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Wonder Core Smart Review


The Wonder Core is marketed as the ultimate total body workout, it’s not something that we would normally look to review, which I must add does add a little excitement.

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Order and delivery

Ordered and delivered the next day from a large retailer. It was well packaged without any damage. In the box it weighs about 8-10 kg’s.

Initial Setup

Setup for the Wonder Core smart was simple as it comes pre-assembled. Reading the instruction manual you simply have to adjust the strength by turning the knob at the end of the frame.

I didn’t initially know what would be needed to set it to what I considered a light setting.

First thoughts and build quality

I am always a little sceptical of workout machines that claim a total body workout. My home gym consists of many high prices items and even then this doesn’t cover the full range of exercises that you would find at a gym.

Build quality is good, the frame feels ridged and there is no initial warning signs such as squeaks or scraping of metal on metal.

What is the Wonder Core smart?

Quite simply it is an ab cruncher with an improved design over older models, this enables you to perform a range of additional exercises. It features a seat and two padded arms that provide resistance based on internal springs.

The force can be adjusted and can provide in the region of 20 – 50 lbs of resistance. This should be enough or as little required to suit the majority of home workouts.

Easy to follow manual

The manual provided with the Wonder Core smart is well written and clear. It displays simple diagrams of the following workout exercises:

Forearms and Biceps
Ab tuck
Push up
Tricpe dips
Scissor kicks
Sit-down cycling

From the list I wouldn’t list the device as an “overall workout solution” but it does give some interesting ways to help with traditional exercises.

Testing the Wonder Core smart

I lasted 10 minutes of the workout DVD and although I see this as ideal for new starters I did find the advised programme a little too easy.

In reply I decided to test a few of your more standard exercises with higher intensity and went with 3 reps of sit ups, ab tucks and scissor kicks. I have to say that I was impressed with the Wonder Core and the pressure it was putting on my abs.

I tend to stick with more traditional formats of a sit-ups on a workout mat with my knees bent, but people have advised that this does put excess pressure on your lower back. I do believe that there is a need for something such as the Wonder Core smart if it’s able to give me the same results without the side effects of pain in other areas.

Who is this for?

For those who are initially doubtful over its ability to deliver results then you need to ask yourself what is the purpose in your routine. I think the best way is it I list some scenarios where I think it would be best suited:

The home gym user – YES

Like myself I tend to use a treadmill and weights bench as part of my daily workout. What is great about the Wonder core is that I am going to be using it exclusively for an ab workout. It’s so small that it can easily be stored away and so fits in perfectly with its targeted use.

Regular gym member – NO/MAYBE

If you have access to any type of ab specific equipment in your gym then you may not want to consider the Wonder core at home. Gym regulars may still want to keep a spare set of dumbbells stored away, but many people tend to perform core workouts once or twice a week and so I doubt the Wonder Core smart would get the best use.

Elderly or recovering back to fitness – YES

I am quite lucky to be in good health but reading up on the Wonder Core it seems that many people are happy to be able to get access to fitness equipment at an affordable price that can easily be performed at home.

For example the seated cycling exercise would be ideal for somebody who is recovering or needs regular light physio. From their point of view I can see why the Wonder Core smart would exactly fit their needs.


  • Good build quality
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Works your core abs very well


  • Not a total body workout as described
  • Exercise DVD supplied is a little too easy

Final word

Quite simply the Wonder Core passes in some areas and fails in others, this all depends on what you want to achieve from the equipment. In my case it was to simply add a better abs workout.

Going forward I will be imply sliding out the Wonder Core from storage and completing a set of core exercises before returning it away again. Others may decide to perform other routines, but I would recommend reading the workout options listed above before making your final decision.

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Wonder Core Smart WAS £99 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(2058)


DVD exercise provided
Adjustable resistance system
Compact and folds away for storage

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Can the Wonder Core smart really work your abs as the marketing suggests?

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