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First impressions of the Pro Fitness Air Bike

The first thing to point out about the Pro Fitness Air Bike is that this is no ordinary exercise bike.

If you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill standard exercise bike, then this isn’t the product for you. If you’re looking for an exercise bike that can offer a workout for your arms and legs at the same time and really make you get a sweat on, then you might want to keep reading…

With dual-action arms, a comfortable pedalling position, and an air resistance system that’ll cool you down and keep you working even harder – this product is an intense piece of home workout equipment for beginners and fitness fanatics alike!

Pro Fitness Air Bike Review:


Let’s talk about air bikes. They are different to the normal exercise bikes we normally talk about as they don’t have fixed handles.

The handles on an air bike move with your legs when you pedal, so you are getting an intense workout on your arms and your legs and the resistance comes from the large fan- which means the harder you work, the more resistance there will be (and the more air that will be blown out to cool you down too!).

That’s why these bikes are also called Fan Bikes…

With dual-action arms for your upper body workout, an air resistance system that works against you to make your workout more challenging (and works with you to cool you down), and a display that gathers key information about your workout to let you know how well you have performed, the Pro Fitness Air Bike really is a useful bit of kit for any home workout enthusiast!

Not only does the bike perform well for what it is, but it helps you to improve your personal performance too.

And you’ll have all the feedback you need with the easy to use LCD console that will let you know distance, time, speed, calories and lots more!


Any exercise bike needs to be comfortable. Throw in the fact that you’re going to be working your upper body too, and it really needs to be comfortable.

Thankfully, the reach from your position on the seat to the arms of the air bike is fairly comfortable anyway, but thanks to the adjustable seat you can find a position that works perfectly for you.

Being able to adjust the seat is actually more helpful than it first appears. Not only can you get comfortable on it, but it also allows for more people to use the air bike too.

So, if others in your house are looking to improve their fitness too, then this is actually a great product for that, because people of different heights can adjust the seat to suit them.

Still, people over 135kg (over 21 stone) cannot use the equipment as there is a maximum weight limit, so this product isn’t suitable for everybody, so you’ll need to bear this in mind before purchasing.


At around £600, you really can’t argue with the price when you consider what you are getting for it.

Essentially, you’re getting two machines in one, because it’s almost like having a cross trainer and an exercise bike in one machine.

When you then consider how much information the bike collects about your workout, the unique air resistance system that can increase the difficulty of your workout as you become more fit, and that the LCD display allows you to set targets such as calories burned or distance ridden, you can see why the price isn’t too bad.

If perhaps you are relatively new to home fitness, then it might be worth considering some fixed/folding bikes which satisfy a lower level of cardio at a lower price tag too.

You can read our 2021 Top Picks of Pro Fitness Bikes, to see if maybe a different style might be better for you, and save you a few pounds too!


It comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars, as well as self-levelling pedals and pedal straps. Some users have said the seat can be slightly uncomfortable, so I would suggest investing in an extra saddle cushion.

There is also a generous maximum user weight of 120kg, which means the bike is suitable for a variety of users and overall, the bike not only looks great, but is great to use.

The wide base of the feet prevent wobble when riding, and the heavier frame provides a quiet and smooth cycling experience.

Build Quality

In terms of the build quality of the Pro Fitness Air Bike, again, you can’t really find anything to complain about.

The steel metal frame is robust and capable of withstanding vigorous workouts – something you presumably will want to do as your fitness levels increase.

They also position the air resistance system in such a way that it genuinely cools you down as you workout, and the adjustable seat not only works really well because you can easily adjust it, but as we’ve said, it’s comfortable too.

You get what you pay for, and this is true of the Pro Fitness Air Bike which is very sturdy and robust.


  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Air Resistance System for Harder Workouts And Cooling Down Whilst Working Out
  • 5kg Flywheel for Increased Momentum
  • Transportable Due to Wheels On Base
  • Adjustable Seat for Comfort
  • LCD Console
  • Tracks Important Information: Calories, Distance, Time, Speed, RPM
  • Gets You More Active Than A Standard Exercise Bike and working multiple body parts
  • 2 Machines in One – Almost Like Having A Cross Trainer And An Exercise Bike.


  • At 1.25m x 0.64m x 1.40m This Is Quite Large and Not Designed To Be Taken Apart So You’ll Need Space
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries for the console which aren’t supplied.

Final thoughts on the Pro Fitness Air Bike.

This piece of home workout equipment is pretty good. And, you will really be challenging your fitness and cardio levels if you get it- which again is why this might be more suited to avid home workout enthusiasts rather than if you’re just starting out in the world of exercise!

The innovative air resistance system adds another layer to your workout that makes the whole thing much more rewarding, the dual-action arms keep your upper body fit too, and the exercise bike element is comfortable, and it’s easy for you to get into a routine of using.

If a standard exercise bike is all you need, then this isn’t the product for you. But if you want a piece of exercise equipment that offers more than just some peddles, then why not consider the Pro Fitness Air Bike?

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ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Pro Fitness Air BikeGTR price checkingWAS £679CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.6 out of 5 (8)


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