Dry April?! 5 reasons we should give the booze a break before the beer gardens start calling…

Yes, I know! Dry January is long gone, and lockdown seems to be becoming a distant memory, BUT now could be the perfect time to have a little detox before all the fun starts.

The sun has started to shine, we have extra bank holidays coming up, and life seems to be getting back to normal again. While we are waiting for all that, now could be a great time to have a break off the booze…

Feel free to stop reading there, as I’m all about living for the moment (especially after the mess of the last two years), but let’s talk about why replacing your Woo Woo for some Water for a few weeks probably won’t bother you too much, but will definitely help your body:

1) Getting some better ZZZ’s

Teddybear sleeping under a unicorn duvet cover

Alcohol helps you get to sleep quickly, but anyone wearing a Sleep Tracker to bed after a night on the town will know that you spend more time in the less restful REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep stage. Apart from annoying your partner with your snoring, this is also a really rubbish quality of sleep.

So, you take some time away from the beer, you have more regular nights of peaceful and deep sleep, and you wake up feeling more energetic and active. Winner!

2) Pump up your fitness and energy levels

Person doing a jumping jack into the air in the forest

We’ve all reached for that cold Fanta on the bedside table after a night on the booze. That’s because our mouth is dryer than the Sahara and we are dehydrated. Drum roll… Alcohol is what we call a diuretic which is a fancy way of saying that it sucks all the life out of us- and not just fluids, but our skin and everything feels a bit, well, nasty!

By keeping yourself hydrated ALL the time and not having booze as a stumbling block, will improve your blood flow, which carries all the good stuff (including Oxygen) around your body, and make you feel mega energetic.

3) Swap the hangover for high knees!

Group of people doing high knees as an exercise in a gym class

Even after a glass of wine, I struggle to get out of bed the next day (I’m not as boozy as I used to be!), but stopping it for a while means you can make more of your mornings/weekends and rather than stay in bed, will feel more motivated to get up and go for that walk or try out that gym class. And you won’t’ need a paracetamol first to help you!

4) Save some dosh

A hand putting a coin into a plastic piggy bank

Save those pennies for all those parties/planned outings that are booked in for the next few months. Everything is getting pricer, from the pint of Coors to the next day of carbs, so a few weeks of detoxing will help you save a pound or two. Last January, 86% of people who participated in Dry January said they saved money…*

5) Looking good- Inside and Out!

Lots of fruit and vegetables on the grass making the shape of heart

So, you’re getting up early on the weekends to do some exercise, you’re having great sleep so are super energetic, you’re staying really hydrated and most likely swapping a hangover BigMac for a Bruscetta. All of these things will most likely mean that you’ve lost a few pounds and you’re looking healthier. Fab!

But what about on the inside? Research shows that swapping the Smirnoff for just a few weeks can have a lot of health benefits; Lowering cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, lowering diabetes risks and levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood*. And that’s just to name a few…

So, I’m just throwing the idea out there…nearly 8 million* people did Dry January this year (22% more than in 2021), which shows people are increasingly appreciating the importance of body booze cleanses.

But maybe we don’t need to make it an annual challenge? The benefits of getting rid of alcohol for even a few weeks are massive, so maybe don’t wait another year to do the next one!

Source: why-do-dry-january


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