simply want to stretch those legs, then the Dripex rowing machine could be a good choice.

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