Opti Manual Rowing Machine Review

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Opti Manual Rowing Machine Review

Overview of the Opti manual rowing machine

A moderate rowing machine that will suit those on a budget, but may leave serious fitness users a little less than satisfied. A simple setup based on a hydraulic pump as resistance.

Delivery and setup

No delivery was required for the Opti Manual rowing machine , its weight was only around 15kg’s and the packaging would be easy for the majority of people to carry back to their car without any help.

There is some assembly required, bolting the base, seat and hydraulic handle system takes up the majority of time. The process took around 25 minutes from start to finish and our rowing machine was complete.

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Features of the Opti manual rowing machine

Starting from the bottom of the machine are the pedals, they seem fairly well constructed and the straps are large enough to cover any number of foot sizes. The system uses Velcro and we found this helpful if you are the sole user of the rowing machine which won’t require you to keep altering the straps.

Next up are the handles, they have a thin foam grip and I am going to be honest and say that they don’t feel the best quality when in use. I am aware that this is a budget machine, but I have to call what I see, and most other rowing machines are better quality.

The LCD display is basic and has a single button to run through the available options including row count, time, calories and a scan button to continuously cycle through all three. The data displayed has to be taken with a pinch of salt as calories cannot be accurately counted unless you take more readings. Overall the LCD display does its job and most will find this suitable for their needs.

One of the areas that we were most disappointed with was the hydraulic gauge with tension control. The issues with this setup is that the resistance is based on pushing air back and forth through a pump. As the pump heats up, air is able to flow more easily and so the tension levels drop. Some regular users of the system have reported that the tension drops so low that the rowing machine becomes too easy.

Lastly the seat is mounted on wheels that are attached to the frame and held in place. I can’t say this is much better as the wheels did wobble on occasion and moving back and forth wasn’t always a fluid motion.


The no manual test – How easy is it to operate without instructions?

This has to be one of the shortest no manual reviews I have ever written. The setup is basic, you simply have to press one button, sit down and start rowing. There is nothing more to it.


  • Easy to set up
  • Very low price
  • Good foot straps


  • Very basic LCD display
  • Doesn’t feel like the best build quality
  • Small rowing seat
  • Tension level varies depending on use
  • Poor build quality

Final word

As you can read from many of the above points sometimes you get what you pay for. In this it’s a budget rowing machine for a budget price. If you are new to rowing and want to take your first steps then this could be the ideal solution. Personally I believe that for a little bit extra you can get a much better rowing machine that has a host of additional features and better build quality.

Opti Rowing Machine Price Comparison
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Opti rowing machine WAS £79 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(48)


Hydraulic pressure system with 12 levels of tension
Console feedback including time, row count, strokes per minute and calories used
Foot straps are adjustable
Maximum user weight 100kg (15st 10lb)
Folds away for easy storage
Can be moved via wheels

Product details

Size complete – Height 67cm, Width 42cm, Depth 140cm
Packs away flat

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Build quality
Cost Vs Quality

A basic rowing machine that may suit those on a budget. This machine was simple to set up but does have its drawbacks which can be found below.


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