Opti 65cm Gym Ball Review

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Opti 65cm Gym Ball Review

Opti ball review and best uk price

Overview of the Opti 65cm Gym ball

At home, work or the gym, the Opti 65cm Gym Ball can be used in a multitude of ways by anyone! Whether you need it for strengthening and toning or looking to improve balance and coordination, this “anti-burst” ball is the one for you!

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  • Anti-bust, durable material
  • Comes with hand pump
  • Washable
  • Heavy max weight of 125kg (19st 10lb)
  • Comes with instruction guide.


  • Can be noisy on wooden flooring
  • Will need to re-inflate occasionally
  • Can take some time to inflate
  • If you are shorter, you may need a smaller sized ball

Detailed review of the Opti 65cm Gym Ball

What size gym ball should I get?

It is really important you get the right sized ball- and they come in different cm sizes to suit your height and build. The 65cm ball is recommended to be used by anyone who is between about 5 and 6 feet tall. If you are shorter than 5’ 0” then the 55cm ball is for you. If you are over 6’ 0” then it is suggested you go for the bigger 75cm ball- which you can find here.


You couldn’t get a more strong and sturdy ball than this one. It is made from anti-burst material, and when fully inflated is very durable. The wipe clean fabric is also handy if you are taking the ball to the gym and need to wash it down afterwards!

How do people use the Opti 65cm gym ball?

It truly is a ball that is versatile, and after seeing what customers have been using it for, you can see why!

The home gym companion
People use this ball at home to exercise their core muscles, and some use weights to add strengthening techniques to their workout. If people aren’t that fussed on specific exercise, they use it to sit on just to improve balance and co-ordination. And if you want to take it with you to the gym, just deflate and transport. Simple!

Partner exercises
If you get bored working out alone, get a friend involved to work out together. The Opti 65cm gym ball can be used for back to back squats, standing chest ball presses and lots more- watch this video to find out how to work those muscles!

An office seat!
Yes, it’s true! Lots of people who have a desk job take this ball into work to sit on. Sitting on the ball creates instability which forces you to use your core muscles which is meant to help improve posture. It doesn’t sound very comfortable, but people say it works!

A pregnancy ball
Lots of mums-to-be have talked about using this ball during pregnancy. Light exercising on the ball can help with pelvic floor muscles to prepare for childbirth. Also, just sitting on the ball instead of the sofa can ease pressure on your back and help get your baby into the correct position. Ladies have also talked about using the ball during the early stages of labour to help ease muscle pain.

The anti-burst material makes this a great choice, but make sure you get the right size to ensure the ball can carry your weight (this ball is 125kg’s max).


Final thoughts on the Opti 65cm Gym Ball

“Strong, sturdy and great value for money”
A great choice for any age or level of fitness, at a price you can afford. A versatile and durable ball, that won’t let you down!

Opti 65cm Gym Ball Price Comparison
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Opti Gym Ball WAS £9.99 CLICK HERE
READ MORE CUSTOMER REVIEWS HERE – Review stars 4.5 out of 5(254)

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At home, work or the gym, the Opti 65cm Gym Ball can be used in a multitude of ways by anyone!

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