Men’s Health Folding Weights Bench Review

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Men’s Health Folding Weights Bench Review


If you are new to working out at home or tired of using free weights in limited ways such as bicep curls etc. then the Men’s Health folding bench would be an ideal next step up. It comes complete with 35kg weight to help you get started.

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Order and delivery

Ordered and delivered within the 3 days form a large UK retailer. I would not recommend going to collect this from the store as it’s quite a bulky item. It weights approx. 65kg’s in total including the frame, padding materials and supplied weights.

It comes in 3 separate boxes making it almost impossible to collect on your own. For a few pounds we would recommend having it delivered to your house.

Initial Setup

From delivery to setup took around 1 hour and 20 minutes. The instructions supplied were detailed and clear.

Some may complete the process faster than this but I prefer to take my time to ensure nothing is missed and also go around all the bolts at the end to ensure they are all tight (but be careful not to over tighten).

First thoughts and build quality

First impressions are good, the padded seat, backrest and bicep curl are of a high quality and don’t fall into either category of being too ridged or soft. I set the back rest and laid down for a few reps, the frame was surprisingly ridged and showed no signs of weakness under the full load of my body and supplied weights.

The frame is slightly thicker than other budget weights benches that we have reviewed. The box design of the support bars gives it increased stability and there were no noticeable sounds of metal on metal (clanging).

‘Clanging’ can sometimes happen when there are gaps between adjustable sections of gym equipment. This results in an annoying metal on metal banging noise during each rep.

Easy folding weights bench?

One of the major selling points of the Men’s Health workout bench is that it can be folded almost flat after each use.

The measurements are 95cm wide, 35cm deep and 140cm high when folded away. The key metric here is the depth of 35cm, this allows it to be placed flat to a wall and take up very little room in any household.

Who should buy the Men’s Health Weights Bench?

Firstly let’s start with the type of customer that we would recommend buy this weights bench.

If you struggle to make time for the gym or don’t want the often high price tag that comes with a monthly membership then this is the ideal solution to your needs.

Simply folding out the unit gives you almost instant access to a huge range of muscle building exercises that cover every muscle group within your body. Pair this with a simple muscle building routine that can easily be found online and you have yourself a home mini gym for the fraction of the price of a regular gym.

This does however come with its potential downsides that are explained in the next section.

Who should avoid the Men’s health weights bench?

If you are already a regular gym member and lift heavier weights, you may find the Men’s Health weights bench unable to push you as hard as you would like. By this I mean that the bar and frame will only allow for a maximum of 35Kg’s to be used for a bench press. Sure personally (although it isn’t recommended by the manufacturer) I think it could cope with weights up to around 45Kg’s at a push.

I have a smaller frame typical of a runner more than a body builder and so this is perfect for my needs. If you are on the other end of the scale who is naturally bigger in build and use weights of around 60-70Kg’s then you are going to have to look at higher end workout bench that is suitable for this weight.


  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Good build quality
  • Fold flat for easy storage
  • Great range of muscle building exercises available


  • Bench may not suit very tall people
  • Advised maximum weight is 35Kg

Final word

For those looking for a complete workout bench with the option to fold it flat for easy storage then then Men’s Health workout bench is a great choice. It’s also perfect for new starters and is a surprising hit with younger people who are looking for the most value for their money.

It’s solid frame and good cushioning provides a pleasant experience while in use and there were no major faults that we could find during testing. Men’s Health have included a surprising number of options to give the user a great overall body workout.

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Men’s Health Weights Bench WAS £99 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(188)
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Is the Men's Health Folding Workout Bench the complete solution to your weight building needs? We look at the pros and cons to find out.

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