JTX Cyclo-6 Exercise Bike Review: A gym quality bike with a home gym price tag

The Lowdown

JTX Fitness has put together a gym-quality indoor exercise bike for use in your own home. You can get a powerful cardio workout by relying on the huge 22kg flywheel that leads to superior balance and increased confidence in your machine. This means you can up that resistance and work harder for even better results. A quality machine for a challenging workout.

JTX Cyclo-6 Exercise Bike Cheapest Price
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
JTX Cyclo-6GTR price checkingWAS £599CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (NEW)

First Impressions

The frame itself is 63kg (just under 10 stone) and is super sturdy- in fact, it has been built as though they designed it for the gym. And the infinity/friction resistance allows for gradual progression so you can increase the resistance as you become fitter through working out with this exercise bike. You can really feel like this bike is built to last!

The intuitive computer records your speed, distance, calories, and heart rate as expected, but it also records the total distance you’ve cycled since the bike was last reset. Why do we love that feature so much? Bragging rights, of course! Trust us, this bike has a lot going for it!


  • Quadric-Set adjustment system for perfect positioning
  • Heavy 22kg flywheel
  • Quick build, only 30 mins
  • Free water bottle holder attachment on the bike
  • 2-year in-home repair warranty (parts and labour).


  • Small computer screen
  • Users under 5ft need to contact JTX customer service to ask about crank shorteners to be able to use the bike.

JTX Cyclo-6: Indoor Exercise Bike Review:


JTX recommend two people for setting up the JTX Cyclo-6 indoor exercise bike, and I can see why. It’d certainly be easier and a lot quicker if there were two of you working on putting it together. However, I, and many other users, managed to do this alone in 30 minutes or less. A small price to pay if you don’t have anyone around to give you a hand. 

The instructions are clear, the parts well labelled, and the pictograms helpful. Really, I have no complaints about the setup of this bike because it was simple to do and even home gym novices won’t have a problem putting the bike together, so long as they stick to the instructions provided.

Remember, there are wheels to move around the bike once setup, but the box weighs over 10 stone, so make sure it’s delivered (or someone can help move) to the room you want it in.


For a more than reasonable price you get a gym-level home exercise bike with excellent resistance levels, a 22kg flywheel for better workouts, and a monitor that’s capable of tracking everything you need to know about your workout to maximise the results. You’d struggle to find another home gym indoor exercise bike that could do the same. 

Yes, the infinity resistance is just a fancier term for friction resistance (and if I was being a sceptic, I might suggest it was renamed because JTX knows that some home gym enthusiasts prefer magnetic resistance and shy away from friction resistance bikes, but the resistance levels on this indoor exercise bike work brilliantly (at the turn of a knob).

If you’re a diehard magnetic resistance fan, then I won’t be able to turn your head in this review, but just know that the bike moves through the resistance levels seamlessly and the ride is smooth, balanced, and powerful, giving you the best opportunity for intense cardio workouts.

But perhaps my favourite thing of all about this exercise bike in terms of performance is how much it can step up by simply using an app with it. Grab your phone or tablet and place it nearby (there is no built-in phone or tablet holder, but you ought to be able to find an attachable one for a reasonable price). 

Make sure you’ve downloaded an app such as Peloton Digital, and then be transported to a spin class with top LA gym trainers. If you weren’t getting the most out of this exercise bike before, you will be with the support of an encouraging gym trainer! Or I even managed to find lots of free online spin classes to follow, to mix up my workouts (and keep me motivated).

Build Quality:

Are there other indoor exercise bikes on the market with a better build quality? Of course, but none at this price point and I think that’s why the JTX Fitness Cyclo-6 is so impressive. The sturdy frame weighing 63kg, the adjustable seat and handlebars, the heavy flywheel, and the intuitive monitor all work together to create a piece that feels more expensive than it is. 

Of course, you want your indoor exercise bike to feel sturdy, or else you won’t have the confidence to ride it as vigorously as you might with a piece of gym equipment in a spin class, but you also want it to feel long-lasting too. And JTX does that well! The only real gripe I have with the build quality is that the SPD Pedal system is only an added feature. 

The SPD pedal system allows for a 360-degree pedal stroke when clipped in, meaning you’re working every inch of your muscles to the max. I also think they could improve the quality of the bike substantially by having this pedal system come as standard, and I’m sure most users wouldn’t mind the slight increase in price that this would require for better performance and overall build quality. Still, the standard model is built well, and my complaint really is just nit-picking. 

Just for your reference (and to check you have enough space!), the rough dimensions of this JTX Fitness bike is L124 x W54 x H122cm

Features we really liked:

Polar compatible heart rate monitor (sold separately) but it’s good to see compatibility here for even more effective workouts

22kg flywheel for intense cardio workouts that never feel unbalanced or unsafe

Adjustable seat and handlebars both vertically and horizontally for increased comfort, and better performance

Final thoughts on the JTX Cyclo-6: Indoor Exercise Bike

Outstanding performance, incredibly sturdy, and a build quality unexpected at this price point, the JTX Cyclo-6 indoor exercise bike is a top-performing piece of home gym equipment that would make any home gym enthusiast proud. 

Are there areas for improvement? Of course, but even with the slightly suspect advertising of the ‘Infinity’ resistance (which is really just friction resistance rebranded), the bike speaks for itself.

The optional upgrades would certainly make for a better overall experience, including the Polar heart rate monitor to increase the accuracy of your heart rate measurements compared to the info that is gathered at the hand sensors (which can often lead to distorted results because of how much you’ll be sweating). But the standard model is perfect for everyone, from beginners to gym-goers, and everything in between!

If that wasn’t enough, there is a lifetime frame warranty and two-year parts warranty that is activated after each purchase, so you can be confident that they build this bike to last. 

Overall, if you’re looking for an at-home fitness bike that is not only sturdy but will also continue to challenge you as your fitness improves, the JTX Cyclo-6 is definitely worth considering.

JTX Cyclo-6 Exercise Bike Voucher Code
ProductPrice CheckOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
JTX Cyclo-6GTR price checkingWAS £599CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5 (NEW)
Adjustable tension levelsYes (32 available)
SizeL124cm x W54cm x H122cm
Item Weight67kgs (10.6 stone)
Max user weight135kgs (21.3 stone)
Warranty2 Year In-home warranty
Flywheel22kgs Belt Driven


Build Quality
Value for Money


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