Healthy and Happy: Top Tips for Eating Well

Life is hectic, and we all have lots on our plate. But what’s on the plate you’re eating off? Having the time and motivation to be healthy is often a challenge, so we’ve put together 4 easy steps to becoming a healthier you. Embrace these small changes and you will definitely be able to justify your Saturday night treat!

There are lots of fad diets, slimming groups and other weight loss programmes out there, and yes, they are great if you’re trying to fit into that outfit for your friends’ wedding. But in reality, these diets are only good for shorter periods of time, and usually when you stop, you are likely to put the weight back on as fast as you lost it. So what’s the answer?

A healthy diet is a balancing act. It’s all about making sure the calories you consume is matched with the calories that are burned off. If we eat or drink more than we are burning off, our bodies will store the excess as fat, and we will put on weight. If we are eating less than we burn off, we will lose weight. The NHS recommends men should have about 2,500 calories a day and women should stick to around 2,000.

Simples you say? Then why do we find it so hard to stick to…?

Here are some small changes to help you make a big difference;

Fruit and veg- eat lots!

As we all know, we are told that we should eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. Yes, A DAY! Easier said than done! Eating an apple or having carrots with dinner is great, but many of us are not getting the regular amount we need. A recommended way to hit that nutrition mission of an extra portion or two is by jazzing that fruit and veg up with a juicer or smoothie maker.

Juicers and smoothie makers range massively in technical specs and obviously cost too. The Philips HR1832/11 Compact Juicer is everything you need in a juicer. It has a 1.5 litre capacity and large pulp collector. The thing people love (more than the stylish design) is the fact it is dishwasher friendly. No-one wants the hassle of a mess afterwards. A big player, with a small price tag!

If you wanted to mix it up a bit then you might be better with a smoothie maker. Try this one that is the best on the market: NutriBullet 600 Series 8 Piece Kit. Not only powerful with a 600W motor, it’s easy to clean and compact too. A nice touch is that it comes as part of a pack with a recipe book and travel cups to make sure you have everything you need to make a great smoothie (and more importantly, top up your fruit and veg intake!).

Try more wholegrain and high fibre foods.

Not as exciting or tasty as we’d like, but by replacing things like pasta and rice with their wholegrain varieties will reduce your calorie intake and make you feel fuller for longer. High fibre cereals and food will also aid digestion. It is recommended that these starchy carbs should make up a third of the food we eat. Yes, they may taste like cardboard at first, but this will be a simple yet effective way to a healthier diet.

Eat less fat, salt and sugar (*yawn*)

This is the boring one. All the nice things we love to eat will most likely be high in one or all three of these- that’s what makes them taste so good! Whilst they are nice as a treat, we know we can’t eat them all the time. BUT, many foods have hidden nasties, and we need to be more aware of these. You should always check the nutrition label on a food packet and be aware of its’ contents. If it is scattered with red and you thought it was a healthy option, you should put it back on the shelf!

Another important thing to consider here is fat. We need to limit our saturated fat intake to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease. A good way to do this in everyday life is to remove fat from meat, cook using a healthy grill and use low calorie sprays rather than oil. Buying a healthy grill is a great way to make sure all the excess fat is removed before you eat- the fat that would normally be consumed if you were cooking in a frying pan. Hands down, we all know George Foreman grills are the most tried and tested on the market, the only question you should have is what size? Compact, family or entertaining? Find the right grill for you at the cheapest price here!

If you are a fan of chips, throw out that deep fat mess and get an Air Fryer. Using only one spoonful of oil, you can eat your favourite treats guilt-free! From curry and chips to sausages, you can cook it all, and you should look no further than the Tefal GH840840 ActiFry Original Plus which has the best features (and great customer reviews!).

Drink, drink, and drink some more!

We need to remain hydrated, and the NHS recommends we drink 6-8 glasses of water or low sugary fluids a day. That is quite a lot. Our body is always naturally losing water and we need to make sure it is being refilled so we can remain healthy. It is also common to mistake hunger for thirst, so by drinking fluids first, you may be stopping yourself from consuming unnecessary calories.

You can remind yourself to keep drinking by getting a good sized water bottle, and whether it stays on your work desk or you carry it everywhere, you’ll make sure you never dehydrate again!

Just following these simple steps will help you to improve your eating habits and become healthier. BUT, this is just eating! We all know that being active is also an important part of embracing a healthy lifestyle, so we’ve put something together to help you work-out at home.

Good luck…


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