Love yourself – Taking care of your mental wellbeing

It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone, and we’ve all dealt with the highs and lows very differently. And that’s ok! Now things are starting to get back to normal and life is carrying on to its pre-covid ways, it’s important we look after ourselves, our thoughts and our wellbeing- and those around us too…

The NHS have put together a campaign and support portal called Every Mind Matters, which is filled with tips, guides and videos on how we can look after ourselves and our wellbeing after Covid. You can see all the information on the NHS Better Health portal here.

There is also a Mind Plan Quiz that asks just 5 quick questions and creates a plan that’s personal to you and aims to help your wellbeing. Even if just to boost your mood and feel a little more in control, it’s definitely worth a try.

Whatever emotions we have felt before or how we feel now is fine- we all process things differently. But, if you or someone you know is feeling a bit wobbly or uncertain about anything, here are a couple of tips that might help:

Take a deep breath and take stock of your feelings:

Breathe in and think about your thoughts and feelings. What is on your mind? Is how you act really how you feel inside? Are you happy? Then once you’ve thought about it, maybe talk it through with someone you trust.

Focus on the now…:

We all worry about the future, and often things that are out of our control. But perhaps the first thing to do is focus on the now. Think about your day-to-day life and what is in your power to do or change right now.

Be positive about what’s going well:

It’s natural to sometimes dwell on what isn’t going right around us and then often overthink and escalate it in our minds. But what about focussing on all the good and positive things you are surrounded by? Your friends and family? Your fave food? A song that makes you dance? There will be things that put a smile on your face.

Small changes can make a big difference:

Routine and structure can be a powerful way to regain consistency and reduce uncertainty in our lives. Spend time to de-stress and wind down each day – build in positive activities like exercise, relaxation, hobbies, speaking to friends or spending time with those close to you, and think about a positive sleep routine.

Support is here:

Talking to people around you about your feelings can be a great way to help your mental wellbeing, but there are also lots of tools and professional support available, like the NHS Every Mind Matters. They have lots of helpful content if you have something on your mind, and also has a list of support numbers too. Even if you just have the odd off-day (as we all do!), taking the Mind Plan Quiz could really give you a boost too.

Taking care of ourselves and our loved ones has never been so important, and in a time when it feels like there’s lots of negativity bad things happening in the world, we’ve got to do our best to keep our vibes positive and our mental wellbeing in check!


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