Pro Fitness EB2000 Exercise Bike Review

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Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.8 out of 5 (38)

First impressions of the Pro Fitness EB2000

Sleek, stylish and sturdy. The Pro Fitness EB2000 offers 12 built in programmes, which is a lot more than other Pro Fitness Bikes.

This allows you to vary your workout, where you can change your goals from fat burning to longer endurance rides, something I really like, so exercising doesn’t become too repetitive.

The Pro Fitness EB2000 also comes with a 6kg flywheel, as well as 16 levels of variable tension, which again provides that flexibility and variety to your workouts.

This bike is all about providing you with choice, something I find other exercise bikes can lack. This does mean you’re paying slightly more in terms of price, however, I don’t think this is unreasonable.

One drawback for some is that it isn’t foldable like other models, meaning storage might be a bit trickier, however what you do get in return, is a more stable and secure riding experience compared to other foldable exercise bikes.

It is important to think about whether this lack of folding and the bigger required storage space would be an issue for you.

Out of the box features

It should be noted that this bike can be a bit fiddly to set up, so make sure you put some time aside to assemble it correctly.

It also weighs in at 27.5kg, meaning it can be somewhat clunky to move around, so bare this in mind when deciding where you want your bike to go. I would also recommend having a second pair of hands when it comes to setting up too, just to make it that bit easier.

So you don’t get any nasty surprises, you can see the full assembly guide here.


The Pro Fitness EB2000 Exercise Bike costs around £250 so is slightly more expensive than other Pro Fitness bikes which are around the £100-£200 range.

However, this bike does have more features and an increase in weight both of the main structure and the flywheel making it sturdier, more durable, and giving you a more intense workout.

The price also holds up when compared to other exercise bikes with similar features, where the EB2000 actually falls on the cheaper side of the market for this range of bike.


Most notably this bike comes with 12 built in features which are meant to help you make the most out of your workout.

They focus on a range of different areas such as improving distance or helping you burn more calories.

Cycling is a great way to burn fat and this bike definitely helps with its variable tension settings allowing for more intense workouts. One type of workout, which is certainly gaining popularity are HIIT workouts.

These intense workouts focus on short bursts of maximum effort as opposed to longer endurance still rides. In order to do HIIT workouts effectively, you need to have variable levels of tension, something the Pro Fitness EB2000 provides.

The 6kg flywheel also makes it smoother and more intense so you can get more out of your workout; although it should be noted if you’re an avid cyclist this still may not be enough for you, but as a beginner or someone who wants to change up the workout to include more cycling this should be enough.

The Pro Fitness EB2000 also comes with a 5-inch console, providing you with feedback on your workout.

You’re able to track things such as, distance, time, calories, speed, which are all key things you’ll want to take note of and the wide screen makes it easy to read too.

Also, the electromagnetic resistance system means you can mix up resistance levels at the touch of a button.


It comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars, as well as self-levelling pedals and pedal straps. Some users have said the seat can be slightly uncomfortable, so I would suggest investing in an extra saddle cushion.

There is also a generous maximum user weight of 120kg, which means the bike is suitable for a variety of users and overall, the bike not only looks great, but is great to use.

The wide base of the feet prevent wobble when riding, and the heavier frame provides a quiet and smooth cycling experience.


This might be tricky for people with less space, as it can’t fold up like other at home exercise equipment (treadmills, or other exercise bikes).

It does come with transport wheels however, which help to make this easier and the overall bike is a bit more compact compared to other bikes, with depth and width measurements of 86cm and 45cmm respectively, so it can fit in smaller places if required.

Also, don’t forget you’ll need to plug this bike into the mains, so think about where the bike might live!


  • 6kg flywheel meaning it can give you a more intense workout
  • 12 programmes
  • Variable tension control
  • Maximum user weight 120kg (nearly 19 stone)
  • Quiet
  • Transportation wheels so easier to move around
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars so suitable for most heights
  • 1-year manufacturers guarantee


  • Slightly uncomfortable seat
  • 27kg weight which while makes it sturdy can be hard to manoeuvrer
  • Doesn’t fold for storage
  • Mains powered so needs to be by plug socket

How does the Pro Fitness EB2000 compare to the Opti Manual Exercise Bike?

The Opti Manual Exercise Bike comes in at a lot cheaper, currently costing around £80, and its also a lot lighter and smaller, making it perhaps easier to store.

However, this also means it’s not as sturdy and may not be suitable for everyone, where it’s max user weight is only 100kg (15 stone 10 pound), 20kg less than the Pro Fitness.

So while Opti might be cheaper I think the Pro Fitness is worth the slight price increase given its more structurally sound.

The Pro Fitness bike also beats the Opti bike in my opinion with its 12 built in programmes really helping you to make the most out of your workout and focus on a range of areas.

The heavier flywheel, 16 levels of variable tension and more console feedback features, the Pro Fitness beats the Opti bike, giving you a lot more for your money and allowing you to dictate the sort of cardio workout you need to better your exercise routine.

When it comes to buying exercise equipment, think about what you want to get out of it.

If you’re looking for a quick, cheap solution, which offers the basic essentials for at-home cycling, then the Opti would be a fine choice.

If you’re looking for something that delivers a bit more in terms of features and you’re willing to extend your budget a bit further, then the Pro Fitness EB2000 might be the kind of thing you’re after.

You can see if you might be more suited to the Opti Manual Exercise Bike by reading the full review here.

Final thoughts on the Pro Fitness EB2000

While there may be cheaper bikes on the market, or ones that have more detailed features such as Bluetooth connectivity, for the price and features available, the Pro Fitness EB2000 Exercise Bike is the perfect bike for beginners to intermediate cyclists.

The programmes and heavier flywheel than other models in this price range means it can increase the intensity and help you improve your workouts, while the console helps you track your progress so you can see the difference it makes for your exercise routine.

There are of course a few problems but that is understandable for a bike of this price and are rather minor in my opinion.

Overall, if you’re looking for a good at home exercise bike and are just starting out in cycling this is well worth the investment.

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ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Pro Fitness EB2000 Exercise BikeGTR price checkingWAS £299CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.8 out of 5 (38)


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