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First impressions of the Pro Fitness Aerobic Bike

If you’re going to invest in an aerobic exercise bike, you want one with an array of features, and in that respect the Pro Fitness Aerobic Exercise Bike is an excellent product.

It’d be wrong of us not to point out the fact that it only has 8 different tension controls. Whilst this is more than enough for people just starting out on their fitness journey, you might not find it quite challenging enough if you’re somebody who uses the more advanced gym exercise bikes regularly.

Still, it has a 10kg flywheel (which is heavier than most at home exercise bikes) for more momentum during the challenging settings, has a phone holder, an innovative magnetic resistance system that works well, and adjustable seats and handlebars for comfort, so it’s certainly worth considering – and that’s not even all of it!

Pro Fitness Aerobic Exercise Bike Review:

Build quality

If you want to know more about the Pro Fitness Aerobic Exercise Bike’s build quality, then you need only look at the frame. Built using high-quality steel, the frame can deal with even the most enthusiastic of workouts.

The whole point of using an aerobic exercise bike is to get your heart rate up and your legs moving, and using the 8 levels of tension control you’ll certainly be able to do that. So just like a spin bike in the gym, this Pro Fitness Aerobic Exercise Bike has similar qualities.

You can stand if you find it easier to battle those higher levels of tension, and the 10kg

flywheel will keep you steady, and you still won’t notice any noise.

One of the best things about this bike is how quiet it is whilst in operation. If that doesn’t stand as a testament to this aerobic exercise bike’s build quality, we don’t know what does.


We aren’t the sort to shy away from negatives when reviewing products, so you need to know that you can’t disassemble and reassemble this bike daily for storage – once it’s up, it’ll need to stay up.

It really is worth you having a think about where you can fit this exercise bike in your home, and whether you could realistically leave it there indefinitely.

You should also remember that it is 1.11m x 0.48m x 1.14m too, so make sure you really have the room.

The convenient transport wheels make moving this into a corner of a room an option too when not in use, so don’t forget about that either. At 37kg (about 5.5 stone) it can easily be pushed along, so if you can find somewhere to store it, then the manufacturers have really helped you there with the weight and the wheels.


This product requires some self-assembly, which might be off-putting to some. Whilst we certainly share your pain, this isn’t so bad.

You could realistically build the exercise bike in 2 hours, and the instructions are relatively clear to follow. As always, if you need to carry it upstairs etc it’s always worth getting a second pair of hands to help.

You can expect to see all the usual overly wordy explanations as with any product nowadays, but the pictures are clear and everything you need is provided.


It comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars, as well as self-levelling pedals and pedal straps. Some users have said the seat can be slightly uncomfortable, so I would suggest investing in an extra saddle cushion.

There is also a generous maximum user weight of 120kg, which means the bike is suitable for a variety of users and overall, the bike not only looks great, but is great to use.

The wide base of the feet prevent wobble when riding, and the heavier frame provides a quiet and smooth cycling experience.


If you’ve got somewhere to store the Pro Fitness Aerobic Exercise Bike, then you’re in for a real treat! It has an impressive range of features, from its adjustable seat and handlebars making it easy for your entire household to use comfortably no matter their height, all the way through to the LCD display that’ll monitor a wide range of important information to make your workouts even more effective.

You can measure everything from calories, pulse, distance to time and speed using the easy display buttons where you can set goals, change mode and reset back to the start.

It is worth mentioning that you will need some batteries to get the monitor up and running.

The magnetic resistance system works well, and they position the hand grip pulse sensors comfortably and in a way that actually makes them usable (something that can’t be said for a lot of exercise bikes on the market).

Another feature that might be written off as a bit of a gimmick is the phone holder.

We actually found this to be a welcome addition. Most people who are into home workouts want to be distracted by a TV show or music as they workout, and this bike allows them to do that.

Although if you’re a fan of watching your tablet when working out, you might need to sacrifice seeing the display during your workout, but for some (especially me!) that might not be a bad thing!

Talking about features- the seat isn’t too comfortable, so as you use this bike more, you may feel the need to get a gel overlay, or a seat protector to make you want to ride that little bit further.

How does the Pro Fitness Aerobic compare to the Pro Fitness EB3000 Exercise Bike?

So firstly, the key difference between these bikes is the Aerobic one is more like a spin bike which gives you more or a real-life cycling experience, whereas the EB3000 is a more traditional upright home workout bike.

With this, means that that you can adjust the Aerobic bike to fit your own height with adjustable handlebars and seat, but on the EB3000 that’s a little bit trickier.

So you can get off that saddle and really power those legs, the Pro Fitness Aerobic bike has a sturdy 10kg flywheel, whereas the EB3000 has a 9kg one. Which also means the Aerobic bike is heavier- which might be good or bad, depending on your circumstances.

The Pro Fitness EB3000 bike has lots of programmes and features and 24 tension levels vs the Aerobic bikes’ 8 levels.

So, if you’re just starting out and want additional guidance and workout plans then something like the EB3000 may be worth considering, but if you know what you want from an exercise bike and how to get a max cardio workout then at just £50 more, the Aerobic bike might be a better choice for you to get that spin intensity at home.


  • Phone Holder.
  • Pulse Sensors on The Hand Grips.
  • LCD Console with Information: Calories, Distance, Pulse, Time, and Speed.
  • Adjustable Seat and Handlebars.
  • 10kg Flywheel.
  • Magnetic Resistance System.
  • Emergency Stop Break for Additional Safety.
  • Transport Wheels for Storage.
  • Nearly 19 stone (120kgs) max user weight.
  • No height restrictions due to adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Manufacturers 1 year guarantee.


  • LCD feedback screen is battery operated (2 x AAA Batteries Not Included).
  • Not Able to Be folded Or Stored Conveniently.
  • Only 8 Levels of Tension Control.
  • Seat not very comfy.

Final thoughts on the Pro Fitness Aerobic Exercise Bike

Picking up an aerobic exercise bike that has this much to offer for about £350 is a good deal, especially looking at the prices of competing brands on the market that has similar features.

With the Pro Fitness Aerobic bike you’ll get a quiet, yet sturdy piece of home workout equipment that will challenge you and get you working up a sweat.

The 10kg flywheel will keep the machine steady, the 8 tension levels will test you, and the adjustable seat and handlebars will make for a comfortable experience.

Still, there’s no denying the drawbacks of this bike. It is relatively large, and you will need the space to store it. It also only offers 8 tension levels, so if you’re already really fit, you might not find this much of a challenge.

Likewise, as you get fitter, you might realise that you aren’t finding the higher levels so much of a challenge anymore, and then there’s nowhere else to go. Something to consider before you choose the right bike for you…

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ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Pro Fitness Aerobic Exercise BikeGTR price checkingWAS £399CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 3.9 out of 5 (18)


Build Quality
Value for Money


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