Slendertone Abs3 Unisex Ab Belt Review

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Slendertone Abs3 Unisex Ab Belt Review


Today we will be giving our verdict on the Slendertone Abs3 abdominal toner. Boasting guaranteed results after only 8 weeks we put it through its paces to see if it really can deliver!

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What’s included?

The Slendertone Abs3 came neatly packaged, unlike previous Ab toners we have tested came as a single unit. No individual sticking of pads to your body with wires trailing around in this version.

Upon opening the pack you will be presented with the following:

  • Slendertone user guide and manufacturers Guarantee
  • Quick start guide
  • Adjustable belt
  • Electronic pulse unit
  • Gel pad set
  • 3 x AAA Batteries
  • Storage bag

Initial Setupy

Setup is relatively quick and easy, first we simply removed the battery case from the main pulse unit and inserted our 3 provided batteries. Next we slide the pule unit into the main belt holder located at the front. Lastly we remove the gel pads and place them over the metal studs to ensure electrical contact. Remove the second covers from the gel pads and we are ready to go.

Slendertone have done well with the flexibility on offer as the belt is adjustable for people with a 24-46 inch waist.


The Big Performance Test

To make this a fair test we are going to use Slendertone Abs3 for the recommended 5 times a week, over an 8 week period. As far as I can make out, the manual recommends starting with 20 minute durations before moving to 25 and 30 minute durations in the later weeks.

Prior to the test I am going to state that I do consider myself in good shape, but my primary focus is running and cardio. I fall into the regular weight category but would not consider myself to have any sort of muscle definition in my core. In layman’s terms I have a flat stomach, but not a 6 pack.

Weeks 1-2

Just starting off and I have chosen a low setting (max  level 99) and am using it while doing the house work.

There are a few odd feelings while using the Abs3, the first is that you get a cold wet sensation as the pads touch your skin, this does fade as the pads warm up and you do get used to it. After completing the 20 minute sessions I am not out of breath or in pain, but there is a dull ache in my abs.

Weeks 3-6

I am getting very used to putting on and taking off the unit and working it into my daily routine. I have also kept my own wallchart and have raised the pulse levels a few times to maximise my workout.

In relation to results I am not sure if it’s just a trick of the eye but I do feel like I have a stronger core by the end of week 6 and can see hints of added definition. It’s the silly things that you start to notice, simply getting up and down from the sofa or out of bed feels a little easier.

Weeks 7-8

I am up to using the Slendertone for 30 minutes per day and trying to increase the difficulty to as much as I can handle.

After finishing the 8 weeks I can see a definite change in the definition in my abs, I think it’s only a subtle change but my partner says she really notices the difference.

Who should buy the Slendertone Abs3 belt?

I think it’s an important note to make that you cannot simply buy this ab belt and expect results through its use alone. This isn’t a solution for those looking to remove fat from around their middle. Running machines and general exercise are what you are looking for in that scenario.

Where the Slendertone Abs3 belt does really make a difference are to those who use it to supplement their workout routine. If you are on a diet plan and working out or have a good current body fat ratio then the use of the Abs3 belt will make a difference.

A nice addition

If the unit contained a simple laminated wall plan for us to follow, it would have been a minor additional cost for the manufacturer. The one provided in the instruction booklet is very limited. I kept a strict plan that I was able to maintain because I was using it as part of this review.


  • Can fit in with your daily routine
  • Good levels of difficulty adjustment
  • Excellent supplement to existing plan
  • Fits the majority of users


  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries, would have been nice to have a lithium rechargeable battery
  • Some may not like the feeling of the pads on their skin

Final word

Overall my experience of using the Slendertone Abs3 system is positive. If it’s right for you really depends on if you would prefer to use a traditional sit up machine or electronic ab system. The good news is that you will start to see results in a few weeks by using either one.

It’s important to note that this will not reduce the fat around your middle, but is a good way to sculpt and tone your core as a supplement to your current workout routine.

The huge advantage I found form using this system is that you could reduce or remove core from your workout routine saving time at the gym. Instead you get the same or even more of a benefit from using this at home and best of all it will not disrupt your evening routine. You could even use it while watching TV.

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Slendertone Abs3 WAS £65 CLICK HERE
Read more customer reviews here – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(260)


Size Height: 28cm, Width 18cm, Depth: 8cm
7 Programmes – 99 Difficulty settings
Battery operated



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Can the Selndertone Abs3 belt really enhance your core? We put the belt through a full 8 week test to find out.


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