Reebok ZR9 Cross Trainer Review

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Reebok ZR9 Cross Trainer Review


Reebok have really tried to accommodate all budgets with the creation of their ZR range including the ZR8, ZR9 and ZR10. With the ZR9 firmly in the middle, how well does it perform?

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Order and delivery

Arrived one day after order, very prompt indeed. It’s the lightest of the ZR range weighing in at around 47kg’s but don’t be fooled, this is still a heavy item and we wouldn’t not recommend trying to move this on your own.


Setup was simple as Reebok kindly supply a numbered IKEA/LEGO format of construction. There were some parts that took longer than others but it would imagine it would take the average person around 1:15-1:30 hours to put together.

The ZR9 the footplates are adjustable unlike the ZR8, 10 which does allow little movement should you fit into the category of being very tall or short.

It’s a mains powered unit so you will need an electrical output somewhere close to where you intend to place you ZR9.

First thoughts and build quality

Like with other ZR models they are of a very high quality and there are no exposed parts, instead opting for the flywheel and frame to be completely enclosed in the base.

Aesthetically it looks very nice in black with red trim, it also has a sturdy feeling as you place your feet into the foot plates. Nothing rattled and unlike some budget cross trainers or exercise bikes there was no side to side rocking movement.

The ZR9 features two sets of hand grips with an inbuilt heart rate monitor. Quality of the main grips used during your workout is good, they are a hard foam texture.

32 levels of tension control

The Reebok ZR9 comes equipped with an amazing 32 different levels of tension. This allows people of all abilities to find the right level of tension required for the optimum workout.

People will have different natural tension levels as body weight is a factor on how easily people can turn the flywheel. Reebok have done a great job with the ZR9 by allowing some many different tension levels that can be used manually or part of a programme.

9kg flywheel

Much like the rest of the ZR family the ZR9 has an impressive 9kg fly wheel. The weight of the flywheel is important as this feature is what gives your workout fluid movement while in use.

The weight helps you keep an even pace from one rotation to the other and you can really notice the difference when compared to budget models.

15 inch stride length

A nice touch that you don’t find on many budget bikes are self-levelling pedals. This saves the annoying of having to constantly move your feet around to find the pedals after you have climbed onto the bike.

One of the most important features of any cross trainer is the stride length. If you are looking at a range of different models and may be considering a basic setup we advise you to always check, never buy a cross trainer that doesn’t list it.

Stride length is very important as this is the distance that you will cover after each completed stride. A short stride length means that your legs move in a short oval, resulting in you feeling awkward and uncomfortable as you use the machine.

With the ZR9 not only do you have a 9kg fly wheel but also a 15ft stride length giving you a near gym style feeling as you use the machine.

LCD Display

The LCD display on the ZR9 is almost identical to that of the ZR8. In my opinion this can be seen as a positive as Reebok have continued to use what has been tried and tested as successful.

The LCD is compact and features a bright screen with a blue background and white numbers. The central area that displays the progress of your current workout comes in a dual green colour.

The buttons are clearly displayed and a handy programme guide is printed around the outside of the screen. This displays the intensity of your chosen workout including the peaks and falls as you progress. It’s a great feature that saves you from having to revert to the manual to check the settings each time.


It’s hard to find any serious flaws with the ZR9, those looking for a mid-high range cross trainer will be pleased with their choice. If we had to pick some then it would have to be that no drinks holder is features on this modal.

Some cross trainers in this price bracket feature MP3 playback, this isn’t an important requirement to my choice of gym equipment but for others it may be.


  • Very easy set up process
  • 9kg flywheel
  • 32 levels of tension


  • No MP3 input
  • No water bottle holder

Final word

The ZR9 is another great cross trainers in the Reebok family. In truth we couldn’t find a lot of difference between the ZR8 and ZR9 but this doesn’t take away from the fact that they are both great choices.

With solid features including a 15inch stride length and a 9kg flywheel they have really got the basics right.

Reebok ZR9 Cross Trainer Price Comparison
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Reebok ZR9 WAS £299 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(144)


32 levels of tension
19 user programmes
9kg flywheel
LCD feedback including time, distance, speed heart rate and calories
Hand grip heart monitor
Maximum user weight 120kg
Self assembly required

Product details

Size H170, W65, D150
Weight 50kg’s boxed
Self-assembly required

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How does the Reebok ZR9 compare to the rest of the ZR range and other Reebok cross trainers?

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