CITYSPORTS Under Desk Treadmill Review

CITYSPORTS Under Desk Treadmill Cheapest Price
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CitySportsGTR price checkingWAS £159CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (1,251)

The Lowdown

Under-the-desk treadmills are becoming increasingly popular. However, not all of them fit easily beneath most desks. 
At only 125cm the CITYSPORTS Under Desk Treadmill is a great choice for an office treadmill. It also looks solid and modern with genuine functionality.

Some treadmills have a raisable bar rail to increase speed, but this is purely for walking.

First Impressions

The size is great for home use even if you only have a very small area to dedicate to exercise. 

Size-wise it measures L124.9cm x H11.6 cm x W52.6cm and weighs only 20kg. This is a very sleek-looking support-free treadmill that comes complete with an app for your phone. 

The two-tone red and black colour is on trend. As the CITYSPORTS treadmill has a very low height profile, it easily stores under a bed or sofa once you have finished exercising. 

The treadmill looks wide and secure enough to support both walking and light jogging. 

It has the added benefit of an LED display on the front panel of the treadmill and remote control to alter during exercise.


  • Lightweight 20kg
  • LCD display
  • Accompanying App
  • Genuine space-saving treadmill
  • Non-slip walking belt


  • Low top speed, only suitable for walking.
  • No incline

CITYSPORTS Under Desk Treadmill Review

Assembling the Under Desk Treadmill:

There is no need to assemble and set up the CITYSPORTS treadmill. 

Once it is delivered to your home address, all you do is slide it out of the box, plug in the accompanying power cord into the nearest socket and you are good to go. 

Go to Google Play store or the App Store and download your app. You are now ready to take your first steps! Easy!

And when you’ve had enough of exercising, just slide it away and forget about it!

Build Quality:

This is a well-thought-out treadmill. If you are looking for a “genuine” low profile that fits under a desk, stand-up or otherwise, the CITYSPORTS is a good choice. 

The height of this treadmill is only 11.6 cm which means it fits under any desk. Also super easy to slide away under a bed or sofa. However, you can also store the treadmill upright. 

The front-mounted LCD display is a bonus when you want to check your stats. 

This is not a flimsy treadmill. It looks robust and also feels stabile when in use. 

As a testament to its build quality, it supports a maximum weight of 110kg (17.3 stone). It may not sound like a lot to many serious athletes, but as far as under-desk treadmills go, this is a decent maximum weight. 

When you consider the treadmill only weighs 20kg, it is excellent. 

The no-fuss clear LCD display clearly indicates time, calories burned, speed and distance. The amount of steps taken is also displayed which is great for walkers.


The width of the CITYSPORTS treadmill means it is great for walking and a very light jog.

Speed settings range from 1 – 6 km/h. This indicates that the treadmill is perhaps geared more towards walkers. 

Even though the treadmill is low profile, you don’t get a lot of feedback or joint shock. For such a low treadmill, there is surprisingly little shock from walking and jogging. 

As you exercise on the treadmill, you certainly notice the non-slip tread on the belt itself. 

Thanks to the remote control, you can easily control the speed without having to stop. 

An underlay is a good idea but as there is such little feedback thanks to the cushioning effect, it is not necessary. 

There is no “jerkiness” at all. Thanks to the motor, your workout experience is smooth and constant. Even when you increase the speed, you don’t notice any jarring or need to check your balance. 

Your movement feels even and precise when you are on the treadmill. Both are plus points when it comes to the CITYSPORTS Under The Desk Treadmill. 

The app is a plus point if you would like to walk with access to your phone or have it close by, and it will also record all your workout stats.

Features we really liked:

Simple and easy to use, but sturdy.

The generous and comfortable belt width of 52.6cm is good for longer walks/workouts.

The app is a nice feature to help you record your workout metrics.

Final thoughts on the CITYSPORTS Under Desk Treadmill

At the price point, you certainly get excellent value for money when you buy the CITYSPORTS Under the Desk Treadmill. 

This easy-to-use treadmill is great for home use and office exercise. Thanks to its low weight, it is easy to move around. When you have finished your workout, you simply put the treadmill under a bed or sofa. Alternatively, you can stand it up. 

You don’t need to be a technical expert to assemble the treadmill and set it up. Once you take it out of its box, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Despite the low profile, the CITYSPORTS offers a smooth, stable workout. You may feel a bit lost without upper supports at first, but this is something that you quickly get used to. 

The LCD provides you with all of the necessary feedback stats. As an additional extra, you have the app as a backup. 

All-in-all a great choice if you want to keep those steps up without leaving the house!

CITYSPORTS Under Desk Treadmill Voucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
CitySportsGTR price checkingWAS £159CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (1,251)
ColourBlack & Red
Motor0.75 HP
DimensionsH52.6 x W11.6 x D124.9cm
Running speeds1-6 km/h
Max User Weight110kg


Build Quality
Value for Money


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