JTX Fitness Cyclo-Go Review: A great choice to start your workout journey

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Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (67)

The Lowdown

The JTX Cyclo-Go is an upright exercise bike that will appeal to people who are looking to get into fitness and want to burn some calories at home.

It has 21 built-in workout programmes so JTX can guide you along your exercise journey, and easily roll it away at the end of your session and forget about it!

First Impressions

For an entry-level exercise bike, the JTX Cyclo-Go feels sturdy with its 11kg flywheel, doesn’t move around and provides a smooth ride. The upright riding position is made to be supportive and comfortable, with different adjustable seat and handlebar settings, and a cushioned saddle.

On a bike in this price bracket, it’s unusual to have so many integrated workout programmes, and a nice touch (especially for those new to cycling). The programmes include 10 fitness, 1 manual, 1-watt training, 4 heart rate training, 4 custom, and 1 body fat measuring- so you won’t get bored!

This JTX bike also has 16 electro-magnetic resistance levels, which means the resistance will change automatically with your selected workout, or at the touch of a button if you’re just having a cycle.

There aren’t any knobs to adjust so you can totally focus on your workout, and the range of challenging levels means the Cyclo-Go can grow with you as your fitness improves.


  • 21 workout programmes
  • Heavy 11kg flywheel
  • 16 electro-resistance levels
  • Quiet in use


  • The display screen feels a little cheap
  • Some bits are fiddly to assemble

JTX Fitness Cyclo-Go: Home Exercise Bike Review:

Set Up:

The dimensions of the JTX box when it was delivered were L124.5 x H66 x W38cm and weighed just under 6 stone (38kg), so it was fine to get through the door, but it did need two of us to carry up the stairs. We decided to build it in the room we would be using it in (upstairs) which was a good idea!

It took about 40 minutes to put together, and the instructions did the job. There were some awkward bits aligning some parts, especially feeding the console wire through the handlebars, but nothing more than a little patience was needed. I was also a bit concerned with the plastic shell on the main bike feeling a bit flimsy, but when everything was put together it felt very durable and robust.

Once fully set up, the bike measured L101 x H149 x W59cm and needs about 30cm space from any surrounding objects to be used safely. Worth mentioning that it’s mains powered, so you’ll need a plug socket close by too!


The JTX Fitness Cyclo-Go has an 11kg flywheel, which is heavy for a bike in this price range. This not only makes it sturdy but also means it can keep challenging you as your fitness improves. With 16 levels of resistance too that can be changed at the touch of a button, you can keep hitting those workout goals.

There is a touch screen console which looks a little 1980’s, but it does the job of giving you that workout feedback to keep you motivated (speed, rpm, time, distance (kph), calories, watts, pulse, and program profiles). The pulse sensor wasn’t always accurate so I used my SMART watch just to make sure I was recording my workout correctly.

Workout programmes:

A big positive of this JTX home exercise bike is definitely the variety of the programmes to support you when you’re working out, so I wanted to go into these in a little more detail:

12 fitness programmes: That range from interval to hill training, lots to try out to really add variety to your workout whether you’re looking to sweat off those calories or tone up those legs. There is also a fat-burning programme too!

4 heart rate training programmes:
To really focus on improving cardio fitness and weight goals, heart rate training can be very effective. You use the pulse sensors on the handlebars and the Cyclo-Go will adjust the resistance to keep you in a particular heart rate zone. JTX Fitness equipment also connects to Polar chest straps, so as you progress on your fitness journey, you could think about using one in the future to more accurately measure your heart rate.
Watt training programme: Measuring in watts is a good way to monitor cycling performance, so you select what watt target you want to work towards, and let the Cyclo-Go do the rest!

4 personalised programmes:
You might want to create your own workout, and you can save up to four training programmes on this exercise bike. JTX also offer a free training plan with online workouts, so you could always turn them into a custom programme to come back to.

Features we really liked:

Can make the bike suit a wide range of people with vertical and horizontal saddle adjustments, and movable multi-grip handlebars. Also max user weight of 120kg (18.9 stone)

Really quiet when being used.

Even though a lower price than other JTX products, still has all the peace of mind with 2 Year Repairs and a 5 Year Frame Warranty (and still offers their 28-day money-back guarantee).

Final thoughts on the JTX Fitness Cyclo-Go: Home Exercise Bike

If you’re a keen cyclist or a regular gym-goer, then you might need to spend a bit more on a higher spec exercise bike, but if you’re looking to start burning some calories, or want a low impact workout, then the JTX Cyclo-Go is perfect.

This JTX home exercise bike has loads of programmes, a heavy flywheel and market-leading customer service, and it’s unusual to get a bike with such bells and whistles under £400.

As I’ve already said, this bike is made for someone starting out on their fitness journey, with the guided workouts and comfortable features. But don’t be fooled, it won’t let you down when you want more of a challenge or want to up your fitness goals either!

JTX Fitness Cyclo-Go Bike Voucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
JTX Fitness Cyclo-GoGTR price checkingWAS £379CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (67)
Resistance16 levels electro-magnetic
DimensionsL101 x H149 x W59cm
Weight34kg (5st,4lb)
Seat to pedal distance73 cm (28.8″) (min) – 92 cm (36.2″) (max)
PowerMains powered


Build Quality
Value for Money


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