NordicTrack VR19 Bike Review

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First impressions of the NordicTrack VR19 Bike

The NordicTrack VR19 is a recumbent bike, meaning that the rider is in a laid-back reclining position.

Recumbent bikes are great for those with lower back issues, where instead of sitting hunched over, the riders’ weight is distributed through a larger surface area, which can reduce strain and tension.

Recumbent bikes like the VR19 exercise your glutes, thighs, and calves with much less strain on your joints than other home exercise equipment and are usually more comfortable and provide more balance than the average at-home exercise bike.

The NordicTrack VR19 is high-quality recumbent bike, designed to be practical for the user.

The water bottle holder, tablet shelf and built-in speakers are all nice touches and at a great price for what you get compared to other exercise bikes on the market. The VR19 is also designed for comfort, with an oversized ergonomic seat that’s adjustable and provides both comfort and support to your lumbar region, as well as coming with easily adjustable pedals and a smooth pedalling action.

In terms of performance, the VR19 also offers a strong level of variety.

There are 22 magnetic resistance levels, which should provide enough resistance even for more seasoned users and there are also 24 varied pre-set workout programs for mixing up your training intensity.

Adding to this flexibility, is the Bluetooth enabled, iFit compatibility.

Joining iFit means you will get access to world-class trainers and fitness classes. Simply link your device to your treadmill with a Bluetooth smart connection and your iFit Trainers will automatically adjust your speed and resistance for you.

Sounds fancy, right…!?

NordicTrack VR19 Bike Review


The NordicTrack is quite a hefty bit of kit. Weighing in at 48kg (over 7 stone) once assembled, it can be quite bulky and heavy to move, especially for just one person, although it does come with front mounted transport wheels.

It can also be quite time consuming to assemble. You’re looking at over an hour at least, however two pairs of hands might be able to speed up this process.

Once assembled, it has dimensions of L137cm x W64cm x H131cm and can have a max user weight of 125kg. Whilst this does mean the machine is strong and stable, it does take up quite a bit of room, so keep this in mind when it comes to storage and using the exercise bike.


The NordicTrack VR19 comes with a 7KG flywheel, which is capable of providing a good, intense workout.

There are 22 magnetic resistance levels to give you plenty of scope to increase your fitness as your endurance increases and you also have access to 24 varied pre-set workout programs for varying levels of training intensity.

The VR19 is designed to provide a comfortable workout solution and minimise the stress on your body, not only through the recumbent frame design, but also through the extra-wide ergonomic pedals with adjustable straps and AutoBreeze workout fan, which whilst isn’t the strongest, it did help a bit.

There is also a water bottle holder, lumbar supported cushioned seat and a tablet shelf, which are convenient when using the bike and the horizontal seat adjustment allows you to fit the bike to suit your needs.

In terms of ride quality, the VR19 is smooth and comfortable to use, where the recumbent design relieves the stress on your lower back, meaning you can workout for longer and harder if desired. This seated position also alleviates saddle soreness and reduces the chance of injury.


The VR19 comes with a 5-inch high contrast multi-colour display, which is easy to use and provides performance feedback on your workout, such as speed, time and distance. The OneTouch controls make settings easy to change and allow for a fluid workout experience.

There are also 2 built in speakers, which whilst the sound quality isn’t the best, they do the job and are a nice added bonus.

One of the biggest plus points about the VR19 is the iFit compatibility, a feature that comes with quite a few exercise machines in the NordicTrack range. iFit provides users with access to daily workouts and various Google map-based virtual trails.

This allows users to stream workouts right to their home, have access to live interactive training sessions, as well as providing a comprehensive and user-friendly progress-tracking tool.

For the more competitive of you out there, iFit also allows you to compete with friends and other iFit users in daily tasks, tables and challenges.

Simply connect via Bluetooth and away you go. Bear in mind that iFit membership is only included free for a year and after that you’ll have to pay a yearly subscription if you still want this feature.


  • 22 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 1 year iFit membership
  • Autobreeze function
  • Built in speakers
  • 5 inch display monitor
  • 24 pre-set programs
  • Comfortable seat and positioning
  • Bluetooth Chestbelt compatibility.
  • 125kg max user weight
  • 2 years parts and labour warranty


  • Very time consuming to assemble
  • Quite big and bulky

How does the NordicTrack VR19 compare to the Pro Fitness EB3000?

The first difference between these two bikes that jumps out is the price tags. At double the price of the Pro Fitness bike, the VR19 is certainly not the cheapest on the market.

That being said, for my money, the VR19 outperforms the Pro Fitness in virtually every category. For starters, the VR19 has a much wider choice of resistance, with 22 varying levels, compared to the 8 levels on the Pro Fitness.

The 5-inch display of the NordicTrack is also much easier to read, the overall design is a lot higher quality and the overall ride quality and ride experience is a lot better too.

Furthermore, the iFit compatibility is a real winner in my book and really provides that extra variety in workouts, something, which I always find, helps me keep my motivation high

When you add all this up, I would personally choose the VR19, however I know the price point is quite a bit higher.

For me, I would choose to save up slightly more and buy the much better-quality machine, as from experience, I’ve found that when I have invested in slightly cheaper models, my motivation to use the equipment isn’t quite there, as the user experience just isn’t as good.

If you’re still making your mind up, you can see our full reviews on the Pro Fitness Exercise Bike range here.

Final thoughts on the NordicTrack VR19

Recumbent bikes are a great solution for those who are looking for a more relaxed and comfortable workout, where the stress on the lower back is kept to a minimum.

This is also great if you’re someone who is recovering from injuries or prone to discomfort when using traditional upright exercise bikes.

The VR19 is an excellent high-quality exercise bike, which really provides that gym-quality feel.

NordicTrack have built a strong reputation for high quality exercise equipment and the VR19 continues this trend in abundance.

The wide variety of workout programmes and resistance levels, as well as the iFit connectivity, mean you won’t be bored, and for me, that is really important when investing in exercise equipment. And although is quite tricky to assemble, once you have done this, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the results.

We Recommend You Check Out the JTX SALE!
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Check the JTX SALEGTR price checkingFROM £299CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (63)


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We Recommend You Check Out the JTX SALE!Product Price Check Original Price Discounted PriceCheck the JTX SALEFROM £299 CLICK HERERead more customer reviews here -  (63)First impressions of the NordicTrack VR19 BikeThe NordicTrack VR19 is a recumbent bike, meaning that the rider is in a laid-back reclining...NordicTrack VR19 Bike Review