Roger Black Folding Exercise Bike Review: New & improved, but will you wheelie get a sweat on!?

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The Lowdown

You might remember seeing the Roger Black fitness range when browsing through your Argos catalogue, but not anymore! The new and improved Roger Black Folding Bike has had a revamp and with none other than Roger Black himself as the driving force behind this new brand launch, we were excited to see what this folding bike had to offer!

Here at GymTechReview, we also made a video to talk you through everything you need to know about the Roger Black Folding Bike, and we also got some other people to try it out too!

Our Video Review

First Impressions

At under £200, we weren’t sure what to expect from this folding bike, but comparing it to similar models on the market, we were pleasantly surprised.

Straight out of the box you can feel the sturdiness of the bike, weighing in at 16.5kg (2st 8lb), and carrying a 3kg flywheel. It took less than half an hour for the two of us to put together, and we were ready to give those legs a workout!

Getting on the bike and getting started was easy, the console is basic but self-explanatory, so there was no need to get the manual back out! The saddle is padded and comfy, and the pedals are self-levelling with adjustable straps, so you can have a comfortable ride. And the 8 tension levels give you the chance to vary your workout whatever your fitness goals. On setting 8, you will certainly get a sweat on!

This is an entry-level bike, yes, and if you’re a keen cyclist then it may be a little basic. But for the majority of people who are looking for a cardio workout to improve their general health (and want to fold it away and forget about it after), then this Roger Black Folding Bike could be a good choice.

In terms of first impressions, this bike has the thumbs up from us, but let’s dig a little deeper…


  • 3kg flywheel (good weight for a folding bike)
  • Padded saddle
  • Super quiet when in use
  • Easy to put together


  • Pulse sensors are sometimes inaccurate
  • 100kg max user weight
  • No workout programmes

Roger Black Folding Exercise Bike Review:


The box was delivered and it measured  H123cm x W38.5cm x D22cm and easily fit through the door. It weighed 16.5kgs which is just over 2 and a half stone and we had two people to carry it in.

Assembly took less than half an hour and the manual is clear, but we’d recommend watching our step-by-step video on how to set up the Roger Black Folding Bike:

When we opened the box, we checked we had everything we needed. This Roger Black Folding bike comes with the main frame, handlebar, monitor, saddle, stabilisers and pedals. There is also the Allan key, spanner and all fixings, but we did end up using some of our own tools too.

A few handy hints we discovered when putting together the Roger Black Bike:

  • Most of the screws are already fitted to the components, so you won’t need to look for a separate bag of fixings. That confused us a little!
  • On the parts list, component 6 “holder of monitor” doesn’t exist, so ignore this as the monitor comes fully integrated. 
  • The front stabiliser is the one with the wheels and when fixing make sure the wheels are facing outwards
  • We found it easier attaching the pedal strap before screwing the pedals into the pedal crank.
  • Don’t forget that the right pedal will need to be turned clockwise and the left pedal goes anti-clockwise to attach.
  • Attaching the sensor pins and connector is a bit fiddly, so take care aligning them up. 

It didn’t take long to put together at all, and as the main frame is already assembled, it’s just making sure all the add-on bits are fitted correctly.

Just for reference, when assembled the dimensions of the Roger Black Bike are H67 x W41cm and folded are H140 x W41cm. The maximum user weight is 100kg (15st,10lb) and although Roger Black Fitness doesn’t have recommended heights, customers who use the bike range from around 5ft to 6ft 3. The measurement from the saddle to the pedal is 83cm.
Why not have a look at our Roger Black assembly video here.


The Roger Black Folding Bike comes with a 3kg flywheel which is slightly heavier than most folding bikes in this price bracket. This not only makes the ride feel smoother but also makes the bike feel like it’s not going anywhere. 

There are 8 levels of tension that you can easily adjust by turning the knob underneath the handlebars. The intensity of the higher resistance will definitely get even the fittest of people sweating, but worth mentioning that this isn’t a spin bike and did not allow us to ride off-saddle on the higher tension levels. It’s always handy to get used to these resistance levels before starting your first workout.

The display console tracks your workout feedback and by pressing the mode button, you can hear a beep and see your time, calories burned and distance. There are also pulse sensors on the handlebars to measure your heart rate, although, like most pieces of equipment we review, you’re better off relying on your Smart Watch if you want an accurate recording.

Like most bikes in this price range, the Roger Black Folding Exercise Bike doesn’t have any workout programmes. If you feel like that’s important to your progress then there are lots of guided workouts you can access online for free, or if you can increase your budget, you could upgrade to a bike with pre-programmed workouts.


If you’re comfortable working out then you’ll definitely work out for longer and more regularly!

This folding bike has a super comfy saddle! When we’ve tested similar bikes in the past we’ve needed a gel overlay, but that’s not needed here which is a nice touch.

The bike can be adjusted to your body, so you can change the height of the saddle, and also tighten the pedal straps so they can be fixed to the width of your foot. The pedals have weights allowing them to stay upright when you put your foot into the adjusted strap, these are called self-levelling pedals.

Features we really liked:

One thing we were very impressed with was how silent the bike was in use. Perfect if you have other people to think about. And what’s even better is you can use the tablet holder on the bike to watch something or listen to music without any bike background noise. A little added motivation to help your workout routine!

When you’ve had enough of working out, you can just fold the bike away, it’s really simple. Just remove the locking pin, fold the bike up and re-insert the pin into the locking position. And wheel away! Easy! It can be stored horizontally or vertically too!

For peace of mind, the bike comes with a one-year product guarantee.

Final thoughts on the Roger Black Folding Exercise Bike

All in all, for the price, we were very impressed with this RB bike. The build quality is great for a folding bike and is very stable and secure- even in its folding position. Some of the features are basic but perfect to start your fitness journey and get a sweat on, whatever your age or workout goals.

Roger Black Foldable Bike Price Check
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Roger Black Folding BikeGTR price checkingWAS £CHECKCLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (99)
Resistance Levels8
Assembled DimensionsH67 x W41cm
Folded DimensionsH140 x W41cm
Saddle to Pedal Measurement83cm

Roger Black Folding Bike Manaul

Looking for more detail on the Roger Black Folding Exercise Bike? The manual can be found
here >Download Roger Black Folding Exercise Bike Manual<


Build Quality
Value for Money


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