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Wonder Core 2 Review


The Wonder core 2 is the updated version of the Wonder core smart. Boasting to be a revolutionary 12-in-1 ab system, we are going to put it through its paces to see if it really does hold up to its name.

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Order and delivery

Ordering was easy and it arrived within 3 days, a little slower than normal but we were in no rush. This isn’t that much of a bulky item so you can choose to collect this but for the few extra pounds we opted for delivery.

Initial Setup

The Wonder Core 2 comes partly assembled, the instruction manual is easy to follow and you should have this up and running in around 30-45 minutes. You will be glad to hear that a detailed well documented instruction manual is provided which makes a change to some cheaper Chinese systems we have put together in the past.

The two mains areas that need to be connect together are the main frame and the pulley system. A nice addition is that a small screwdriver is provided.

First thoughts and build quality

Like the Recent Wonder Core Smart review, I am always a little sceptical of workout machines tell the user that they can virtually do it all. You need to understand that this will need to be a piece of equipment you will use as an addition to your workout routine.

My home gym consists of many high prices items and even then this doesn’t cover the full range of exercises that you would find at a gym.

Looking specifically at the quality of the item, I have to say that it all looks solid and well designed. The seat provided can take my weight with ease with no strange noises or rattling can be found when I gave it a quick test. The metalwork doesn’t feel cheap and it does initially feel like I have got my money’s worth.

What is the Wonder Core smart?

Quite simply it is an ab cruncher with an improved design over older models that have been available in the past.

The main features are advertised as:

  • Dual resistance means that you’re getting a full workout both all the way and down through each rep.
  • Its design means that you get a full 180 degree range of motion giving you a lower, middle and upper ab workout.
  • It adjustable to your fitness level, this results in the right level of resistance to suit your needs.
  • The thick foam cushion supports your vital areas such as the back and neck as you train to ensure full support and reduce the chance of injury.

Unlike the Wonder Core Smart, the Wonder Core 2 does look to focus specifically on abs and not so much on the total body workout aspect. In my opinion it does give it that little extra bit of credibility.

Easy to follow manual

The manual provided with the Wondercore 2 is surprisingly well written and easy to follow. Handy diagrams are explained for the following workouts:

Basic situps
Twist sit ups
Downward ab press
Pulley sit ups
Vertical rowing
Low rowing
Shoulder press
Leg curls

Testing the Wonder Core smart

I wouldn’t consider it a fair test unless I completed the full plan as supplied with the item its self. Included with the Wondercore 2 is a wall chart, basic instruction manual and a workout DVD. I decided to follow a range from the wall chart and complete the DVD over a 2 week cycle.

Results from using the Wondercore 2

I have to admit that after my time with the Wondercore 2 I did start to see results. The first few times I used the machine I could tell that I was doing something over and above my normal routine, as I did experience muscle burn. After the 2 weeks I did experience better ad muscle definition.

You only have to watch the DVD a few times before this isn’t much help anymore and you can plan your own routines.

Who is this for?

The Wondercore 2 is for people who want to add a complete ad workout to their current routine. I must stress that this is not a substitute for weights or cardio equipment. The people you see on the workout videos have bulging biceps and a great all over physique. This was not from simply using the Wondercore 2 in isolation, it’s simply impossible to build that type of muscle mass.

On the flip side if you already perform some level of weights or cardio at home and you are looking for something that will target the often overlooked core muscle group, then I highly recommend the Wondercore 2. It does provide a great variety of Ab workouts and the difficulty levels can be adjusted as you progress over time.


  • Good build quality
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Comes with good set of guides and DVD
  • A very good ab core addition


  • Not for those looking for a total body workout (Look for a full multi gym)

Final word

I was initially sceptical that this was merely a gimmick. Sold to those who are looking for that piece of equipment that will perform miracles for the fraction of the price of a treadmill and a home multi gym.

The area that the Wondercore 2 does excel is specifically targeting your core muscle groups. It really does complement my workout routine, its ability to be easily stored away gives it that great added bonus. I can see why it has so many 5 star reviews have been left by people who have had the item for a longer period of time, it’s a testament that this does produce results.

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Wondercore 2 WAS £99 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(568)


Maximum user weight 120kg
Adjustable resistance system
Compact and folds away for storage
Weight boxed approx.. 13kg’s
Self-assembly required
Manufacturers 2 year warranty

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Is the Wondercore 2 the perfect way to sculpt your abs? We find out.

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