JTX Ignite Air Indoor Rower Review: Better than the Concept 2?

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JTX Ignite Air Indoor RowerGTR price checkingWAS £695CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (148)

The Lowdown

Winning awards for being an excellent choice in its’ fitness category, this JTX Ignite rower with dynamic air resistance and an ergonomic design feels more like something you’d find in the gym rather than in your lounge! This rowing beauty from JTX Fitness definitely has a commercial quality feel, with an at-home price tag- and we love it!

First Impressions

The design is innovative and requires no cables or wires, so it’s perfect to be used wherever you have the space. And when you’re not using it, you can easily fold it up into two parts and use the wheels to hide it away!

JTX Fitness have expertly designed the air resistance to accurately recreate the feeling of rowing on water, and it reacts to your body by matching your intensity. If you row faster, you’ll meet more resistance.

If you row slower, then the resistance will decrease, so you only ever need to push yourself as far as you can physically go. This obviously provides a huge scope for continued use as your fitness levels increase, so it’s a machine that’ll match you row for row, as you progress. 

When people think of effective home workout machines, the rower often gets trumped by treadmills or bikes, but perhaps that shouldn’t be the case…


  • Device holder
  • 8 workout modes
  • 3-year in-home repair warranty
  • 28-day money-back guarantee


  • Advanced rowers may need more resistance
  • Max user weight of 150kg (23.6 stone)

JTX Ignite Air Indoor Rower Review:


Putting this rowing machine together was fairly easy. The boxed weight wasn’t too heavy at 46kg (c7 stone), and I managed that myself. It took less than an hour to put it together and the instructions were quite easy to follow.

The only thing I noticed was one hole didn’t align up properly, which I was able to sort out with a drill. Other people have mentioned the brackets having issues. But all in all, even with one stumbling block, I got it all set up in under an hour.

The dimensions of the JTX rower when set up are L240 x W62 x H107cm.

Build Quality:

When a piece of home gym equipment is used throughout gyms in the UK, then you can expect the best build quality, and the JTX Ignite Air certainly delivers here. The iron and stainless-steel frame weighs 38kg (about 6 stone), so it’s already durable.

But JTX also use a nickel-plated steel chain and construction grade materials to create an indoor rower that can withstand intensive workouts repeatedly. 

Think about it, if it’s being used in a gym setting, it’ll be used countless times a day across varying degrees of intensity, so if it can withstand that, it can withstand your workouts at home. Certainly, peace of mind there…

Another impressive aspect of the build quality is the thought that has gone into the dynamic air resistance technology used. The 9-point damper allows you to adjust airflow to the flywheel to increase resistance, making it feel like you’re rowing different weighted boats.

It’s a small design point that makes a HUGE difference to the feel of the machine whilst rowing, and it shows how much thought JTX Fitness have put into the build quality of the rower.


Because JTX has designed the rower to be self-powered, there aren’t any cables to restrict where you set your rower up. The rowers’ ease of access is further reinforced by being able to be separated into two pieces for storage and easy transportation, all with no tools necessary.

This innovative design makes the rower incredibly user friendly, and it allows for people to clear a space in their home to use it, before storing it elsewhere, so there’s room for this in almost any home. 

JTX Fitness has designed the professional computer console very well too, with all the information you need being readily available. It tells you everything: distance, time, calories, stroke rate, paddle width, 500m split time, and the power output in Watts. 

I will say that the display is a little hard to see when rowing (occasionally), but I also appreciate that it’s adjustable, so you don’t have to strain your neck to get a look. Still, a larger, clearer monitor certainly wouldn’t go amiss here.

Perhaps my favourite feature in terms of the design of this rower, though, is the fact that the console comes with a built-in polar receiver for additional Polar attachments. What this means is that you can use something like the Polar H10 Chest Strap to more accurately record data about your heart rate and workout patterns.


It’s important that every indoor rower is comfortable, or else using it becomes a chore and you’ve wasted your money. Thankfully, the JTX Fitness Ignite Air has an ergonomic design that puts comfort at the forefront.

In fact, the adjustable seat and handlebars mean you can find the perfect position to encourage correct posture, which is vital when working out on a rowing machine to prevent injury. Better yet, once you make the adjustments, they’ll stay in place for the next time you come to use it.

Of course, if there are multiple people in your household using it, you’ll need to readjust every time, but I found the process to be quick and hassle-free, so it won’t eat into your workout time.

Pretty much the only complaint I have on this rowing machine is to do with the wide, cushioned seat. Initially, it’s quite comfortable, but many people complain that the seat loses its comfort over time, and i could agree. A better seat would be appreciated, but in the meantime, I’ve got myself an overlay to make it a little comfier. Saying that though, the ergonomic design has a lot of features to boast about!

Features we really liked:

7-point adjustable foot holes for correct posture, to personalise your workout to your body.

Adjustable screen angle so no straining whilst rowing to look at the information provided.

Ergonomic handlebar for a relaxed and comfortable grip.

Final thoughts on the JTX Ignite Air Indoor Rower

A rower that is user-friendly, innovatively designed to feel like you’re rowing on water, and powerful enough to provide a thorough workout for the majority of people, the JTX Ignite Air indoor rower is performing at the top of its game.

The JTX Ignite Air indoor rower is an impressive machine that can be picked up for a fraction of the price of bigger name brands, such as the likes of Concept 2 and others with very similar specs.

There is not a lot we don’t like about the JTX Fitness Air Ignite!

JTX Ignite Air Indoor Rower Voucher Cod
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
JTX Ignite Air Indoor RowerGTR price checkingWAS £695CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (148)
ColourBlack / Silver
Resistance Levels9
Resistance TypeAir Resistance
Workout Programmes8
Dimensions in useL240 x W62 x H107cm
Dimensions in storageL112 x W58 x H160 cm


Build Quality
Value for Money


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