Reebok GX40s Cross Trainer Review


Sitting firmly in the premium category of cross trainers is the GX40s from Reebok. Equipped with all of the latest technical updates from Reebok how does it compare to previous versions?

Cheapest Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer Price
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Reebok GX40 Cross TrainerGTR price checkingWAS £349CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4 out of 5 (468)

Order and delivery

As a review was required at short notice I had to collect my Reebok GX40s from a local fitness retailer at the full RRP. If you can avoid collection I would due to its weight being around 57kg’s when boxed. That’s almost at heavy as some treadmills!


I will admit that I am slightly biased when it comes to Reebok equipment, at a very early stage they realised that a LEGO style manual of setup works best, which really does make their guides easy to follow. They are a dream compared to some budget non brand treadmills that require a spare afternoon to put together with a scrappy instruction booklet.

Setup took around 1 hour 30 mins due to cross trainers needing slightly more construction than other equipment such as treadmills due to their design. It is mains powered and so requires you to place the cross trainer a short distance from a plug socket.

32 Levels of tension control

As this is a top end Reebok cross trainer I was expecting more than its cheaper modals and that’s exactly what I got. 32 levels of tension control allows you to set your ideal starting level and as you progress in strength over time you can make fine adjustments to suit.

People will naturally have different starting levels due to their body weight and strength as the heavier you are the higher tension setting you will need.

9kg fly wheel

The Reebok GX40s comes with a 9kg fly wheel as standard. This part is often overlooked but plays a very important part in each of your workouts. A 9 kg fly wheel gives you a smooth motion during each rotation, giving you a better overall workout.

You can tell if you have a heavy fly wheel as there will still be some forward pressure as you try and stop. I believe Reebok have the right balance with the GX40s as some of their previous models have a 7kg fly wheel that can feel a bit light for some users.

15 inch stride length

Once again Reebok have improved with the latest GX40s with an increased stride length to 15 inches. This gives you the ideal stride length to give you maximum gains during your workout.

It seems that Reebok have really taken user feedback of both customers and experts when it comes to updating to newer models. You would be surprised at the number of brands that fail to fix basic issues that have been reported by many customers.

If you are thinking of buying a cheaper model then always check the 3 essential sections as listed above.

A drinks holder

Reebok have finally done it, unlike some of its other higher recommended cross trainers such as the Jet 100, the GT40s has a drinks holder fitted to the neck. At last no more having to stop and get off the cross trainer to top up with water.

LCD display and user programmes

The new GT40s LCD panel is aesthetically beautiful, white numbers overlay a deep blue background. Programme feedback is in the middle of the screen in various shades of green.

Reebok have simplified the buttons by reducing the number available and relying more on the LCD screen to guide the user. They also have added the nice touch of surrounding them with clear plastic with a blue glow. My only concern is that the button are on the small side but the majority will find this perfectly acceptable.

Also included is the standard feedback including calories burnt, heart rate monitor, distance and recovery. Feedback is given from holding the sensors that are located on the fixed handles above the LCD screen.

Overall they have done a great job with the latest update and as people become more familiar with smartphone and tablets they should have no problems instantly being able to use this system.


  • Good amount of tension control
  • High performance fly wheel
  • 15 in stride length
  • Clear quality LCD feedback unit


  • Buttons small on the LCD display
  • Difficult to move, very heavy
  • No MP3 playback option

Final word

It’s nice knowing that Reebok really have really taken all the feedback on board and brought out a very high quality cross trainer. For the high RRP you expect quality and this really does deliver in every area.

If you are looking to bring a near gym quality cross trainer into your home then the Rebook GX40s is the ideal solution.

Cheapest Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer Price
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Reebok GX40 Cross TrainerGTR price checkingWAS £349CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4 out of 5 (468)


item code: RBOK-GT40s
32 levels of tension
Electronic resistance system
9kg fly wheel
15 inch stride length
LCD feedback including calories burnt, heart rate monitor, distance and recovery
Hand grip heart monitor
Maximum user weight 120kg
Wheels for movement
Mains powered

Product details

Size open H170, W65, D145
Weight 57kg’s boxed
3 year warranty
Self-assembly required



Build Quality
Value for Money


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