Reebok ZR10 Cross Trainer Review


Reebok have release the ZR10 and like many people we want to know if it really is that much better than the previous ZR8 model. The biggest feature that this new machine boats is the self-generating power system, we will see how much of a selling point this really is.

Cheapest Reebok ZR10 Cross Trainer Price
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Reebok ZR10 Cross TrainerGTR price checkingWAS £499CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (258)

Delivery and setup

My regular retailer didn’t have any in stock so I had to order through Amazon. I don’t have Prime so had to wait a few days for it to arrive.

It is slightly lighter than the ZR8 by about 5-10 kilos but still took two of us to carry it into my spare room comfortably (weight of the box was around 55kgs).

Setup was simple and Reebok really have done a good job with the IKEA/LEGO style flow diagrams.   I had mine up and running in about an hour and 20 minutes, you may be quicker but I have machine construction OCD.


So the first feature that stands out for me is that there is no mains power required to use this machine. The battery for the LCD display comes from charge built up while the ZR10 is in use. For some this may be the main reason why they choose the ZR10.

I know some friends who have converted their garages into a free weights setup but have limited power sockets. Others who place their machine into their utility room would rather not have wires and extension cords running across the floor. This would be the ideal cross trainer to suit their needs.

When you place your feet into the foot grips of the cross trainer you get a pleasant feeling. It’s hard to put into words, but the system feels bulky, I guess this comes from the oversized neck and base unit. I would say the only slight let down is the supports to stop the unit shaking could be slightly bigger, but I am just being picky now.

The ZR10 comes with a 7kg fly wheel, this is slightly lighter than the ZR8 and so I was expecting the motion to feel different between the two. A heavier flywheel typically gives you a smoother motion while in use and was surprised to see the weight decreased for the ZR10.I am pleased to say that the lighter weight did not make any difference to the turn motion and once matched with a higher tension level gave very good results.

One of the negative points about the Reebok ZR10 is that there is no bottle holder unlike the Reebok GX50. This means that you have to get off the cross trainer each time that you want to take on board some fluids.

Moving on to the features of the LCD feedback unit:

  • Pre-installed are 19 user programmes giving everybody a style that will suit their fitness goals.
  • Feedback has also been that you can input your personal details such as age, weight, height etc. so that the ZR10 can work out additional more accurate details such as body fat.
  • 32 different levels of tension control are possible to give you much more control as your progress to high levels of fitness.

Much like the ZR8 the ZR10 is relatively quiet when in operation.  Not as quiet, I assume that generating the charge for the LCD screen causes some additional noise but it’s barely recognisable.

Like the ZR8 the hand grips are made of a thick foam material and feel very nice while in use. This is in contrast to more basic cross trainers that use thinner handles and we assume a cheaper material.

The no manual test – How easy is it to operate without instructions?

The ZR10 has a very simple button layout that will please those looking to simply jump straight in and start using the machine using the standard features such as resistance levels. It only takes a few minutes of reading the manual to learn the more in-depth features such as adding your own profile and setting specific programmes.

The LCD screen is nice, matching the colours of the cross trainer to the LCD panel, both being a nice cool blue. I currently have the ZR10 cross trainer set up next to the ZR10 treadmill while writing this review and they complement each other very nicely.


  • Doesn’t require mains power
  • 15 inch stride length
  • Good guarantees (Lifetime warranty on the frame + 2 Years warranty on parts and labour)
  • Quiet when in operation


  • Limited LCD screen
  • No drinks bottle holder
  • Only a 7kg flywheel

Final word

Overall the ZR10 is a great machine, I can guarantee that the majority of customers will be very happy with their purchase. When it comes down to the question of the ZR10 vs ZR8 this all depends on your situation.

If you have a tight budget and easy access to a mains socket then maybe opt for the ZR8. On the other hand the ZR10 does look better and packs in a few more features over the ZR8. At the time of this review the ZR10 was only £30/$45 more than the ZR8. The decision is yours.

Reebok ZR10 Cross Trainer Price Check
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Reebok ZR10 Cross TrainerGTR price checkingWAS £499CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (258)


Model number – RBOK-GX50
15 inch stride length
Heart rate monitor for added workout programmes
Programmable resistance
Hand grip pulse sensors
23 difference user programmes
Program types include time, distance and calories burnt
Maximum user weight 120kg
Is on wheels for easy movement

Product details

Size complete – H167cm, W64cm, D143cm
Weight 49kg’s
Manufacturers 2 year warranty
Some self-assembly required



Build Quality
Value for Money


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