Roger Black Gold Exercise Bike Review

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Roger Black Gold Exercise Bike Review


Quite simply the Roger Black Gold Exercise Bike is a machine that offers a lot of bang for your buck. What I really like about the setup is that it is not over complicated for the average user and delivers all the requirements you would expect from an exercise bike.

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Delivery and setup

A slight change from the normal delivery option was that I had a spare afternoon off from the kids (any parent would agree this is rare) and went to collect the bike from my local store.

I did check that this wasn’t going to be an issue, the machine weighs in at around 27kg’s when boxed. I would always recommend choosing home delivery for any item over 40kg’s.

Setup took approx. 90 minutes, as said in previous reviews some customers may complete this in half the time, but I like to make sure that any fitness machine is perfectly setup and double checked.

Overall there were some fiddly parts such as feeding wires through the machine neck to the LCD display, but it was more time consuming than anything else.


Before my initial test of the bike I had to make vertical adjustments to the seat height and distance from the front of the bike (horizontal adjustments).

It was nice to be greeted with good quality hand grips to adjust the screws. This is in contrast to some budget bikes that take layers of skin off your hands every time you want to make a change.

I know we don’t buy gym equipment necessarily based on its looks, but these do have to sit within our homes and fit in with the surroundings.

This bike is a nice looking bike in my opinion, my version was almost entirely black with sky blue highlights in areas. The bike is a good weight at around 25kg’s and they have done a really good job making the neck, seat and base unit as slimline as possible.

The three key areas of a bike that I look at are the pedals, seat and handle bars. I am happy to say that the Roger Black Gold scores well in all three categories:

The pedals – I can’t find any faults with the initial tests, they are plastic but feel a very good quality.

Their thickness and feel during use suggests that they aren’t going to snap or wear out anytime soon. Checking feedback from other users who have used the machine for a longer period of time none have reported signs of pedal damage.

Bike Seat – First impressions were that it was comfortable and made from a solid sponge. The seat will get slightly softer over time but it’s more than suitable for everyday use.

Handlebars – The Roger Black Gold uses the traditional ‘bull horns’ layout that allows you to cycle in the traditional position or a long arm position. The additional benefit is having the heart rate monitor built into the handlebars. The bonus here is that the handlebars are adjustable.

Lastly is nice addition is having a water bottle holder included on the neck which is surprisingly missing on the majority of exercise bikes sold today.

The no manual test – How easy is it to operate without instructions?

When the LCD comes to life it shows a range of settings on a nice blue display.

Like most systems there is a trade-off between including lots of features yet at the same time making it easy to use. I can say that there were lots of programs to cycle through and I was able to perform a simple workout routine easy enough. The feedback LCD is good, it offers detailed information including body fat, heart rate, speed, calories and rotations per minute.

I would have to check the instruction booklet if I wanted to use the more detailed features, but this is to be expected. Overall the layout and buttons were clear and easy to use, as I said previously, they have done the basics really well.


  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Nice slimline design
  • Water bottle holder
  • Good LCD display and number of options


  • Number of options means some may find the LCD screen difficult to use
  • More assembly required than other bikes
  • Water bottle holder prone to breakage

Final word

The Roger Black Gold is a great mid-range exercise bike that will suit the majority of users. It has everything you could want from a traditional exercise bike and we have nothing but praise for the job done by the manufacturers. We did a few background checks and were pleased to find that long term use of the machine also showed little in the way of negative feedback.

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Roger Black Gold WAS £189 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(287)


Adjustable handle bars
Adjustable pedals
Mains powered
Adjustable seat (vertical and horizontal)
Programmable resistance system
Handle bar heart rate monitor
13 user programmes (9 pre-set, 1 body fat, 3 target)
LCD feedback including: time, speed, heart rate, calories and body fat
16 tension levels
6kg fly wheel
Adjustable pedal straps
Maximum weight 130kg (20 stone)

Product details

Size Height 135cm, Width 55cm, Depth 100cm
Wheels for transportation
Requires self assembly

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Build quality
Cost Vs Quality

A great machine that really delivers a good experience for a fraction of the price of a gym bike.

It does have many pros and cons and our full review can be found below.

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