JTX Studio V5 Bluetooth Connect+ Review: New and Improved!

JTX Fitness Studio V5 Bike Cheapest Price
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JTX Fitness Studio V5GTR price checkingWAS £789CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (67)

The Lowdown

Getting that commercial quality gym equipment feel in the comfort of your own home is always an aspiration for any avid home gym user.

The premium build quality, look and style provide that sense of comfort and really aid performance, but getting this product satisfaction can often cost a pretty penny.

JTX has released a new and upgraded model to their original Cyclo Studio, and while it is a little pricier than their old exercise bike, it has more features like Bluetooth connectivity…

JTX continues to aim for a middle to upper range price-pointed product in the JTX Studio V5 Indoor Training Bike and we take a look to see if it delivers on that premium bang for your buck.

First Impressions

The first thing you immediately notice is the look and feel of the Cyclo bike. Instantly you get that durable and premium quality epitomised through the extra-large 2” x 5” steel frame, which does mean the bike adds up to a sizeable 60.5kg (9.5 stone), so make sure you have somewhere you can easily use and store it, without having to move it around too much.

Whilst the price point is higher than other makes and models out there, you certainly don’t feel short-changed with how good the bike feels. In fact, for what you get, I would say it’s very good value indeed. This high-performance bike can keep up with even the most seasoned enthusiasts, whilst being simple and easy to use for the beginners amongst us. And it definitely has that commercial-quality feel.


  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sizeable 16kg flywheel
  • Free Dual Pedal System


  • Non-foldable (If you need this)
  • Quite heavy at around 60.5kg, making it difficult to move

JTX Fitness Cyclo Studio Indoor Training Bike Review:


I prefer my gym equipment understated, rather than in flashy and bright colours, where for me, the look and style of the JTX Studio V5 Bike is right up my street. The stainless steel finish is also practical too, where it’s easy to clean. So don’t worry about working up a sweat, as perspiration won’t make an impact.

In terms of size and scale, in order to get that commercial-grade quality, the bike does tip the scales at over 60kg. With this in mind, I would definitely recommend a second pair of hands when setting up and moving the bike around.

Its dimensions are 129cm(l) x 50.5cm(w) x 113cm(h), with a seat to pedal distance of 78cm to 107 cm, so keep this in mind if you are slightly shorter when it comes to having a comfortable pedal motion. For taller people, it has a seat to floor height of 92cm to 119cm, as well as a max user weight of 135kg (23.1 stone), meaning it should be suitable for a wide range of users.

Build Quality:

Now quite often, the larger the flywheel, the smoother and more balanced the ride, which is why I always tend to prefer indoor bikes with a heavier flywheel. The 16kg perimeter-weighted Max Traction flywheel and frictionless magnetic resistance on the JTX Studio V5 Bike provides exactly that. Even after continued use, the 360-degree pedal stroke still felt smooth and overall provides a much more efficient and comfortable workout.

The heavy-duty crank with a sealed bearing system and large steel frame provides complete stability when in use, even during sprint work. This means that the bike doesn’t wobble and whether you’re working out on the carpet or a hard floor, the outcome should be the same.

One feature I quite like in terms of versatility, especially for those looking to try and replicate road conditions as much as possible, is that the bike also comes with the JTX dual pedal system. These pedals feature an SPD clip-in system to be used with cycling shoes on one side. The other side has toe clips for normal trainers.

The bike also comes with a 3-year in-home warranty, with all parts and labour included, which is ideal for that added peace of mind, especially when you are spending a sizeable chunk of change.


Comfort is considered through a padded seat cushion and a Quadri-Set adjustment system which means the seat and the handlebars adjust vertically and horizontally. Other nice touches include a tablet holder, allowing you to follow workouts either through an app or website, as well as a bottle holder.

As we talk about tablet holders, we need to mention the Bluetooth Connect+ functionality that comes with this new JTX Studio V5 exercise bike. This means that you can connect to training apps such as Kinomap and Zwift. These features really keep you motivated when working out, so we can see why most brands are releasing new SMART and connectable at-home gym equipment.

Now one downside for me is the lack of a screen. It’s a basic computer- and don’t get me wrong, it fulfils the essentials, in terms of recording RPM, speed, distance, time etc- it just doesn’t have that wow factor. For me, you definitely need to get a tablet with this bike, if like me, you enjoy following classes, connecting to apps, or watching something when working out. The JTX Studio V5 bike does come with a tablet holder.

The bike also doesn’t come with built-in workout programmes, so again, having a tablet and something to follow along with is essential for me.

The magnetic infinite resistance makes this easy to do, where the resistance control is easy to use and tweak to suit your needs and tailor your workout goals.

Features we really liked:

The 16kg flywheel and extra-large steel frame produces a stable, high-quality and smooth ride that doesn’t wobble.

The frictionless, magnetic resistance means you get a smooth and quiet ride.

The Bluetooth feature means it’s easy to connect to some of the most popular training apps on the market- keeping you motivated.

Final thoughts on the JTX Studio V5 Bluetooth Connect+ Bike

You get what you pay for and then some with the JTX Fitness Studio V5 Bike. I always say if you buy cheap, you buy twice, so for me, it’s better off to wait and save up to invest in something you know is going to last and provide a quality experience. And you’ll also benefit from JTX Fitness’s award-winning customer service, too.

The build quality and overall performance is excellent and whilst the lack of a detailed computer is a slight downside, the upsides far outweigh the negatives on this one. Especially with the ability to connect to apps like Zwift- makes going for a ride a pleasure, not a chore!

JTX Fitness Studio V5 Bike Voucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
JTX Fitness Studio V5GTR price checkingWAS £789CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (67)
ResistanceInfinite Magnetic Resistance
Dimensions129cm(l) x 50.5cm(w) x 113cm(h)
Max User Weight135kg (21.3 stone)
AccessoriesJTX Dual Pedal System, tablet holder, water bottle holder.


Build Quality
Value for Money


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JTX Fitness Studio V5 Bike Cheapest PriceProduct Price Check Original Price Discounted PriceJTX Fitness Studio V5WAS £789 CLICK HERERead more customer reviews here -  (67)The LowdownGetting that commercial quality gym equipment feel in the comfort of your own home is always an aspiration for any avid home gym...JTX Studio V5 Bluetooth Connect+ Review: New and Improved!